1 A destroyer has risen in front of your face; guard the ramparts, keep watch on the road, brace yourselves, marshall all your strength.
2 For ADONAI is restoring the pride of Ya'akov, along with the pride of Isra'el; because plunderers have plundered them and ravaged their vines.
3 The shields of [Ninveh's] warriors are [dyed] red; the soldiers are wearing scarlet. The steel of the chariots flashes like fire as they prepare for battle. The cypress [spears] are poisoned.
4 The chariots rush madly about in the streets, jostling each other in the open places; their appearance is like torches, they run here and there like lightning.
5 [The king of Ninveh] assigns his officers; they stumble as they march; they hurry to its wall and set up shields to protect the battering ram.
6 The gates of the rivers are opened, and the palace melts away.
7 Its mistress is stripped and carried away; her handmaids moan, they sound like doves, as they beat their breasts.
8 Ninveh is like a pool whose water ebbs away. "Stop! Stop!" But none of it goes back.