Job 11:5-12 CEBA

Divine secrecy

5 But oh, that God would speak, open his lips against you

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      6 and tell you secrets of wisdom; for sound insight has two sides. Know that God lets some of your sin be forgotten.
      7 Can you find the secret of God or find the extent of the Almighty?
      8 They are higher than the heavens—what can you do? Deeper than the underworlda—what can you know?

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        • † 11:8 - Heb Sheol
          9 Its measurement is longer than the earth and broader than the sea.
          10 If God passes by, imprisons someone, and calls a trial, who can stop him?
          11 He knows worthless people, sees sin, and certainlyb takes note.

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            • ‡ 11:11 - Or <i>does not</i>
              12 A stupid person becomes intelligent when a wild ass of a person is born tame.c

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                • ˆ 11:12 - Or a wild ass’s colt can be born a man