Job 9:25-35 CEBA

Job wants an arbitrator

25 My days are swifter than a runner; they flee and don't experience good.

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      26 They sweep by like ships made of reeds, as an eagle swoops on prey.
      27 If I say, "I'll forget my lament, put on a different face so I can smile,"
      28 I'm still afraid of all my suffering; I know that you won't declare me innocent.
      29 I myself am thought guilty; why have I tried so hard in vain?
      30 If I wash myself with snow, purify my hands with soap,
      31 then you'll hurl me into a slimy pit so that my clothes detest me.
      32 God is not a man like me—someone I could answer— so that we could come together in court.
      33 Oh, thata there were a mediator between us; he would lay his hand on both of us,

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        • ‚ 9:33 - Or <i>There is no</i>
          34 remove his rod from me, so his fury wouldn't frighten me.
          35 Then I would speak—unafraid— for I'm not that way.