Zephaniah 2:4-7 CEBA

Oracles against foreign nations

4 Gaza will certainly be abandoned; and Ashkelon destroyed. Ashdod will be driven out at noon; Ekron will be uprooted.

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      5 Doom, inhabitants of the seacoast, nation of Cretans. The LORD's word is against you, Canaan, land of the Philistines. I will exterminate you, leaving no inhabitant.
      6 The seacoast will become pastureland, with wells for shepherds and pens for the flocks.
      7 The coast will belong to the survivors from the house of Judah; they will pasture beside the sea;a in the houses of Ashkelon they will lie down in the evening. The LORD their God will visit them and restore their possessions.

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        • d 2:7 - Or <i>they will pasture by them.</i>