This chapter gives an account of the covenant God had made with the
people of the Jews; their breach of it; and the evils threatened them on
that account; and particularly against the men of Anathoth, for their
ill treatment of the prophet. It begins with the order to Jeremiah to
rehearse the words of the covenant in the ears of the men of Judah and
Jerusalem, \\#Jer 11:1-3\\, which covenant is described by the sanction of
it; a curse in case of disobedience; and a promise of being their God,
and bringing them into the good land, in case of obedience; and by the
time when it was made, when the Israelites were brought out of Egypt,
\\#Jer 10:3-5\\, which order, the prophet agreeing to, is repeated,
\\#Jer 10:5,6\\ declaring the earnest protestation and exhortation of God to
obey it, which they not observing, were threatened with the curses of it,
\\#Jer 11:7,8\\, the present Jews doing as their forefathers had done,
breaking the covenant, particularly by their idolatry, are threatened
also with punishment they should not escape, \\#Jer 11:9-11\\ which is
aggravated by a resolution to show no regard to their cries, \\#Jer 11:11\\,
by the impotence of their idols to save them, though so numerous,
\\#Jer 11:12,13\\, by forbidding the prophet to pray for them,
\\#Jer 11:14\\, by their having no longer a place and protection in the
house of God, because of their wickedness, \\#Jer 11:15\\, by comparing
their former and present state together, having been as a beautiful
and fruitful olive tree, but now burnt, and its branches broken,
\\#Jer 11:16\\, next follows an account of a design of the men of
Anathoth against the prophet, to take away his life, which he was
ignorant of, till the Lord gave him knowledge of it, \\#Jer 11:17-19\\,
when he imprecates vengeance on them, \\#Jer 11:20\\, and, under a
spirit of prophecy from the Lord, foretells their utter ruin and
destruction, \\#Jer 11:21,22\\.