Judges 10:11-18 CJB

11 ADONAI said to the people of Isra'el, "I saved you from the Egyptians, the Emorim, the people of 'Amon, and the P'lishtim, didn't I?
12 Likewise, when the people of Tzidon, 'Amalek and Ma'on oppressed you, you cried out to me; and I rescued you from their power.
13 Yet you abandoned me and served other gods; therefore I will not rescue you any more.
14 Go and cry to the gods you chose; let them rescue you when you're in trouble!"
15 The people of Isra'el said to ADONAI, "We have sinned! Treat us in whatever way seems good to you, but save us today, please!"
16 They got rid of their foreign gods and served ADONAI, and he became troubled by Isra'el's misery.
17 Then the people of 'Amon gathered together and set up camp in Gil'ad, while the people of Isra'el assembled and camped at Mitzpah.
18 The people, the chiefs of Gil'ad, said to each other, "Whoever leads the battle against the army of 'Amon will be head over everyone living in Gil'ad."