Jeremiah 6:1-6 CJB

1 "Head for cover, people of Binyamin, get out of Yerushalayim! Blow the shofar in T'koa, light the beacon on Beit-Hakerem. For disaster threatens from the north, with great destruction.
2 Although she is beautiful and delicate, I am cutting off the daughter of Tziyon."
3 Shepherds advance on her with their flocks; all around her they pitch their tents, each grazing his own plot of pasture.
4 "Prepare for war against her! Get up! Let's attack at noon!" "Woe to us! for the day is waning, evening shadows are lengthening."
5 "Get up! Let's attack at night! Let's destroy her palaces!"
6 For ADONAI-Tzva'ot says this: "Cut down her trees, and raise a siege-ramp against Yerushalayim! This is the city to be punished; in her there is nothing but oppression.