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Abortions,question of their resurrection,

136, 7.
Abraham, Christ the promised Seed of,
6, 8. His example cited, 296, 297,
298, 300, 303. actions of figurative,
409, 10. told no lie, 448. knew the
state of the world from Lazarus, 536.
Abstinence, required before Bap-
tism, 43. easier than moderation,
290, 299. from food &c. for ill ends,
545. practice of, a benefit due to
authority, 615.
Academics, most acute men, 99. St.
Augustine's work against, 99. St.
Augustine once inclined to, 597.
Accident, none distinct from substance

in God, 32.

Action, whether implied in permission,

396, 7, 421. always conceived in

the heart, 440. indifferent, takes its

character from, motive, 440, 441.

some unconsciously prophetic, 456.

character determi ned by the intention,

506. unless righlly done, sin, 607.

Adam, sec man, Paradise, sin, Ac. all

born of, under condemnation, 116.

and Eve, 220. Job how unlike, 549.

Address, (imaginary) to a catechumen,

219—237. another, 238—242.
Admonition, desired by S.Aug. 512.
Adultery, marriage of the divorced is,
38. must be forsaken before Baptism,
43. committed unawares must be
corrected, 44. guilt of depends on
knowledge, 44. none would defend, 45.
inconsistent with repentance, 47,
72. Worse than things which John
required to forsake, 73. than dancing,
81. a work of the Devil, 83. included
in ' dead works,' 52. as needful to
renounce as idolatry, 53, 54. Had
not been common even among bad
Christians, 70. question what amounts
to, 71. what is so, determined by
Christ, 66. what? 278, 283. com-
pared with fornication, 283. might be

justified on same grounds as lying
439, 441. is evil, while even second
marriage is good, 357. some guilty of,
fear perjury, 468. penance done for,
JEsop, Fables of, 445.
.47i'cv/«/y,4explaiiatk,n by, 682.
Affections, carnal, are 'wood, hay,

stubble,' 63, 64, 66, 127.
Africa, Catholic Church not limited

to, 181.
Agabus, foretold St. Paul's sufferings,

Agapcs, 79. note f.
Age, qualifies to give counsel, 375.

flower of, brief, 376.
Aged, marriage, 277, 278.
Ages, seven: of which the last to be an
age of rest, 219.

si x of them defined by S.Augustine,

228, 229.
Albertus Magnus, on relief of future

punishment, 152. note a.
Alexis, of Plato and Virgil thought

allegorical, 595.
Allegory, in real events, 389, 410, 449.
no lie if the thing figured is true,
389. Jacob's deceit was, 448. use
of, 449. explanation by, 582. in-
stances of, 584, 5.
Almighty, what He Who is, cannot

do, 563.
Alms, requisite in penitence, 128. con-
sidered in the Judgment, ib. Do
not cover sins not repented of, ib.
forgiveness a kind of, 129. other
kinds, ib. correction a kind of,
ib. The wicked vainly trust in,
130. did they alone cleanse, faith
needless, 131. first, mercy to our-
selves, 131. such cleanse inner man,
132. Forgiveness of offenders, a
kind of, 129. thought to atone for
most sins, 70. offered for the de-
ceased, 161. means of, not to be
gotten by sin, 442. a means of

pardon, 458. given to Christ, 505.

to be done for a heavenly reward,

Aimsgiving, advanced by Christianity,

Attar, prayers at the, 344. ministers

of, Christian Priests, 49". prayers

offered at the, 519
Alternatives, 39", 401, 405—9.
Ambrose, St. Bp. of Milan, on the

death of Valentinian without baptism,

141, note p. heard by St. Augustine,


Analogy, explanation hy, 582.
Ananias, appearance to St. Paul, 540.
Angel, St. Mary how saluted by, 109.
Temple may not be built to a,
Angels, many things believed about,
89. one first gave rise to evil, 102.
fallen, not to be renewed, 103. those
who stood, assured of stedfustness,
104. number of, to be filled up from
mankind, 104, 123. number of un-
known, 104. They and men alone
capable of injustice, 93. do not wish
to be worshipped, 120. divers orders
of, 121. our ignorance about, ib.
appearances of, ib. Bodily or not,
121, 2. Satau imitates, 122. Christ
died not for, 122. reconciled to men
in Christ, 123. their knowledge, ib.
man raised again to be companion
of, 139. reprobate, eternally punished,
140. wills of thwart not God's will,
146. all are beneath Christ, 160.
men made like the, in the Resurrec-
tion, 185. cannot sin, 256. entertained
by Lot, 395. ministry of, to Lazarus,
521. free of both worlds, 637. may
communicate the events of this to the
dead, ib. blessed in clear knowledge,
Anger, darkens the mind's eye, 445.

attributed to God, 543.
Anima, animus, mens, 421.
Anna, and Susanna, 284, 306. more
blessed than Ruth, 356. unless Ruth
knew what would follow, 360. pro-
bably knew Christ should be b rn of
a Virgin, ib. Her long and early
widowhood, 366. her piety, 367.
recognised Christ with His Virgin
Mother, 360, 368.
Antiphrasis, is no lie, 448. instances

of, 449.
Antitluity, testimony of, to Religion,


Apocrypha, bonks of, 537. quoted, 519.

Apostle, God spoke in him, 510.

Apostles, common men chosen to shew

Christ's power, 12. prophesied of,

13. in what sense to call none father

on earth, 23. did they teach faith
before morals? 45, sqq. Must have
established rules as to breaking off
illicit marriages or not, 72. But in
other cases also, 73. all held the
same things needful for salvation,
58. allowed some things by way of
pardon, 133. not taught all orally by
Christ, 180. whetter bound to live
of the Gospel, 412. Acts of the, a
place to find examples, 423, 452.
example of, no obligation not to la-
bour, 475, 4/6, 477, 478, 479. main-
tained by holy women and those
among whom they preached, 176,
477, 478, 479. words not to he de-
rided, 481. divided their provinces,
497. had power not to work, ib. to
live hy the Gospel, ib. speak with
authority, 512. once of the world,

555. chosen not just but justified,

556. else had first chosen Christ, ib.
use the fourfo'd exposition, 582—4.
Acts of, rejected by Manichccs, in-
consistently, 583. teaching handed
down from, 598. effect of their labours
on nations, 616.

Apostolic chair, succession from, 616.
and note, m.

Apparitions, in dreams, 529—041. of
the without their consciousntss,
529, &c. as of the living, unconscious,

529, 530, 531, &c. 540. images
only, not of souls themselves, 530, &e.
produced by the ministry of Angels,

530, 514, 539. asking for burial,
529, 530. use of, ib. pointing out
places of burial, 52J, 530. foretelling
things future, 630, not io be denied,
529. instances of in sleep, 531. point-
ing out where things should be found,
631. seen when awake, 532. in
trances, 532, 533. Doctrines taught
by, ib. of Samuel to Saul, 537. of
St. Felix, 538. of Saints whether
themselves or angelic appearances
doubtful, 539, 540. of John the
Monk. 540. of Ananias to St. Pail,
ib. John would have solved S. Aug.'s
difficulties, 641.

Aptus, 396.

Archangels, mentioned in Scripture,

Archimedes, not to be explained by
Epicurus, 590.

Arena, matches of the, 569. .

Arianism, guarded against, 173. Bi-
shops who had consented to, restored

Arians, persecution vf the Church bv,

Aristotle, not to be explained by an
enemy, 590.

Ark, unclean animals in, 82. even they
enteied by the door, lb.

Army,uft\\tz virtues and of the vices, 250.

Artizans, singing at work, 493.

Ascension of Christ foretold, 10. wit-
nessed by Apostles, 12. of Christ's
Body, 24. of Christ, how followed,
118. in the Body, 179. how our
Lord prefigured, 455. of our Lord,
572, 573, 676.

Ashes, of Martyrs, thrown into the
Rhone, 523. scattered, 528.

Asper, a grammarian, 594.

Assent, some would suspend, 99. is
necessary to faith, ib.

Assumption of manhood by God the
Son complete, 108.

Atoms, soul not formed of, 587.

Augustine, St. discoursed on the Creed
before Council at Hippo, 15. oc-
casion of his writing on Faith and
Works, 37. his work on the Letter
and Spirit, 67. his exposition of sal-
vation by fire, 62, <fce. 84. would
rather hear others speak, 62. how he
escaped danger by a mistake, 95.
wrote, on his conversion, against the
Academics, 99. his letters on the
perpetual virginity of St. Mary, 108.
his book on Faith and Works, 126.
his complaint (in commenting on the
Epistle to Galatians,) 135. his
opinion about infants, 141. of the
number n£ the saved, 142 when
consecrated Bishop, 159. wrote on
the Christian Conflict in a humble
style, 159. his feelings when dis-
coursing to others, 188. listened to
with eagerness, 189. his beautiful
advice to those who are catechizing,
205, 20»\ his condescension in dis-
courseimplied, 209. recommendsthat
the catechumens should sit, 210. re-
lates a personal anecdote, 210. how
he felt while catechising, 214, 215.
how he cateihized, 215. expresses
doubt on a point connected with mar-
riage, 292. not at variance with
Council of Carthage, 353. his many
engagements, 353. his bocks on mar-
riage and virginity, 369. 384. wrote
against Faustus, 3i;9. works of, on
Divine grace, 372. his works on Lying
o!' different dates, 382. uses a homely
style in practical matters, 383. his
avocations, 426. life laborious, (bodily
infirmity) 509, 510. did what he ex-
horted others to do, 611. found a
Bishop's life more laborious than a
Monk's,510. not submitting toman's
judgment, 611. desired to be ad-
monished, 512. visiteil nightly by his
mother while she lived, 534. not after

her death, 534. never completed his
Retractations, 543. when ordained
Priest, 577. his early love of truth,
578, 581. his prayer for Honoratus,
678. how led into Manicheism, ib.
nine years in it, ib. tempted by
discussions, 579. only a ' Hearer,'
ib. did not then give up the world,
ib. helped to mislead Honoratus,
ib. his hopes at that time earthly,
680. contrast afterwards, 580. his
eyes weak from past delusions, 681.
his book ' De Spiritu et Litera,' 586,
note c. his belief about the Old
Testament, 590. young when led into
error, 690, 91. his way of search for
true religion, 59S. disappointed in
Faustus, 596, 7. tended at times
toward Academics, 697. his prayers
for help, ib. hears St. Ambrose, ib.
becomes a Carechumen, ib. his pur-
pose of writing further to Honoratus,

Aurelius, Bp. of Carthage, desired S.
Aug. to write on the work of Monks,

Authority, see Faith, of doctrine to be
strictlygunrded, 402,431—3. neces-
sity of in religion, 598. source of what
we believe, 604. lovers of truth be-
lieve, 606. for doctrine same as for
belief in Christ, 610. some probable
a priori, 613. shewn by miracles on
multitudes, 614. brought to bear on
life through numbers, 6J6. seat of in
Catholic Church, 616.


Babylon, meaning of the word, 226. the
Church imprisoned there, 226, 227.
represents the world, 469.

Bugaia, Council of, 159.

Bait, pleasure of playing with, 378.

Baptism,(seeRegeneration, Tyiie)»ome
put it before instruction in duty, 37. of
persons unlawfully married, 38. of
those living in other sin, ib. absti-
nence and continence in preparation
for, 43. much more sin to be forsaken
before, ib. instruction of life should
precede, except in the approach of
death, ib. remission of sins in, ib.
preparation for, best time for in-
struction, ib. Did the Apostles give,
before teaching duty? 45, sqq. of
the Eunuch, 48, 54. profession re-
quired in, longer than his, 48. Creed
taught before, 51. principles taught
in, 52. makes us temples of God, 54.
not named by our Lord to the young

man,66.old man tobeputoff before»and
new put on, 44. requires love toman
as well as to God, 51. Bed Sea a figure
of, ih. of John, required repentance,
55. at any rate teaching of duties,
55, 6. publicans required to renounce
extortion for, 73. regeneration not
conferred in John's, 116. might
be received in sin, if ill livers were
'saved by fire,' 59. public offenders
not admitted to, unreformed, 60, 73.
to be refused to fornicators, 66, 69.
refused to harlots, stage-players, 8cc.
69, 70. received in sin saves not
without conversion, 69. may perhaps
be allowed in doubtful cases, 71.
symbol delivered in, ib. all sin re-
mitted in, 72. not needed, if repent-
ance not needed, 76. will not save
those who continue in sin, 80. insuf-
ficient without Christian life, 81.
salvation not promised without, ib.
dancers not admitted (o, 82. sin of
receiving unreformed, ib. Sacrament
of, death to sin, 113. new birth in, ib.
even infants die to original sin by, ib.
the likeness of Christ's death, 117.
all sin remitted in, 124. needful to
salvation, 131. case of those who die
without, 140, and note p. makes men
sons of God and the Church, 111.
saves not evil livers, 126. of the
Church, impudently held invalid by
Donatists, 183. of Heretics, not to be
repeated, ib. is of the Church only,
ib. of heretics, ' form of Godliness,'
ib. remits original sin, 258. puts
away all sin, 295. of children, 312.
remits from all sin, 347. supposed
case of lying in order to give, 466.
necessary for admission to Paradise,
533. at Easter, ib. in order to the
judgment, 573. makes men temples
of God the Holy Ghost, 574. remis-
sion of all sins in, 575. received, to
be guarded by good life, ib. washes
once for all, ib. why not repeated,

Baptized persons pray, 347.

Barnabas, simulation of corrected, 390,

Barrenness, does not make divorce
lawful, 282,291,304.

Beauty, (if truth, 463. inward is what
Christ love, 374, 5. false, lawful to
none, 375. spiritual, decays not, ib.

Bees, have progeny without intercourse,

Begging Monks, 509.

Beginners, lying, well meant, excused
in, 389, 416, 458, 460.

Beginning, of God's ways, Christ the,
28. The Father is Beginning of The

Son, ib. The Son also The Begin-
ning, ib. Godhead has none, 669.

Belief, see Faith, of historical facts,
604. implies objects unsetn, 2. of
things on earth requisite, ib. a step
before understanding, 16. different
from opinion, 383. needed before un-
derstanding, 396. of a lie, not always
hurtful, 403, 430. of false doctrine, a
real misery, 430. in the heart, not
enough without confession, 438. of
historical facts, 604.

Bene-dictio better than bona dictio, 202.

Betrayal, sin of, 405,6,460. by silence,
407, 8.

Bible, see Scripture.

Bill of divorcement, 283.

Bimembris, instance of, 137.

Birds, their habits alluded to, 296.
who? 349. image of the proud, 498.
not to be imitated in all points, 499,
500, 501, <fec. in cages, 500. not
imitated in picking food or flies, 601.
caught by want of water, 579.

Bishop, empowered to relax certain
excommunications, 353. addresses
another Bishop's flock bypermission,
508, 516.

Bishop's life laborious, 509, 510. recent
increase of occupation, 609.

Bishops, represented in the Gospel by
fishers, 68. Catholic, overthrew
Friscillianism, 435. called upon to
judge and mediate in secular matters,
500. by Apostolic injunction, ib. to
be obeyed, 511. succession of from
Apostles, 616.

Blasphemy, worst in one who knows it
such, 434, 5, 457, 466. none can be
allowable, 465, 468. suggested by
Job's wife, 550.

Blessedness, called Right Haud of
God, 573.

Blessing, put for cursing, 449.

Blood, of Christ given the pardoned to
drink, 575.

Bodies of the married are holy, 288.

Body, (see Flesh. Christ.) palpable
after resurrection, 15. how acts on
the soul, 23. of Christ ascended, 24.
objections to this, ib. spiritual, what,
24, 25. lowest part of man, 34. less
quickly restored than soul and spirit,
ib. resurrection of, ib. renewed, will
not be flesh and blood, 35. human,
caused by God to walk on water,
36. may be raised by Him to
Heaven, ib. death of, a punishment,
102, 140. the Temple of the Holy
Ghost, 120. in what kind angels
have appeared, 121, 122. a weight
on the soul, 124. matter of, known to
God, 138. to be restored as a statue

recast, 138. how called spiritual,

139. animal, is not son1, (anima,) ib.
of Christ called Flesh after resur-
rection, ib. of the wicked rises in-
corruptible but capable of suffering,

140. celestial in the resurrection,
160. chastening of the, 165. of the
just to rise in a better state, 166.
pain of, afflicts the bad, cleanses the
good, 166, 7. while in, we see not
some things, 167. brought to obe-
dience, by the soul obeying God, 171 -
of Christ real, assumed through
soul, 174. not merely like the dove,
176. of Christ's risen, not to bejudged
of as other bodies, 178. after resur-
rection will be heavenly, 185. may
be holy in marriage, 358, 9. of all
the Faithful is ' members of Christ,'
359. its peaceful members made the
soul's pattern, 265. soul to be pre-
ferred to, 394. purity of, depends on
soul, 394, 465. Priscillianists erred
concerning, 432. hurt only by the
pain of dying, not after death, ib.526,
528, 620. resurrection of, 620, 521.
faith in resurrection of, confirmed by
care for the dead, 521, 542. obtained
by the spirit, 525. not affected by the
treatment of the corpse, 520, 521,
526,528. motions of, affect the mind,
624. an interest felt in, by us while
living, 526, 7, 9. overcome by the
Martyrs, 526. real good of, in the
life to come, 546, 7. to be restored
entire, 547. patience partly in, ib.
mangling of, in Martyrs, 548. a
creature of God, 674. Temple of
the Holy Ghost, ib. resurrection of,
576. not our object in religion, 592.

Bona dictio, Pagan; Benedictio, Chris-
tian, 202.

Boyhood, good and bad reasons for
preferring, 588. rashness incident to,

Bread, daily, prayer for, 154. breaking
of, at Troas, the Eucharist, 494, 5.

Breviary, Roman, on Feast of St.John
Baptist, 71, note d.

Bridegroom, Christ the, 14.

Burial, of Christ, 24. in the memorials
518. want of,doesnot affectthedeail,
519,520, 522,525,528,529. a grief to
the living,528. external rites of,for the
Comfort of the living, 620, 528, 512.
no benefit to the wicked, 520, 529.
care for, a duty, 521. why, 529. by
the Patriarchs and their children,
521. significative, 522. commended
in Scripture, 521, 2. rewarded, 522.
want of, and place of, does not hinder
resurrection, 520. or rest, 522,5,630.

place of, a benefit only as occasioning
prayer, 523,4,5,542. to slight,irreli-
gious, 530. place of, naturally a sub-
ject of interest, 526, 7. loss of, bow a
punishment, ib. only to cur feelings
'while living, ib. how a kindness,529.

Business distracting the mind unsuit-
able to preachers, 288.

But, force of, in the Lord's Prayer,155.

Butler, Analogy, 1.

Calling, each to remain in, 483.

Canaanitish Woman, had living faith,
65. her reply, 232.

Candidianus, bearer of S. Aug.'s book
'on Care for the Dead,' 542. urged
S. Aug. to write it, ib.

Canticles, prophecy of Christ and the
Church, 14.

Care for the Dead, book on, occasion
of writing, 537, 542.

Caring for temporal things forbidden,

Caring not, by some limited to spiritual
wants, 471.

Carnally-minded like grass, 498.

Carthage, fourth Council of, 363. in-
troduction of monasteries into, 470.
divisions respecting them, ib.

Cassiodorus, his book, De Inst. Div.
Lit. 159, 577.

Catechising, (see Catechumen,) recol-
lection of, appealed to, 44. subjects
of, indicated in the Gospels, 55.
should strike hard at sin, 69. why
some things neglected in, 70. should
include points of duty, 82. difficulties
of, 187, 8. treated under three heads,
191. (1) Manner of narration:
how Scripture is to he discoursed of,
191. charity must reign, 191, 208.
love to be the end proposed, 195. of
which S. Aug. gives an illustration
by his beautiful advice, 196, 200.
how it may be sometimes begun, 197.
may commence with Genesis, 197,
218. compared to golden links which
should just hold together the jewel-
truths of Scripture, 197, 8. (2) Pre-
cept and Exhortation :—resurrection
and judgment may follow narration,
198. to be general rather than par-
ticular, ib. of what duration, 199,238.
how well informed persons are to be
dealt with, 200. (3; Of cheerfulness
in the speaker :—impeded by diffi-
culties of giving utterance to thought,
203. the condescension required in
talking to simple people is distressing

to the speaker, 204. an exercise of
patience and love, ib. feeble, when
the speaker's heart is secretly con-
surned by some uneasiness, ib. how
the preceding impediments are to be
remedied, so thut the speaker may
proceed with cheerfulness, '205.
should be done in the same spirit as
we act towards children, 205,208. its
pleasures, 208. a thought suggested
to those who must needs catechize
with a heavy heart, 211, 12. another
consideration, 212. another, 2 i.'i. use
of excited feelings in catechizing, ib.
a comfort under the sense of sin, ib.
the style of it must differ with the
auditory, 214. a specimen promised,

203. one actually supplied, 215

beginning with an examination of
the catechumen's motive, 216—218.
. ...proceeding to a review of Revela-
tion, from its commencement, 2!8.
our first parents, 220. the fall, 221.
the flood, 222. the call of Abraham,

223. the deliverance from Egypt,

224. the forty years in the wilder-
ness, 226. the promised land, ib. the
Babylonish captivity, 226. the return

to the land, 228 The mystery of

times and seasons, ib. the sixth age
begins with Christ's coming, 229.
brief view of His lowly condition,
and mysterious humility, 230. the
passion, the resurrection, the Chris-
tian pentccost, 231. early converts,
ib. S. Paul, 232. the Church, the
Day of Judgment, heaven ani hell,
233. the immortality of the soul,
234... .Exhortation to holmes, 234-

237 conclusion of the address,

237—238. another shorter specimen,

Catechumen, (see Catechizing and Sa-
crament,) Instruction preparatory to
making, (1) S. Aug. first supposes
the case of a very humble person, his
frame of mind unknown, 196. de-
sirable that something should be first
known of him, ib. possible motives
for coming, 196,217, 18. what to be
warned against, 198. by our mouth
hears God, 199. how long to he
kept, ib. (2) the case of a very
learned applicant supposed, ib. how
such an one is to be dealt with,

200. (3) a case in the mean between
(1) and (2), how to be dealt with,

201> 2. what to be warned against,

202. all who come to be catechized
are to be regarded wiih patient love:
see Catechizing (3). how their con-
tempt should affect us, 207- pleasure
of guiding them, 208, 9. how their

confidence to be won, 209. when they
seem inaccessible, how to be dealt
with, 209. should be allowed to sit,
if possible, 210. anecdote of one, ib.
shouldbemade tofiel interested,211.
affect the speaker differently, 214.
specimen of an address to one, 216-
23". another shorter address, 238-
242. ceremony of making one, 237,
note, having a second wife, case of,
295. St. Augustine becomes one,
Catechumens, use of their state, 44. no
special epistles to, 46. none made
without renouncing heathenism, 53.
learned and repeated the Creed, 563.
still under their sins, 576. regenera-
tion prayed for for them, ib.
Catholic, title of, whose by consent,

Catholics, see Church, do not rebaptize,

Catiline, his powers of endurance, 545.
Cato, gave up his wife to another, 45.

cited, 296.
Catnphryges, see Montanists.
Causes, see God, Nature, of good and
evil worth knowing, 94. of common
things obscure, 615.
Centurion, case of the, 331, 2. ready

faith of, praised, 612.
Chalceilon, Council of, excommuni-
cates (Church) widows who marry,
Chance, see Fate.

Change of elements, possible in the
body, 36. sudden at resurrection, ib.
Chant, inequality of voices in, 139.
Character, care of, a point of charity,

Characterem, (of Baptism,) 576.
Charily, feasts of, 79. all things to be
referred to, 191, see Love. of the
married state, 278. shewn in com-
municating any good to others, 364.
in keeping good repute, 378. unity
of the Church belongs to, 559. a
mark of the free-born, 561. the Church
abides in, 575.
Chase, simile of, 383.
Chastity, may not be broken to serve
another; why then truth? 101. of
continence, better than married
chastity, 302. wedded, is a good, 367,
362. wedded, is God's gift,372. com-
plete, (integritas,) of virgins and
widows, 372. spiritual delights in,
377. not to be broken to save a life*,
393. or a sou1, 466. not lost by vio-
lence, 394, 421. of mind what, 421,
465. of mind not to be broken, more
than of body, to detect heresy, 439,
40. is of the truth, 464, 6. cannot

teach adultery, 465. advanced by
Christianity, 615.

Cheerfulness, see Catechizing (3).

Children, why baptized, 312. tra
Three Holy, 352. Song of, ib.
having, a reason for not marrying
again, 361. spiritual, may serve in-
stead of natural, 361, 376. virginity
of, a compensation to pareDts, 361,
368. dtsire of, lawful, but not most
praiseworthy, 362. having, a bless-
ing, not a meiit, 366, 36^. bringing
up weil, is of good will,363. spiritual
fruits in place of, 3/5, 6. lawfully
begetting, for God a good work, 440.
power of a parent over, 446. loss of,
549,570. exorcised, 564. know their
parents by faith, 4, 605.

Childhood, why a grown man may
prefer, 688.

Chrism, anointing, 6.

Christ, (see Love) the Seed of Abraham,
5. nations blessed in, 6. whence so
called, ib. So honoured though cru-
cified, a miracle, 8. witnessed to by
Jewish prophecy, 11. sufferings of,
contrasted with His Victory, 12.
name of, honoured even by heietics,
13. The Bridegroom, 14. Rose
again with real body, 15. The Only
Begotten Son, 18. Created as Head
of the Church, 20. In what sense
First-begotten, 21. Unchangeable,
ib. Perfect Man from His concep-
tion, 22. had a mother on earth, ib. as
God, had no mother, ib. not defiled
by conception, 23. crucified, dead,
and buried, 24. rose again, ib.
ascended into Heaven, ib. siiteth
at the right hand, 25. will judge
quick and dead, ib. Was, is, and is
to come, as Man, 26. Called The
Beginning, 28. Texts alleged against
equal Godhead of, 29. explained, ib.
bore with a devil among His Apo-
stles, 40. Doctrine of, comprehends
character of His Body as well as His
Person, 49. crucified, implies cruci-
fixion to the world, 50. way made
for, by repentance, 55. answer of, to
the young man, 56. the foundation,
62. His dealing with the woman
of Canaan, 66. They come not to,
who persist in breaking His laws, 66.
Advocacy of, no encouragement to
sin, 75. Grace of, needed by all for
salvation, 77. the way of righteous-
ness, 78. born of the Holy Ghost and
the Virgin Mary, 110. not Son of
the Holy Ghost, ib. as Man, was
made by Him, 111. One Person in
two Natures, 112. conceived without
sriginal sin, ib. How called sin, ib.

as Mediator takes away sin, 115.
alone, needed not to be bom again,
ib. Born at first of the Spirit, 116.
Baptized with the Holy Ghost, ib.
Baptized for humiliation, ib. Mys-
teries of His life patterns for us,
117. His coming to Judgment future,
119. His words thunder, 130. able
to raise the dead, ib. Looked on
St. Peter to move him. 136. in what
sense 'died to sin,' 113, 118. died
not for Angels, 122. Body of, called
flesh after resurrection, 139. could
not have freed us were He not God,
150. example of, ib. unchangeable
and above every creature, 160. every-
where called Son of the Most High,
170. our highest example, ih. honour-
ed both sexes, 177. took His body to
Heaven, 179. Seated at Cod's right
Hand, ib. is the foundation of the
Catholic faith, 87. so not among
Heretics, 88. our belief concerning,
89. To think He shail die again
were a great evil, 97. faith in, the
way to God, 100. sacrifice of, 107.
Birth of, 10S. wholly free from sin,
though perfect man, ib. both God
and Man, ib. a reasonable soul, ib.
Son not by grace but nature, ib. full
of grace as Son of Man, ib. as God,
without beginning, ib. as man how
full of truth, 110. brought in grace,
156. old Fathers saved by faith in, ib.
in Himseif unchangeable, 169. could
have freed man otherwise if He would,
ib. Each fool has his objection to,
for this or that in His life, ib. His
medicine for all our ills, 170. is
'True God,' 173. is no mere man,
ih. is real Man, 174. Assumed soul
through Spirit,body through soul, ib.
By so doing not defiled, ib. Suffering
no objection to His Godhead, 177,
8. Rose again in the same body
that died, 178. His coming, the
object of the Old Testament, 194.
His condescension a motive and mo-
del for ours, 205. why He paid tribute,
227. reason of His life of denial, 229,
230. lowly condition, 230. our pat-
tern, ib. condescends to our slowness,
245. and the Church, their union,
263. heretical notion concerning, 264.
came in real flesh, 264. took a
human body and a human soul, 267.
really hungered and thirsted, &o.
299. saw fit not to abstain like
the Baptist, ib. imitation of, 328.
the object of love, 351. taught hu-
mility when near His Passion, 333,
334, 335. Himself the model for
virgins, 337,338. the object of virgiq

love, 351. crucified, to be gazed on
with the inward eyes, ib. the best
Husband, 352. may not be loved
little,ib. ancientsserved,by marriage,
359, 60. recognised by Anna as a
child, 360,363. conceived in chastity,
can make virginity fruitful, 364.
shewn to be worthiest object of love,
374. loves an inward beauty, ib.
marriage to, by vow of continence,
how to be understood, 363. allowable
to a wife with husband's consent,
ib. A hnsband, in the Spirit, to the
married as to the Church. 363,4. did
and commanded all for our salvation,
393. no lie to be told about, 401, 2.
patience of, perfect, 410. yet did not
literally turn the other cheek, 410.
sayings of, that seem false, are figu-
rative, 423, 454, 5. denied before
men in pretending heresy, 435, 6.
few deny sincerely, 437. kept back
some truth, 447. called a 'Rock,'
'Lion,' &c. 448. under our sins
figured by Jacob, 450. Himself a
Prophet, 454. assumed shew of ig-
norance, 454. His - feigning,' ib.
not to be denied to make another a
Christian, 468. exhorts Martyrs to
patience, 547. forbearance of,to Judas,
548. chose and justified the Apostles,
556. faith of, saved the old Saints.
556, 7. madepoor for our sakes,561.
poor of, to be made rich, 562. with-
out sin, restores from sin, 564, 5.
what He teaches of Himself, 667.
born of the Holy Ghost, and of the
Virgin Mary, ib. His birth lowly as
being among men, ib. Passion and
Death of, ib. born perfect as Son of
God, 569. born of the Virgin in ful-
ness of time, when He would, ib.
how Man, ib. God and Man, ib.
death of, a pattern to Martyrs, ib.
Resurrection of, 569, 576. sets a
pri2e as in the arena, 568. arose to
die no more, 570. example of, goes
beyond Job's, 572. forsaken of Gcd
only for this life, ib. what He suffered
of the Jews, ib. ascension of, ib.
sitting at the right hand of God, 573.
shall c< me to judge quick and dead,
ib. the1 Church abides in, as branches
in the Vine, 575. the Root, ib. sin
of killing, not unpardonable, ib. mem-
bers of, shall foiljw Him, 576. used
the four ways of exposition, 582—4.
veil of Law done away by, 5S6.
teaching handed down from, 598.
even heretics bid us believe in, 609.
on whose testimony we do so, 610.
planled His religion by the way of
faith, 612. death and resurrection of,

shut out fear, 613. God in true Man,
614. miracles of, various, ib. their
use, 614, 15. effects of His Incarna-
tion and teaching, 616.

Christianity, derided as credulous, 1.
is not without evidence, 5. testimony
of mankind to, 595. profession of, free,
ib. effects of, on the masses, 615, 16.

Christ ans, bad conduct of some, 70.
marked by Faith as Jews by Law,
78. not to be made like Jewish Pro-
selytes, 80. holy life required of, 81.
under stricter rule than Jews, 101.
children of God and the Church by
Baptism, 111. must be conformed to
Christ's Cross,Burial, Resurrection,
Ascension, 118. called gods, 120.
may call God ' Father,' 128. not to
return evil, 129. law-suits between,
134. state of those who have left the
faith, but claim the name, 168, 171.
all one commonwealth, 505. state of,
as longing for inheritance, 661. work
and prize of, 569. more numerous
than Jews and Pagans united, 596.
they are not, who forbid faith in Christ
before reason, 611. misrepresented,

Church, (see Ministers,) quotes her-
self as fulfilment of prophecy, 5, 9.
called the ' Queen,' 6. visible as such,
7. is herself an evidence, 10. witness
of past and future, 11. spread abroad
by suffering, 13. Bride of Christ, 14.
sin of dividing, ib. Christ Head of
the, 20. Holy, means the Catholic,
33. must have discipline, though con-
taining evil men, 38, 40. not to use
the visible sword, 38. power of, to
bind and loose, 40. abiding though
with evil men, 42. good will be mixed
with evil in, to the last, ib. marriage,
how sacred in, 45. character of, im-
plied in truth concerning its Head,
49. good and evil in, 78. evil men
enter not as such, 67. how open to
'good and bad,' 67, 81,2. sinbrings
persecution on,71. severity of, figured,
82. the, mother of the Baptized, 111.
our faith concerning, 1I9,20. temple
ofGod the Holy Ghost, 120. militant
and trinmphant, ib. Heavenly part
to be known to us hereafter, 122.
part on earth redeemed, ib. remission
of sin granted in, 125. examples of
seeking things above in the, 171.
conquers by suffering, ib. minds not
v.iin questions, ib. corn and chaff in
the, ib. difference between Head and
members of, 175. to be at God's right

hand, 179. heedless living in, 181.
not limited to Africa, ib. the, struck,
not slain, by Donatus, 182. progress

of, since the Donatists were cut off,
183. should he full of mercy, 184.
our mother, 188. the wicked must be
endured in it, 199, 217, 218, 221,
226,235,240,241. its authority su-
preme over private opinion, 200.
like Jerusalem of old, is held in
captivity by the world's Babylon,
207. in what sense the old Fathers
belonged to the Christian, 224.
a Vine, watered by the blood of
Martyrs, 233. an heretical notion
concerning, 264. Christ and the,
263, 265. not yet perfect, 265. made
subject to Christ, ib. in what sense
it " lusteth against Christ,"266. her
daily cry, ib. dealt with by Christ as
the body is by the spirit, 267. the,
a Mother and a Virgin, 309. a holy
Virgin, 315. sometimes called the
kingdom of heaven, 325. the, a vir-
gin and spouse of Christ, 364,375,6.
includes the departed, 380. in a
household, 381. authority of its prac-
tices though not in Scripture, 519.
disunion with, breaks charity, 559.
mother of God's children, 563. named
in Creed after the Holy Trinity, 575.
the Temple of God, ib. victorious
over heresies, ib. abides in charity,
ib. Body of Christ, 576. milk from
the teats of, 579. with what error
charged#by Manichees, 589, 598.
Catholic, prima facie claims of, 596.
her teaching from Christ and the
Apostles, 598. witnessed to by people
and nations, 610. testimony of man-
kind leads us to, 616. doctrines of,
concerning God, 617.

Churches, building of, 441. seats in,
the exception,(apparently) in S. Au-
gustine's time, 210. of withdrawing
from in time of service, ib. by whom
filled on Festival days, 236.

Cicero, lectured on, 631. his rule for
argument, 580. studied because ac-
knowledged by all, 593. conspirators
put to death by, 604.

Circumcellionea, plots of, 95, note h.

Circumcision, made uncircumcision by
leaving the law, 390, 92. for whom
lawful, 391. a seal, ib. is not for
Christians, 586.

City of God, St. Aug. on, 16.

Clean, who are in God's sight, 400.

Clergy, habitual crimes of, 135. not
bound to labour, 476, 7, 8, 9, 80.
may claim maintenance from their
people, 476, 7, 8, 9, all, as well as
Apostles, 480, 84, 86. employments
fitted for, 488. receiving support not
as mendicants—of right, ib. receive
support that they may avoid distract-

s s

ing occupations, 489. injunctions to
support, 488, 491, 2. for the good
of the people, 491. have the same
right to maintenance as Apostles,
497. ministers of the altar dispensers
of Sacrament, ib. to become, for the
sake of a maintenance wrong, 60S,
507. not to be careful, 507.

Ceecilianus, falsely accused, 41. Dona-
tus could not prove charges against,

Ceecilina, not studied instead of Cicero,

Coeval, image of the Cocternal, 568,

Coin, adulterate, 83.

Colours, divers, signify what, 6.

Commandments, the two chief, 51, 74.
Dot to be separated, 51, 56. ten,
division of, 52. mention of by our
Lord, 56,61,62. breach of, forfeits
salvation, 64, 83. pertain not to mero
faith only, 74. of love to God and
man, Gospel hangs on, as well as
Law, 157, 194,5.

Command, of the Lord, why S. Paul
had none, 316.

Commands, clear, to be obeyed at all
risks, 409,10. explained by examples,
410, 11.

Communion, of the Father and the Son,
30. is no substance, 32.

Community of goods at Jerusalem,
489. oi goods, benefit of, 507. all
Christians one, 505.

Compacts, sexual, how far sinful, 2"9,

Competentes, learned the Creed, 15.
why so called, 44. earnestness of, ib.
82. astepbevond other Catechumens,
ib. 533.

Concealment, not in itself lying, 447, 8.
of many things lawful, 689.

Conceptaculum, 412.

Conception, of our Lord no defilement,

Concubinage for offspring's sake un-
lawful, 291. was lawful among the
ancient fathers, 292. lawfulness of
a certain kind of, doubtful, ib.

Concupiscence, gradually weakened,
515. patience not to minister to,

Confession, of sins, 350. medicine of,
417. remedy for lies, 468.

Confinis, 585.

Conflict, Christian, the field of, within,
161. of virtues and vices in the soul,
248. of the Christian, 250, 260,

Conjugal love, see Love.

Conscience, good, excuses not careless-
ness of repute, 378. solace of, in evil
report, 379. sinning against, 434.


moves all good minds to seek God,

Consent, in thought constitutes sin, 246,
47. yielded and withheld, 260, 61.
withheld is mortification of the mem-
bers, 271. what constitutes, 397—
400. when it justifies doing a. man a
wrong, 401. chastity not lost without,

Consentina, his enquiries about Pris-
cillianists, 382, 428. St. Augustit.e's
epistles to, 426, note a. praise of, 427.
advised to write against Priscillian-
ism, 436, 450.

Continence, required bt-fore Baptism,
43. door of, 244, 246. why mentioned
last by S. Paul,250. God's gift, 243,
267. the gift of God's Spirit, 253.
difficu't to treat of, 243. from mar-
riage glorious, ib. of the lips, ib. to
attain, ne must not trust in our
own strength, 251. forbears excuses,
253. snught of God by David, 254.
required against all sin, 2.J6. peace
the prize of, 257. not a persecution
of our nature hut its healthful chas-
tisement, 267- falsely laid claim to,
ib. different kinds of, so called, but
not deserving the name, 268. falsely
no called, ib. its office, 269. is re-
fusing the consent of the mind, 2/1.
must watch the thoughts, ib. how
puts down lust, 272. glory of perse-
verance in, due to God, 273. the
greater of two goods, 283, 302, 320.
and marriage two goods, 2.*3. com-
pared to fasting, 284. how, is not on
a level with the marriage of the old
Fathers, 296, 293. a virtue of the
soul, 298. in habit and in act, 30,1.
praise of the staie of, 301 the root-
virtue, 305. profitable for the life to
come, 315, 31b', 320, 323. when un-
willingly professed, 334. of widows:
its rank, 345. widowed, better than
nuptial chastity, 357. best for those
who ' receive' it, 361, 2. strength of,
measures merit of widowhood, 366.
of heretics not to persuade us, 368.
all is God's gift, 369, 70. though
willing, 371. term properly used of
virgins or widows, 372. universal,
supposed danger of, 389. praised by
Epicurus, 587.

Contraries, none to being, 21. rule of
logicians for, fails in good and evil,
93. instances of, 429.

Conversion, not to be brought about by
lying, 424, 432, 33.

Cornutns, a grammarian, 694.

Correction, a kind of alms, 1^9.

Corruption of nature, what, 92.

Council, at Hippo, A.D.393, 15. fourth

of Carthage, its canou about widow*,

Councils, weight of, against heretics,

Counsel, spiritual, beyond law, 157.

Creation, of matter implied in omnipo-
tence, 17. sometimes confounded with
begetting, 20. doctrine of, 90. all
good, the whole better than each
part, 359.

Creature, The Son not a, 20. Wisdom of
God became, ib. the, held uncleanbj-
some, 41. goodness of, not as the
divine, 90. each good, and all together
very good, 91. gives pleasure by
approach to that which loves it, 558.
visible and invisible, 564.

Crcihilnusness, distinguished from faith,
598, 600.

Creed, learned by heart, 15,16. known
before the Scriptures, 16. cnmu.ented
on for defence against heresy, ib.
briefly delivered to novices, 36. see
faith, heads of, mentioned,48. asked
again from candidates for Baptism,
61. easy to commit to memory, 88.
carnally understood, milk; spiritually,
strong meat, i53. rule of faith or
symbol, 563. not written, ib. repeated
by Catechumens, 564. scattered
through Scripture, 563 calls not the
Son Almighty, yet implies this, 667.

Crime, difference of, from sin'l24. holy
men live without, ib. capable of par-
don, 125. alms remit not, without
amendment, 128, 132.

Crimes, penance done for, 575.

Crisliina, mentioned, 344.

Crispus, baptized by St. Paul, 50.

Critics, destructive, 368.

Cross, of Christ, Baptism in the, 117.
used in making a Catechumen, 225,
and 237. (where see the note.) why
Christ chose, 569.

Crown, promised to those only who
strive, 160. is not for the impatient,
651. for those who strive, 569.

Crucifixion, 24.

Cry, great sin called, 135.

Cup, of the Lord, Catechumens prepare
to be admitted to, 44.

Cups, three, of one water, 28.

Curia, of Tullinm, 532.

Curiosity, idle, danger of, in reading,
275. of the unlearned, 164. for-
bidden, 573. what it means, 598, 9.

Cnrma, vision of, 532, 3.

Cynegins, buried in the Basilica of
Felix, 517.

Cyprian, St. his letter on the lapsed, 70
what he says of evil men in the
Church, 83. ou unity of the Church,
616, note m.


Dancers, not admitted to Baptism,

Danger, seeking, tempting God, 508.

Daniel and S. Paul, 321.

Darius Comes, £p. to, 1. St. Augus-
tine's letter to, 543.

Darkness, what, in which devils rule,
162. Race of, a fable of the Mani-
chees, ib. part of God supposed in
prison of, 163. Kulers of, in heavenly
places, what, 164.

David, child of, died uncircumcised,
yet saved, 141, note p. a great saint,
253. spake rashly, 273. rash oath of,
no exan pie, 445—7. his feigned mad-
ness, 449. patient forbearance of,

Day, of eternity, meant by ' to-day,'
116. the first and the Lord's day,
* Days, obseiving, how great a sin,

Dead, care for, 517—542. pagan opi-
nions of, 518, 519, 528, 529. at rest,
622, 525, 529. sacrifice for, in Mac-
cabees, 519. benefited by the sacrifice
of the altar, prayers, and alms, 542.
not affec ted by the condition of the
body, 619, &c. unconscious when
seen in visions, 530, &c. do not
know what happens in this world,
534, 5'35, 538. or their happiness
would be affected, 534, 535. except
in special cases, 536, 537. perhaps
by information from other spirits,
536, 537. from Angels, 537. from the
Holy Spirit, ib. interpose not ordi-
nariiy, 534, &c. 6.S8. nor as they
please, 538. sometimes, 537, 538. a
blessing thereby, 535. by extraordi-
nary divine permission, 538. we care
and pray for without knowing their
state, 536, 538. (see Prayers.)

Deadly, see Sin.

Dead works, what, 52, 69.

Death, of the soul, what, 35. victory
over, 36. of the body, man's punish-
ment, 102. man capable of, as soon as
alive, 137. the second, undying, 140,

152. even the first, caused by sin,
ib. of the reprobate, to God, eternal,

153. questionof iying to prevent,388,
462-464. sin worse than, 393. wrongly
thought of as worst evil, 419. for
mercy and truth, a gain, 460. sin the
sting of, 468.

Decalogue, division of, 52, and note p.

(see Commandments.)
Deceit, purpose of, implied in lying,

384. may be by means of truth, 385.

safest to arvoid, entirely, 387. turns on
itself, 456.

Defamation, question of, to prevent
crime, 401. especially condemned,
414. in will, ib.

Degradation, punishment of, 38. punish-
ment fur Clergy, 135.

Degrees of glory in Heaven, 227, 328,

Deijica, 554.

Delight of righteousness now made
superior to that of sin, 135. in
righteousness, 156.

Delights, spiritual, supersede carnal,

Demetrius, consecrated a Nun A.D.
413, 353 her choice of virginity
praised, 356, 368, and note a. be-
come like St. Mary, 370. before her
mother in the kingdom, 374. grand-
mother of, 375. care needed for, as
young, ib. book on virginity recom-
mended to her, 381.

Demons, not to be thought to dwell in
highest Haven, 162. why called
rulers of darkness, ib. served, 268.
confess themselves tormented by
Martyrs, 540, 641. by living Saints

Deogralias, a deacon of Carthage, ad-
dressed by S. Augustine, 187.

Deserter, mark of, not changed, 576.

Desire, see Lust.

Desires, earthly, lead to endurance,
545. such following of, considered
lawful, ib.

Despair, remedy against, in Christ, 171.

Devil, fall of the, 103. Christ over-
came the, by justice, not by mere
power, 116. the, overcome by the
nature he had deceived, 161. king-
dom of, 152. the, how to overcome,
159,164, 186. conquered by our Lord,

160. how cast out, ib how he rules,

161. where to be fought with, ib.
sinners the dust he eats, ib. where
he dwells, 162. overcome in both
sexes, 177- his temptation, 235, 241.
the, called a lion, 448.

Devils, confessed the same as St. Peter,
59. believe and tremble, 63. have
dead faith, 66, 73, 7-», 90. final pu-
nishment with, 102. fell irrecovera-
blv, 103. number of, unknown, 104.

Dictinins, reformed from his error, 431.
his book called the 'Pound,' 432,
462, 468.

Diet, what St. Augustine used, 580.

Difficulties, to be borne with, 541.

Dilectiones, 79, note f.

Discipline, see Excommunication, the
Church must have, 38. enforced by

St. Paul, 39. some think, needless, 42.
can only deal with what is known,
67, 83. restrains evil doctrine, 68.
not to he conformed to bad pre-
cedents, 69. not to be given up, 82.
of the Chuich to be applied to parti-
culars, 42. loving, a work of mercy,
129. lack of, complained of, 135.
responsibility of not enforcing, ib.

Discourse to a catechumen, see Ad-

Disease, different, needs different treat-
ment, 40. of nature, what, 258.

Dispensation, in time, for man's sal-
vation, 173.

Dives, care for his brethren did not
imply that he knew of their state,

Divorce, allowed in Koman Republic,
45. rebuked by Christ, 283. may not
take place for barrenness, 282, 291,
304. does not dissolve marriage, 283,
291, 304. dissolves marriage in the
world's opinion, 283. why permitted
the Jews, 582.

Doctrine, evil, to be prevented, 68. is
bad, whether obeyed or not, 69. not
to be corrupted, 82. origin of errors
in, 201. sound, a protection to good
purpose, 368, 9. error of, in some
good men, 372. authority of, done
away by lying, 396, 432, 3. some to
be believed before understood, 396.
lying ahout, worse than suffering any
thing, 401, 422. may be withheld,
not falsified, 402. teaching to sin to
be shunned, 458.
Dogs, to be endured in the Church, 42.
what is holy not to be given them,
ib. Canaanitish woman no longer a
dog when received, 67. return to
their vomit, 80.

Donatists, lay in ambush for St. Au-
gustine, 95. reception of Prietextatus
andFelicianus, 64,159. theiraccount
of the prophecies of the Church's
universality, 182. suicides cf, 550.
not martyrdoms, 551.
Donalus, schism of, 41. party of, di-
vided, 159, 182. portion of, not the
Catbolio Church, 181. struck the
Church, but slew her not, 182.
Donatus, the grammarian, 594.
Double-shape, instance of, 137.
Dove, in which the Holy Ghost ap-
peared real, 176, 7- compared with
Christ's Humanity, 176. not born of
a dove, 177. what signified in it, ib.
power of God to create, ib.
Dreams, caused by angels, 121. and
miracles, admonitory, 197. appear-
ances in, 529, &c. see Apparitions.

Drunkenness, sober, of the Spirit, 168.

a fault in act or habit. 600.
Dulcitins, brother of Laurentius, 85.

questions of, ib.
Duty of marriage among the early

people of God, 285, £92, 294, 313.

higher, supersede slower, 418. cannot

require a sin, 443.
Duumvir, 532.
Dwelling called ' sitting,' 573.

Earth, sinners are, and so Satan's
food, 161. creation of the, 564.

Ecclesiasticus, said to be written by
Solomon, 537. not in the canon of
the Hebrews, ib.

Eclipses, no need to know cause of, 40.

Economy, some, used toward aliens
without lying, 439. practised by our
Lord, 447.

Egypt, type of state of sin, 52. repre-
sents the world, 459.

Election, by free grace, 144. Divine, is
grace, 555. precedes faith, 656. ex-
amples of, 657.

Elements, changes possible in, 36.

Eiigere, 557.

Eloquence, few attain, yet masters of
known, 593.

Emmanuel, to be the name of the
Virgin's Son, 6.

Emperor, heathen, grants pardon to
the courage of Firmus, 406, 7.

Enchiridion, what, 86.

End of the Lord, our example, 672.

Endurance, not patience, 267- of suf-
ferings for worldly objects, 544. of
men for temporal objects, ib. even
for vain things is praised,545. prac-
tised for wicked ends, 645,548. such,
is not patience, 545, 6. yet is an ex-
ample, 646. in surgical cases, ib.
worldly, strong in proportion to lust,
553, 555, 558. this is animal and
devilish, 554. like stupor of disease,
657. frantic, of misguided lust, 658.

Enemies, prayer for, shews that good-
will comes by grace, 107.

Envying and pride, 331.

Epicurus, sometimes praises conti-
nence, 687. his error about pleasure,
587, 8. not tit to explain Archi-
medes, 690.

Epistle to the Romans, chief object of,
77, 78.

Epistles, written to the baptized, 46.
order of teaching in, ib. no ar-
gument from, against teaching Cate-
chumens morals,ib. Catholic, chiefly
aimed against Antinomianism, 57.
of St. Paul written for men's sal-
vation, 411,425. truth clearly put
forth in, 452. of St. Paul, said by
Manichees to be interpolated, 583.

Erasmus, his opinion of the 'De Pa-
tientia,' 543.

Error, from not keeping a mean, 40.
instances of, on each side, 41. what,
dangerous, 94, 95, 98. of what kind
may be useful, 95. what is, ib. ne-
cessity of, a misery, ib. ugliness
of, 96. in faith worse even than lying,

97. of doctrine worse than of fact,

98. from deception of senses, 98, 99.
some would avoid, by suspending all
assent, 99. when a sin or fault, 100.
hurtful when we think we know, 122.
is in knowledge what wickedness in
action, 172. arises from pride, 173.
truth frees from, falsehood involves
in, 383. of fact does little harm. 430.
easy to talk against, 579. three kinds
of, in reading, 687. hurts not unless
believed, ib. charitable no evil, 588.

Erucius, Orations of, 693.

Esau, rejection of, 143. birthright of,
what it signified, 450.

Eternal Life the penny in the parable,

Eternity, Christ called, 169. not un-
derstood by men, 169. no space of,
between the Father and the Son,

Eucharist, sacrifice of the Mediator,
151. Blood of Christ given to drink
in, 675.

Euhgius, sees S. Aug. in a dream,

Eunuch, the, with what profession
baptized, 48.

Eunuchs, for the Kingdom of Heaven,
324. monks professed to be as, 513.

Eusebius, Eccl. Hist, translated by
Euffinus, 625.

Evanescere, 437.

Eve, a help to the tempter, 549. Adam
tempted by, 570.

Evert/, used for ' any,' 416.

Evidence, of prophecy, 6, 8, &c. of the
Jews, 11, 12.

Evil, place of, 91. good brought out of,
91, 97. is privation of^good, 91. is
no substance, ib. cannot exist with-
out good, 92. in what sense, cannot
produce good, 94. cause of, a muta-
ble will, 102. course of, ib. not to be
returned for evil, 129. that ill things
should be is good, and therefore per-

mitted, 142, 146. good brought out
of, 145. origin of, asked by Mani-
chees, 163. not self-existent, 265.
Maniehsan errors concerning, 255,
257, 262. permitted, but not there-
fore approved, 255. turned into good
by God,255, 56. see Sim. uses of, 256.
lusts,what,260. perfected hereafter,ib.
not a substance, 261. its nature ex-
plained, ib. others duing, is not our
sin, 398. question of doing less, to
avoid greater, 399,400,403. wrongly
measured through earthly affections,
419. comparison of evils, 424. not to
be done that good may come, 441.
good brought out of, 456. God not
author of, 617. is no substance, ib.

Examination of candidates for Bap-
tism, 44.

Examples, see Saints, bow to be judged
of, 456.

Excommunication, punishment of, 38,
&c. to be used in charity, 39. ac-
knowledged needful for greater sins,
70, 81, 125. prevented by prevalence
of sins, 135. may be incurred by a
valid marriage, 353. needed for
crimes, 575. caution not to incur, ib.

Excuses, shunned by continence, 253.
useless before God, 254. of fatalism,

Exhortation, needful to spur us to
action, 354, 369. use of, implies
acting on others' will, 373. less
effective than prayer, ib.

Exorcism, before Baptism, 43. of chil-
dren shews original sin, 564.

Experience, of friendship leaves room
for faith, 3.

Exsiifflation of children, 564.

Eye, inward and outward, 1.

Eyes, their honourable place in the
body, 359. want of, supplied by hear-
ing, &c. 377. weak from darkness
cannot bear light, 608. fools use, more
readily than the mind, 613.

ceive, 36. learned in order to obedi-
ence, 36. some think it will save
without good works, 37. professed in
a few words in clinical Baptism, 43.
sometimes mentioned before morals,
45, &c. as well as practice in Ten
Commandments, 53. without works
is dead, S3, more articles of, required
than sometimes named, 48. law can-
not be kept without, 56. implied in
obedience, ih. not sufficient for sal-
vation without love, 56, 7, 61, 83.
man justified by, before works, 57.
doctrine of St. Peter, 58. of St.
James, 59. Christ dwells in the heart
by, 62. of grace has love, 63, 73, 83.
of Canaanitish woman. 65. violence
of, 73. distinguishes Christians from
others, as law does Jews, 78.- how
far independent of reason, 87. pro-
gress from, to sight, ib. believes, 88.
love end hope cannot be without, ib.
implies aSsent, 99. in Christ, work-
ing hy love, the way to God, 100. a
gift of God, 105. our Loid conceived
by, 10S. not working by love is dead,
126. Catholic, what founded on, 87.
Hope, and Charity, 86, &c. their
connection, 88. special objects of,
89. tffuture good, causes hope, 89. im-
plies concurrent will, 106,616. with-
out love is worthless, 155. love to
God and our neighbour by, 157.
Catholic, a security against de-
ceivers, 164, 181. some have left,
and yet would be called Christians,
168. set forth in few words, 172.
contains mysteries above reason, and
also facts, ib. clearly set forth in
Scripture, 181. simple food cf, 185.
good lite to be added to, 185, 6. our
means of victory, 159. rule of, ib. 563.
bows the soul to God, 171. leads to
hope and love, ib. needful before we
can understand truth, 172. of the
ancient Saints, 219. and works, 271.
without putting down lust is dead,
272. in wedlock, 279. conjugal, less
worthy than virginity, 355. of pro-
fession, to be kept, 362. whence
named, 422. of Christ, none justified
without. 557. before understanding,
566. is in order to eterml life,573,
on authority, blamed hy Manichees,
578, 598. distinguished from cre-
dulity, 598—COO. question if still a
fault, 600. necessary for friendship,
600, 602. teacher uses, towards
learner, 600. no harm in, though
reason might he used, 601. dis-
tinguished from knowledge and opi-
nion, 603. faulty only when rash or
wrong, 604. of historical facts, ib. is

on authority, ib. needful in common
life, 605. parents known by, 4,605, 6.
most needful of all in religion, and
why, 606. before reason no rash-
ness, 609. they are not Christians
who forbid faith in Christ before rea-
son, 611. miracles lead to, 612. pre-
pares way to wisdom, 616.

Fall of man through pride, 20, 567.

Falling, danger of, 340.

Falsehood, not all, is a lie, 96, 383.
leads to error, ib. some may be
thought useful, 386, 7. (see Lie.)

Fallonia, Proba, mother of Juliana,
368, note a.

Fame, endurance from desire of, 544.

Famine, provided against, 411.

Fasting, compared to continence, 284.
adds to the merit of widowhood, 367-
time of, how to be used, 378. before
receiving the Eucharist, 494. con-
tinuous for several days, 615.

Fatalism, its excuses blasphemous, 254.

Fate, inconsistency of those who speak
of it, 254.

Father, The, The Son anointed by,
6. made all things by The Son, 18.
to declare himsc'f, begat what Him-
self Is, 19. distinct from The Son, 20.
Himself God, 26. The Beginning of
The Son, 28. hath not His Being from
The Son, 28. nor from any other, 29.
how greater than The Son, 108. co-
eternal with Son imaged hy coeval,
568. Thc»One God withTheSon,566.
doth what He will, ib. never with-
out The Son, 568.

Father, human, death of, supposed
threatened to compel to sin, 397, 8.
power of over children, 446. why
greater than sons, 566.

Fathers, (see Saints,) Catholic, re-
mark on their writings, 20i. their
occasional errors, as individual
writers, to be expected, and pardon-
able, ib. the old, how they married,
290, 293, 4, 366. typical in their
marriage of many wives, 2P5.

Faifstns, the Mnniehee, attacked Pa-
triarchs' marriages, 3'19. his pre-
tensions and failure, 596, 7.

Fear, what, 102. of God, comes before

love, 186. of God, salutary, 195. to

displease God entertained by love,

338, 9. spoken of by St. Paul, 339.

likely to mislead, 444. of God, His

gift, 559. patience founded on, 5u0.

Feast, conversation at a, 599.

Fnasfs of charity, 79.

Feigning, in our Lord no falsehood,

454, 455.
Felicianus, reception of, hy Donatists,

Felix, St. burial in his Basilica, 517.
appeared at Nola, 537.

Fellowship, attainable without mar-
riage, 285.

Female, contrasted wi:h male, 294.

Festival-days, 236.

Fides, (romfieri, 422.

Figure, of the Divine economy, exhi-
bited in the birth of Jacob, 192, 224.
(see Type) of speech, 271, 272. in
speech no lie, 449, 454, +55.

Filth of soul, love of any thing but
God and the soul, 614.

Final goods, 284.

'Finger of God,' means the Holy
Spirit, 225.

Fire, salvation through, 38. some think
ill livers saved through, 55, 59, 126.
everlasting burns everlastingiy, 61.
meaning of salvation through, 62,
<fec. 84,126,127. evil livers not saved
by, 79, 126. trial by, even in this life,
127. prepared for the devil and his
angels, 161. coeval father of light, 568.

Firmus, Bishop, courage of, 406, 407.

Fish, hooked, iike a bad man with the
baits of pleasure, 165. The just
signified by, 179.

Five periods of times, 192. ages of the
worid accomplished at Christ's com-
ing, 228.

Flames of the world, 352.

Flesh and blood, what, 15, 35. soul
called flesh where it seeks, fleshly
goods, 34. resurrection of the flesh,
34, 35. changed in resurrection, 185.
put for man, 108. matter of, in
God's keeping, 138. all to be restored,
yet not each particle to same place,
ib. celestial body how not flesh and
blood, 139. living after the, what,
251. meaning of, in Scripture, 251,
252. how saved, 259. Manichaean
errorconcerning, 262,264. as created,
spoken well of by S. i'aul, 262.
Christ's, was true, 264. not evil,
ib. likened to the Church, 265, 266.
its works, may be sins of the soul,

Flora, a pious widow, 517.

Faitus, beginning of life in. 137.

Food, allegorical interpretation of, 161.
preserves man: so generation man-
kind, 292, 293. uncooked, netds ex-
ercise to digest, 501. necessary in
retreats, 502. strong, not for the
diseased, 5!)8, 608.

Fools, all who are not wise, 606, and
note i. do best to follow the wise,

607, 613. cannot know wisdom surely,

608. incapable of reason concerning
God, 611, 614. easiest led by means
of sense, 613, 614.

Forgery of wills, 441.

Forgiveness of offenders a kind of alms,
J29. when asked due hy Divine com-
mand, 130. asked by all, shews all
sinful, 357. of sins, realised in bap-
tism, 575. three w ays of, ib. only lor
the baptized, ib.

Form, prescribed, 87. of all things
from God, 17. power of receiving,
from Him, ib. of godliness given in
heretical baptism, 183.

Fornication, compared with adultery,

Fornicators, no fitter for baptism than
idolaters, 54. to be refused baptism,

Fortitude, spiiit of, 559.

Forum, said to talk, (see Figure of

Fowlers, why the, cover up waters, 579.

Foxes, who? 349.

Free, why man is left, 256.

Free-born, love is of, 561.

Free-will, (see Will) lost by sin, 104.

Friendship, founded on faith, 2. exists
before fully proved. 3. attainable
without marriage, 285. none without
faith, 601, 602.

Fronto, informant of Consentins, 430.

Fruit fulness, not to be compared to
virginity, 313, 315.

Fruits, thirty-fold and hundred-fold,
344, 345. sixty-fold, 345.

Future, past used for, 180.

Future life, contineuce profitable for,

Gains, baptized by St. Paul, 50.

Games, brutality of them, 216. what
men will suffer for, 544. illustrate the
Christian conflict, 669.

Gaul, martyrs of, 523.

Generation, Divine, 26. Eternal, diffi-
cult to behold in the mind, 173. (see
Duty) preserves mankind, as food
man, 292. of mortal creatures is hv
corruption, 565. of The Son from
eternity, 568. of light by fire shews
the coeval, ib. coeternal without
parallel, ib.

Genins, finds not truth without God's
help, 602.

Gentiles, as well as Jews needed grace,
77. not to use Jewish customs, 390,
392, 453. typified by the woman
with issue of blood, 454. idolatrous

called Pagans, 483, 487. debtors to
Jews, 498.

Gift, The Holy Ghost called, 29.

Gifts, are all from God, 341. prayed
for, arc not of ourselves, 342. of
different kinds, 345. spiritual, one
person may have many, 539.

Girding the loins, what? 257.

Glory, state of, after resurrection, 156.
different degrees of, 327, 328,

Gltuliators, baptism denied to, 70.

God, blessed Abraham, 5. most fitly
born of a Virgin, 6. is not in any
special place, 10. the True, now in-
voked by all, 12. if Almighty, created
matter, 17. begat That which Him-
self Is, 19. no being contrary to, 21.
not to be imagined in human -form,
25. human likeness of, not to be
placed in a temple, ib. Trinity in
Unity, 26, 41. not Three Gods, 27.
is Love, 31. the Head of Christ,
ib. seen by the pure in heart, 33.
love of, excludes love of the world,
51. dead faith really knows not, 74.
our duty to, ib. shrinks not from de-
stroying the evil-minded, ib. requires
Christian life as well as Baptism, 81.
chastises negligent Churches, 71.
worship of, is wisdom, 86. to be
worshipped by faith, hope, and love,
86. sight of, highest happiness, 87.
is the Cause of all things, 90. 'Kuler
Supreme of things,'91. why He per-
mits evil,ib. the way to, 100. Cause
of all good, 101,2. His dealing with
man as free, 102. just anger of, ib.
continues life even to fallen angels,
ib. H is mercy, ib. saltation wholly
ascribed to, 106. wrath of, no emo-
tion, 107. the Father of the baptized,
111. the Church His Temple, built
of gods, 120. what passeth all un-
derstanding passeth not His, 124.
wrath of, for sins of fathers tempered
with mercy, 115. His favour not
'bought' by alms, 128. wonderful
working of, 133. will of, not frus-
trated by man, 141, 145. how,
'wills all men to be saved,' 142,147.
gathered children of Jerusalem
against her will, 142. can change
man's will at His pleasure, 143.
wrath of, no perturbation, 153. ex-
clusion from His presence great
misery, ib. loved now by faith, 157.
thought by the Manichees to divide
Himself into portions, &c. 162. part
of, miserable according to them, 163.
subjection to, makes us masters of
ourselves, 165, 191. makes all serve
willingly or unwillingly, 165. justice

of, in placing His creatures, 167.
care of, in governing them, 167. ser-
vice of, matter of revelation, ib. sweet-
ness of, 168. power of, misjudged by
unbelievers, 177. substance of, un-
changeable, ib. meaning of His
'Right Hand,' 179. His judgment
of foreknowledge, 181. His Love,
193. His severity the foundation of
man's love, 195. only hears the sours
cry, 202. worthy of praise, let man
act as he will, 220. long-suffering
with the ungodly, 222. permits evil,
why? 255, 6. brings good out of
evil, 256. Manicheean heresy con-
cerning, 255, 257. His nature, 257.
a Physician, 258. favour of, gives
continence, 369. gifts of, no blessings
unless owned, 370. all good comes
from, 377. labours to win, pleasant,
378. 'hates' sinners, 'destroys'
liars, 392, 3, 427. who unclean in
sight of, 400. hears our inward
speech, 413. wronged, though not
hurt, by sins of luxury, 420. to be
honoured outwardly as well as in-
wardly, 429. Priscillianists erred
concerning, 432, 3. sin against,
worse than against man, 434. some-
times heals secretly, 436. we must
depend on, after all means,461. will
provide where we cannot rightly ,467.
impassible, 543. passions attributed
to, ib. patience His gift, ib. and 562.
Himself long-suffering, though not
suffering, 543,4. His wrath, jealousy,
&c. ineffable, ib. His ' repentance'
implies no error, 544. caies for our
body, 547. not lost but by will, 549.
Himself afflicted Job, ib. riches of,
552, 562. patience likens to, 554.
(see Paiieiice.) free mercy of, to
old Saints, 557. how first loves sin-
ners, ib. works in us good will,
558, 562. Father of those to whom
the Church is Mother, 563. hence
called Father in the Creed, ib. Al-
mighty yet cannot lie, &c. ib. does
what He will, but can will no wrong,
564. made all .things, visible and in-
visible, ib. image of, in the mind, ib.
the Son of, is God, 565. one will in,
ib. not two Gods, ib. not lost by
misfortunes, 570, 1. a Temple is for
Him, 574. willed to have a house on
earth where He might be prayed to,
ib. Who clothes tie grass, creates
it, ib. not three Gods, but one God,
ib. just in binding men by law, 5S6.
dwells in pure souls, 590. called to
witness, ib. reasons concerning, un-
derstood by few, 601. helps those
who go humbly and charitably, 602.

Holy Spirit sets us free from con-
demnation, 77. needed both by Jew
and Gentile, ib. time of, foretold, 88.
precedes all human merit, 106, 107.
dispensation of,106, <fcc. Christ full of,
as Man, 108. Manhood made without
sin by, 109. St. Mary full of, ib. made
natural to Man in Christ, 112. justi-
fies from many offences, 116. freedom
of, to Jacob, 143. alone separates the
redeemed from the lost, 144. was
needed in Paradise, 149. alone sets
the will free, ib. state of man under,
156. not wanting nnder the law, ib.
need of, denied by some, 371. de-
stroys not free-will, 371—3. election
of, 555. assists the just, and justifies
the ungodly, 556. frees from the Law,
but condemns it not, 585, 6.

Grammarians, how good ones act, 197.
expected to find good sense in Virgil,
591. several named, 594.

Grass, image of the carnal, 498.

Gratitude, due from virgins to God,

Greek, words borrowed from, 582.

Greeks, philosophers, shoemakers, 48".

Guests, doty of protecting, 443, 445.

Guidance of Scripture and of Signs
contrasted, 197.


knowledge of, the true wisdom, 606.
search for true religion presupposes
faith in, 608. cannot be displeased
with our believing, 609. demands
faith, 611. the wise most near to,

612. mercy of, shewn in Christ,

613. conscience moves us to seek,
ib. now known by nations not to be
of earth or fire, 615. Old Testament
charged with false doctrines about,
617- not author of evil, ib. reasons
for seeking to, ib. kingdom of, uni-
versal, ib. liable to no passion, ib.
providence of, points out the Church,
616. never lies, 617. no substance
but is of Him, 618.

Godhead, of Father and Son, some call
The Holy Ghost so, 30. others held
not to be a Substance, 32.

Gods, men called, 26. Christians so
called, 120.

Gold, may be known and not had, 608.

Goliath and Zacchaeus compared, 302.

Good, created, 90, 91. diminution of,
evil, 91. in what sense it cannot pro-
duce evil, 94. and evil, causes of,
must be known, ib. calling evil gooa
and good evil is in doctrine not in
fact, 98. cause of, God's goodness,
101, 2. brought out of evil, 256. all
nature is, 257. in what degree at-
tainable, 260. perfect, reserved for
the future life, ib. man so created,
261. the substance of the flesh is, ib.
men not exempt from sin, 266. supe-
rior, makes not lesser good an evil,
357, 8. some implied in ' better,' ib.
more honoured by having a good
below it than an evil, 359, 364. fall
from a higher, is an evil, 362, 3. all,
comes from God, 377- sin aims at
some, in this life, 420. temporal, may
be given up without sin, ib. of other
kinds may be kept by doing some
things otherwise wrong, 420, 421.
three things to be kept, for sanctity's
sake, 421. luminous, of truth, 463.
impassible, 554. highest, not attained
without loving it, 613.
Good men, few, compared with the

wicked, 221.
Goods, final and instrumental, 284.
when abused, become sin, 285. of
marriage are offspring, faith, sacra-
ment, 305.
Good work, what, 207.
Gospel, first preaching of, 13. not to

seem sold, 482, 486.
Gospels, said by Manichees to be inter-
polated, 583.
Government, (God's moral,) of the

world, 255.
Grace, faith of, has Jove, 63, 73, 83. of

Habits, hard to change, 615.
Hair, bosses of, 335. worn long by some
monks, 512. long, thought a sign of
sanctity, ib. St. Paul's rule against,
ib. to imitate Nazarites, 513. ofNa-
zarites figure of the veil of the Law,
ib. pretended humility of long, ib.
every, in God's keeping, 647.
Happiness, supreme, what, 87. is not
in knowledge of nature, 94. perfect,
excludes error, 100. cannot be in
things which Christ despised, 171.
of perfect knowledge not yet ours,
Head, place of, in the body, 175.
Head dress of women, 334.
Health and immortality, two goods,

Hearers, order of, among Manichees,
679. what said of, when they left
them, 680.
Hearing, studiousness of, 599.
Heart, its mouth, 244, 245, 247. con-
tinence must be seated there, 244.
its consent, 244, 246. its language,
244. picture of purity of, 271.
Heathen, urge reasons about Heaven,
24. poetry, how dealt with, 197.
having a second wife, case of, 295.

Heaven, Christ ascended to, 24. pro-
mised the same to us, il1. body how-
fitted for, ib. 36. and earth, explained
of spirit and body, 154. used in seve-
ral senses, 1(32. the air so called,
164. degrees of glorv in, 327, 323,
Heavenly places, rather ours called
than the devii's, 164. we are said to
be in,
Hebrews, authority of Epistle to the,

Heresies, what, refuted in the Enchi-
ridion, 85. discussion of, endless, 88.
what, mentioned in the book on the
Christian Conflict, 159. fight in vain
against the Church, 575.
Heresy, acknowledges Christ, 13. per-
mitted for trial's sake, ib. calls for
comments on the Creed, 16. Arian
and Sabellian, 20. pretence of, may
cause real, 43i, 2. how to be ex-
posed, 436. secret, sometimes healed
secretly, ib.
Heretic, he is a, who contradicts faith,
hope, or charity, 87. not {very one
is a, who believes heretics, 577. what
makes a, 577, 8. silence to be ktpt
to a, ib. each, claims name of Catholic,
596. spoils that claim by pretending
to reason, 598, 611. cannot claim
authoiity, or do without it, 610, 11.
that on which we believe Christ is
against them, 611.
Heretics, have some belief in common
with us, 87. have not Christ, ib.
call their congregations Churches,
33. seeking glory in the Name of
Christ, 171. their minds confused
with strife and carnal views, 173.
the heedless give heed to, 181. con-
tinence of, should not persuade us,
368. widows and virgins of, inferior
to Catholic wives, 369. not to be
tracked out by lying, 427, &c. sin
less in speaking heresy than Catholics
would, 430, 435. little harm in be-
lieving, when they pretend Catholic-
ism, 430. converted, may take com-
fort in their former ignorance, 4:(5.
converted, will correct others, 436.
yet in their sins, 576. why not re-
baptized, ib. all, would have 1is be-
lieve in Christ, 609. many ways con-
demned, 616.
Heroil, called 'they' who sought the

child's life, 114.
Hidden life with Christ, 270.
Hilary, St. de Trinitate, 28, n.
Hippo Regins, Council at, 15.
History, explanation by, 532. of the
Exodus allegorical, though true,

Holy Ghost, (see Spirit.) Reconciles tis
toGod,31. final unbelief sins against,
66. si ii against, 136. help of, needful
for any good, 155.

Holy Spirit, procession of, 90, and note
p. given us through a Mediator, 107.
Christ born of, 110, 116. a gift equal
to the Giver, 1 10. not Father of
Christ, as Man, ih. hut Creator, 111.
works of the Trinity ascribed to, ib.
our belief concerning Him, 119,20.
shewn to be God by His place in the
Creed, 120. is God, as having a
Temple, ib. gives remission of sins,
125, 136. body of any Christian a
temple of, 359. speaking in St. Paul,

Homicide, lying to screen from punish-
ment, 405. justifiable, 407.

Homo, put fcr Manhood, 170, note a.

Honoratus, several of the name, 577.
one a companion tf St. Aug. in
Manicheism, ib. a lover of truth,

578. prayed for, 578, 581. how led
astray, 578. not then a Christian,

579. his friendship with St. Augus-
tine, 587. will wonder at the Old
Testament being called pure, 590.
called on to take more pains. 595.
a sincere and earnest enquirer, 616,

HoHorins, laws of, against idols, 1.

Hope, with faith leads to prayer, S3.
sometimes used for expectation in
general, 88, 89. not to be placed in
man, 122, 154, 552. carried forward
by miseries of this life, 125. springs
from faith, and has love with it, 153.
matter of in the Lord's Prayer, 154.
without love is vain, 155. of eternal
life followed by many, 171- of Chris-
tians in the Judgment, 573. worldly,
its objects, 580. of discovery implied
in search, 6J9.

Horace, f;ible of quoted, 455.

Hour of Christ, as Man what, 23.

House, temporal and eternal, 459.

Humility, recovery of man through, 90.
of Christ, 230. most needful for vir-
gins, 331, 351. who would follow
Christ, 350. its praise, 331. instances
of, 332, 33. commended by our Lord,
332. 335. taught by Christ near His
Passion, 332. learnt of Christ, 336.
unfeigned, needed, 344. treated ful-
ly of by S. Aug., 319. of Saints,
352. and holiness, ib. need of in pious
widows, 367.

Hundred-fold, fruits of virginitv, 314,

Hunting, pleasure of, 378.

Husband (see Marriage, Wife) and
wife, their union, 263. relative du-

ties, 263, 268. might once have
many wives, 294. must have but one,

I AM, meaning of the Name, 21.
Idleness, leads to vain talking, 499.
Idolaters, a minority, 596.
Idolatry, ironical defence of Baptism
in, 54. a deadly sin, "0. conforming
to, to avoid violence, H97. might be
done to save life if lying lawful, 429.
conformity to, no where allowed,
Idols, laws of Honorins against, 1.
some still believed in, 10. rejection
of, prophesied, ib. generally fulfilled
Ignorance, what, harmless, 90,94. not
all, is error, 95. of one's own being
alive, impossible, 99. a consequence
of the fall, 102. not in matter of
faith, harmless, 122. to be borne
patiently, 541. for our good, ib.
Image, Christ is, of the Father, 28. of
God, not to he placed in a temple,
25. of God, in the mind, 515.
Images, of persons and things seen in

visions, 530. &c.
Imitation of Christ, 328.
Immortality, the pennv in the parable,

Impatience, evil of, 543. produces

greater ills, ib.
Impurity, legal, not always sin, 297.
Incarnation, called dispeusatiou, 26,

108. faith in the, 173.
Incest, compared with adultery and

fornication, ?83.
Incorrvptible,Wgets Incorruptible, 565.
Incorruption, future gain o1, 547.
Indutgentia, 124.

Infants, (see Baptism,} die to sin in
Baptism, 113, 117, 118. when they
began to live, 137. case of those, who
d'e unbaptized, 141, and note p.
baptized against their will, 142.
Infirmity, a reason for not working,
496. pleaded as an excuse, ib. of
those who have been delicately
brought up, 497.
Injury, not to be done to one man to

save another, 401, 403.
Inspiration, nature of, 87.
Instrumental, goods, 284.
Integritas, said of virgins and widows,

Intention, determines the character of

an action, 500. pure, the single eye,

Intercourse of sexes for pleasure a
sin, 133. venial in married state,
ib. sexual, when right, when wrong,
440, 1.

Intermediate state, (see Soul, Purga-
tory, Fire.)

Interpolations, sunposed in holy Scrip-
ture, 583, 4.

Invisible, (see Faith,) things seen
only by cleansed heart, 33.

Invocation of Saints, (see Saints.)

Involuntary contini nee estimated, 334.

Isaac, son of Abraham, &c. 6. told no
lie, 448. inherited otherwise than
his brothers, 561.

Israel, compared with Sodom, 389.
history of, figurative, 410.

Israelites, not only disbelieved, but
slew Christ, 73. whole people as it
were a prophet, 360.

Israeiiiess, without guile, Rahab be-
came, 460,

Jacob, an ancestor of Christ, 5. erred
not from faith in thinking Joseph
dead, 100. wrestled with the Angel
as if in a body, 122. a mystery in
the manner of his birth, 192, 224.
his example quoted for lying, 388.
his deceit was a mystery, 448, 9.
acted in the figure of Christ, 449,

James, St. doctrine of, concerning
faith and works, 126. says that we
all offend, 134.

Jealousy, attributed to God, 543.

Jehu, falsehood of, no safe example,
428, 9.

Jericho, represents the world, 459.

Jerome, St. his comments on Isaiah
and St. Paul, 37. did not teach the
error condemned by St. Augustine,
ib. death of, alluded to, 85, 137. re-
cords a nonstrous birth, 137. opi-
nion of, about St. Peter's simulation,
390, and note.

Jerusalem, the heavenly, to have her
full number, 104, 123. reasonable
creation in, 119. meaning of the
word, 226. heavenly and earthly,
contrasted, 459. Christians living in
common at, 489. the heavenly, what
gifts her sons have, 561.

Jesus, (see Christ,) preaching of, im-
plies teaching the character of mem-
bers of His Body, 49. supported by
pious women, 4 76, 7.

Jewish Christiana kept the Law, 484.
did not impose it on the Gentiles, ib.
were circumcised, ib.

Jews, named from Judah, 5. our wit-
nesses to prophecy, 11,12. blindness
of, foretold, ib. preserved for testi-
mony, ib. (see Israelites,) and Gen-
tiles, both needed grace, 77. dis-
tinguished by law Ms Christians by
faith, 77, 8. made proselytes children
of hell, 80. obstinacy of, 171. (see
Judaism, Law,) their notions of de-
filements, 409. priesthood of,become
vile, 410. heart of, metaphorically
called 'stony,' 448. rites of, called
'sacramenta,' 453. permitted to ill-
treat our Lord, 572. many of, par-
doned after murder of Christ, 575.
and heathens, outnumbered by Chris-
tians, 596.

Joi, his example cited, 298. patience
of, in various temptations, 549. was
thought to worship God for temporal
things, ib. compared with Adam, ib.
tried in mind by his friends, 550. an
example to such as kill themselves,
ib. trials of, fearful, 570. how his
children were doubled to him, ib.
God's witness to, ib. tempted by his
wife, ib. stood fast in God, 571. re-
stored to prosperity for our example,
572. yet we are not to expect the
like, ib.

John, St. (Evangelist,) blessed Virgin
entrusted to, 23. Epistle of, 47.
beautifully alluded to, 266. his ex-
ample cited, 300. alluded to, 328.
Baptism of, (see Baptism.)

John, St. the Baptist, required repent-
ance, 65. question for what he re-
proved Herod, 71.

John, the Monk, 539. had the gift of
prophecy, ib. consulted by Theo-
dosius, ib. appeared to one in sleep,
540. patient in hearing and answer-
ing questions, ib.

Joke, a, not a lie, 3S3. whether for a
perfect man to use, not discussed, ib.

Joseph, St. his fear, and the Angel's
answer, 110. chosen to evidence the
perpetual virginity of St. Mary, 487.

Joseph, temptation of, 439. his con-
cealment no lie, 449.

Josephus, h's statements about Herod's
marriage, 71, note d.

Josiah sparing the Prophet's bones,
527. spared the knowledge of the
afflictions which followed his death,

Jotham, parable of, 455.

Joy, of the Lord, in seeing His go-
vernment, 167. different degrees of
inHeaven ,320. godly,given to us,559.

Judah, Jews named from, 5. fornica-
tion of, no example, 456, 7"

Judaism, how far St. Faul allowed,

Judas, prophesied of, 9. an example of
evil tolerated, 476. our Lord's pa-
tience with, 548.

Jude, St. agrees with St. Peter about
evil livers, 79.

Judge, seems required for ' false wit-
ness,' 404, 5. 417. information to,
no betrayal, 406. tortures inflicted
by, 645.