Matthew 13:3-9 CEBA

Parable of the soils

3 He said many things to them in parables: "A farmer went out to scatter seed.

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      4 As he was scattering seed, some fell on the path, and birds came and ate it.
      5 Other seed fell on rocky ground where the soil was shallow. They sprouted immediately because the soil wasn't deep.
      6 But when the sun came up, it scorched the plants, and they dried up because they had no roots.
      7 Other seed fell among thorny plants. The thorny plants grew and choked them.
      8 Other seed fell on good soil and bore fruit, in one case a yield of one hundred to one, in another case a yield of sixty to one, and in another case a yield of thirty to one.
      9 Everyone who has ears should pay attention."