More sayings of the wise

23 These are also the sayings of the wise: Partiality in judgment isn't good.
24 Those who say to the guilty, "You are innocent"— the people will curse them. Nations will condemn them.
25 But it will go well for those who rebuke them. A rich blessing will come to them.
26 Those who speak honestly are like those who kiss on the lips.
27 Get your outside work done; make preparations in the field; then you can build your house.
28 Don't be a witness against your neighbor without reason; don't deceive with your lips.
29 Don't say, "I'll do to them what they did to me. I'll pay them back for their actions."
30 I happened upon the field of a lazy person, by the vineyard of one with no sense.
31 Thorns grew all over it; weeds covered the ground, and the stone wall was falling down.
32 I observed this and took it to heart; I saw it and learned a lesson.
33 "A little sleep, a little slumber,
34 a little lying down with folded arms"— and poverty will come on you like a prowler, deprivation like a man with a shield.