Job 33:1-7 CEBA

Elihu’s appeal to be heard

1 But now, listen to me, Job; pay attention to all my words.

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      2 Notice that I am opening my mouth; my tongue is speaking in my mouth.a

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        • À 33:2 - Or <i>palate</i>
          3 My words come from a virtuous heart; my lips speak knowledge clearly.
          4 God's spirit made me; the Almighty's breath enlivens me.
          5 If you are able, answer me; lay out your caseb before me and take a stand.

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            • Á 33:5 - Heb lacks <i>your case.</i>
              6 Notice that I'm just like you to God; I also was pinched from clay.
              7 Surely fear of me shouldn't scare you; my pressure on you shouldn't be heavy.