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Judgment, reason for believing, 11.
will separate good and evil, 14. of-
fice of the Son, 25. of quick and
dead, 25, 6. the last, by works, and
for eternity, 61, 75, 6. put for ' dam-
nation,' 75, 6, 108. some would ex-
plain of temporary punishment, 76.
our Lord makes but two parts in, ib.
of quick and dead by Christ, 119.
even the just to be judged, ib. re-
mission of sins relates to, 125. alms
considered in, 128. none lost but by
just, 141. fixes the state of bad and
good, 152. doctrine of the, 179. some-
times put for condemnation, 180.
in what sense forbidden us, ib. of
quick and dead, 573. preparation
for, our work here, ib.

Juliana, thanks St. Aug. for a warn-
ing, 353. address to, ib. asked St.
Aug. to write, 353, 4. not to take all
as written for herself. 354, 368. had
children when left a widow, 361,367.
highest achievements open to, 367.
is to communicate the book toothers,
373. had vowed continence, ib.
household of, a Church, 381.

Justification, (see Faith, Sin, Love,)
through Christ's righteousness, 113.
by faith before works, 57. true, takes
place in Baptism, 117.

Keys, given to the Church in St.
Peter, 185. lost by not believing
their power, ib.

Kids, skins of, meant sins, 450.

Kind, most kindiv, of all things in God,

Kindred, spiritual, preferable to hu-
man, 309.

Kingdom of Heaven, who take by vio-
lence, 73. of God, prayer for its
coming, 154.

Kings, prayed for, though proud, 148.
entitled to honour, 227.

Kiss, not refused to Judas, 548.

Labour, pleasure in, 378. those able
to, happier, 496. aduty of monks, 493.
practised in good monasteries, 499.
humbling effect of, on the wealthy,
503, 4. spiritual uses of, ib. for the
common store, 504. in the rich more
charitable than almsgiving, ib. when
not lost, 561,2.

Lamb, The, followed by virgins, 328,
348. by married persons, ib.

Lamps, burning, what, 257.

Language and thought, (see Thought,)
theory of, as a vehicle of thought,
189. ungrammatical of ministers,

Laurentius, who he was, 85. St. Au-
gustine's good hope of, 158.

Law, not given till after Red sea, 51.
contains faith as well as practice, 63,
how it made offences abound, 169.
distinguishes Jews, as faith does
Christians, 76. without the spirit
condemns, 73. where no, no trans-
gression, 76. who are ' without law,'
77. helpless without the Spirit, 155.
state of man under, 156. compre-
hended in Love, 157. counsel given
beyond, ib. old, not become detest-
able, 391—393. of God, unmoved by
circumstances, 444. " and the pro-
phets:" more than these now hang
on the two commandments, 194, 195.
of nature, 294. under, in, without,
distinguished, 483. under, Jews, ib.
in, spiritual men, ib. without, unbe-
lieving Gentiles, ib. of Moses, of God,
not contrary to the Gospel, ib.
St. Paul in, not under, ib. Jewish,
permitted eating in the fields, 501.
supposed wish to combine, with the
Gospel, 584. in what sense contrary
to the Gospel, 685. Ceremonial,
mysteries of, 566. In the letter,
killeth, ib. wants an expounder, 690.

Laws, of man in some sort Christian,

Law-suits, venial unless before heathens,

Laying out more, St. Paul, 497.
Lazarus, (see Resurrection,) borne by

Aiu'els, 521. buried, what signified

in, 454. told Abraham the state of

the Jews, 536.
Lectures of Rhetoricians, 531.
Leeches, (see Surgeons,) 546.
Left-hand, what means, 573.
Legal purification shews not marriage

sinful, 297. was for the type of sin, 298.
Leisure, what, had St. Paul, 402.
Leonas, messenger of Consentius, 426.
Letter and spirit, work of St. Augus-
tine on, 59.
Lewdness, worse than theft, 443, 444.
Liar, not every one is a, who lies,

Liberty, (see Free Will,) spirit of, 31.

Christian, not freedom to sin, 78.

of fallen man is only to sin, 104.

true, given by new creation, 105.

Christian, 391, 392, 452.
ii>,(see Lying,) question if ever a duty,

96. more or less sinful according to
intention and subject, 96, 100. truth
is a, if not thought true when spoken,

97. question if ever lawful, 382, <fec.
a juke is not a, 383. nor a mistake,
383, 384. definition of, 384, 388,
454. how to be safe from, 387.
question if ever useful, 387, 447.
examples quoted in favour of, 388,
456, 468. cases of danger requiring,
388, 462, 465. condemned as false
witness, 388. and in more general
terms, 389, and note, 407, 423. alle-
gory is not, 389, 448. sometimes al-
lowed in imperfect state, 390. New
Testament never favours, 300, 452.
God hates, even to destroving, 392,
393, 427. corrupts the soul, 395, any
sin as easily justified, 395, 457. good
men lose authority by telling, 396.
about Christ, 401. several eases of,

402. none lawful in doctrine, 402,
445. not to he told to give pleasure,

403. useful, question of, 403, 414,
419, 459. if not to defend crime, 404.
how to escape, when questioned, 406.
how to escape, when silence betrays,
408. Five kinds of, condemned, three
still questioned, 408, 409. wish to
use, forbidden, 415. what, threatened
with destruction, 416. Deceit is,
even when it is not ' false witness,'
417. a harmless one, to save pudicity
of body, allowed, yet truth may hie
preferred, 422. Eight sorts of, all
shewn to be evil, 424. which sorts

less cul, able, ib. none is good, 42".
examples of, quoted from Scripture,
-128, 448. every, contrary to truth,
429. pretending heresy worst kind of,
43'). metaphor or antiphrasis is not,
448, none is 'just,' 457, 433. no holy
person glories in, 460. one, leads to
another, 4(r3. about religion worst,
4G4, 469. not to be told to save a
soul, 466. rather trust God, 467. put
for sin in general, 467. not less
wicked than lewdness, 468.
Life, eternal, 36. some thought faith
only needful to,37. what required for
entering into, 56, 61, 63. dead faith
will not win, 74. eternal, promised to
baptism and Christian life, not to
either alone, 81. eternal obtained
through remission, 125. this, unhappy
in the necessity of error, 96. when it
begins in man, 137. of the wicked
why prolonged, 238. eternal, not to
be given for temporal, 393, 419. good
here, eternal hereafter, worth pati-
ence, 546.
Lifting nptheiicart,\s by God'shelp, 37.
Light, coeval offspring of fire, 568. real
and pretended, 5b0, strong, not borne
at once, 608. beauty of, a standing
miracle, 615.
Lips, (see Mouth,) have spoken if the

heart has consented, 244.
Literal sense the usual one of the

Epistles, 472.
Liturgy, quoted, 370.
Living after man, is living after the

flesh, 251.
Logicians, their rule that contraries

cannot coexist in one subject, 93.
Lombard, Peter, on relief of future

punishment, 152, noe a.
Lord, The, not greater and lesser, 5C5.
Lot, entertained Angels. 395. his ex-
ample discussed, 395, 443, 445.
excused by perturbation, 445. knew
not his guests to be Angels, 461.
Lot's Wife, type of returning to sin, 80.
Love, act of, invisible, 3, 4. title of,
how applied to The Holy Ghost, 30.
means of our reconciliation to God,
31. Godhead called by some, ib.
whether, be a Substance, 32. to
God and man commanded, 33.
ineffable, in eternal life, 36. of God
cannot stand alone, 51. of God and
man must go together, 56. fulfils
the law, 58, 73. of self required, 16,
63. faith of grace has, (see Grace,)
leads to prayer, 68. shed abroad
by The Holy Spirit, 74. of enemies
a high virtue, 129. of God, His own
gift, 131. of self after the world self-
hatred, 132. of self, after God, 133.

greater than Faith and Hope, 155.
is the measure of goodness, ib. Gospel
and Apostleshangon.aswellasLaw,

157, 194,195. prevailing, expels Inst,

158. perfected hereafter, ib. to an-
other in Christ, ib. of God and man.
Christian character, 186. excludes
fear or desire of the world, ib. if
God, exhibited in the coming of
Christ, 193. incentives to Christian,
ib. of Christ towards man constrains
a return of, illustrated by human
regards, 193, 194, 205. the end of
Christ's coming. 194, also 193. should
always be the end proposed, 195,197,
207. makes works " good," 208. dic-
tates what S. Aug. says, 214. is dif-
ferently affr cted, according to the
object'it addresses, 215. of husband
for wife, Apostohcal argument for,
263. fears ti displease God, 338, 339,
owed to God by virgins, 341. of
Christ, on the part of virgins, 351.
the remedy for pride, 352. of neigh-
bour as self, 393. misdirected, makes
false estimates, 419. rectitude of, the
soul's chastity, 421—3. of God, is
God's gifr, 553. the ground of pa-
tience, 553,557. kindled by The Holy
Ghost, 554. of creature, already in
creature loving, 558. of God, not in
creature unless given, 559. submits
without hope of temporal rewards,
571. onlj way to attain highest good,

Lucan, quoted, 88, 520.

Lucifer, Lnciferians fall with, 184.

Luciferians, do not rebaptize, 183. yet
are cut off through their pride, 184.

Lucretins, error of, about the soul, 587-

Lucus quod non hweat, 448.

Luke, St. gives the Lord's Prayer in
five petitions, 154.

the means by which the body pollutes
the soul, 23. (see Sm.)love prevailing,
expels, 158. the means of Satan's
rule, 161, 2. what is chieflyso called,
246, 247. our enemy, to be resisted,
248. its resistance the business of
man, 249.(see Continence,Sin, Good,
Evil, Flesh, Church.) proved to be
of the soul as much as of the body,
269. how put down, 272. sexual, its
sinfulness, 279,280. definition of,395.

Lying, (see Lie,) more miserable than
erring, 96. defended by Priscillian-
ists, 96, and note i. about the way
of lie inexcusable, 96. not always
worse than error, 97. not sufficient
defence of, that it may be useful,
101. New Testament forbids
strictly, ib.


Maccabees, book of, referred to, 519.

Mailmen, strength of, not healthy,

Magicarts, 268. in bringing up Samuel,

Male and female contrasted, 294.

Malefic,, 469.

Man, (see Christ,) how different from
brutes, 22. body, sonl, and spirit, 33.
good, as a nature, 93. or angel alone
capable of injustice, ib. good and
evil together in, ib. fall of, 102.
corruption of the race, 102, 115.
preserved to be renewed, 103. wrath
of God on the whole race, 107. hope
not to be placed in, 122, 522. not to
glory in his own merits, 144, 160.
every,under condemnation by original
sin, 145. of all kinds saved, and all
that are saved, saved by God's will,
147. would have increased in Para-
dise, 148. created with free-will, ib.
created upright, 160. evil overcome
by, in Christ, 151. four states of,
Nature, Law, Grace, Glory, 166.
heart of, not known to man, 167.
our duty to, revealed, 167. created
tree, 168. learns his place in creation
from Christ, 170. distinguished from
brute by reason, 174. not to be trusted
in, 183. assumed by God The Son,
169,70, and note a. 178.(seeManhood.)
One Person with theW isdom of God in
Christ, 175. assumed in Christ not
merely as in saints, ib. in Christ has
a human spirit, 176. fall of, foreseen,
220. living after, what, 251. (see
Free-will.) image of God in, 564. his
dominion over the creatures, ih.
begins in imperfection, 569. know-
ledge concerning, a part of wisdom,
606. nature of, assumed by God,
613. height he may attain to, shewn
in Christ, ib.

Manes or Manicheeus, (see Manichees.)

Manhood, assumed by The Son, 28.
perfect in Christ, 108. of Christ had
no merit till assumed, 109. assumed
by the Son of God, 170,174. in Him,
loved not the things of time, 170.
perfect in Christ, 174, 176.

Manichees, denied creation, 17- thought
conception unworthy of Christ, 23.
held the sun for a god, ib. their no-
tion of the'raceofdarkness,' 159,162.
ridiculed the- Christian Faith, 159.
their crafty advances, 163. thought
the Holy Ghost came in Manichacus,
181. misunderstood plain Scripture,
ib. their heresy, 265, 257,262,264,
refuted, 262. dismissed, 267. their

saying, 300. their heretical opinion,
305. said the law was not of God,
483. object to believing on authority,
578. their pretence of reason and
learned discussions, 579. their order
of Hearers, 579, 80. refute rather
than prove, 579. their contemptuous
phrases, 580. attack the Old Testa-
ment, ib. think Scripture interpolat-
ed, 683. and how, 584. of what error
they accuse the Cburch, 689. wor-
shipthesun,590. boasted of Faustus,
596. enquire origin of evil, 617.
charges of against Scripture, ib. of
bloodless bodies, but coarse minds,
ib. fables of, 618.

Maniciueus, place claimed for among
Apostles, 584.

Mankind, how they might have multi-
plied had Adam not sinned, 276,

Mansions, many in heaven, 327.

Manual, Christian, what it must con-
tain, 86, 88. size of, limited, 158.

Marriage, (see Divorce, Husband,
Wife,) of the divorced, adultery, 38.
some condemned, 41. others made it
equal to virginity, ih. unlawful, when
so known to be, is adultery, 44. Sa-
crament of, in the Church, 45. Chris-
tian, indissoluble, ib. Roman law al-
lowed this, ib. possession, in good
faith, though wrongful, if not known
so, 45. such must be given up when
discovered, ib. brings temptation to
worldliness, 61. in what case separa-
tion allowed, 64. how to live in, with-
out worldliness, 65. with unbelievers
condemned, 70. by St. Cyprian, 71.
allowed in later times, ib. of Herod,
question about, ib. doubtfully lawful
to be avoided, ib. prevents not origi-
nal sin in the offspring, 115. makes
that venial which were else crime,
133. a remedy against fornication,
ib. forbearing, a spiritual counsel,
157. its end, 268, 269. not re-
garded as unholy by the Fathers,
275. Manichaean view of, ib. a
lower state than virginity, ib. the
first bond of human society, ib. that
of our first parents, holy, 276. Christ
went to one, 277- how a good,
277, 283, 305. intended as well for
help as offspring, 277. of aged per-
sons, 277,278. continence in, praise-
worthy, 278. brings good out of evil,
ib. its uses, 278, 80, 81. its grave
joy, 278. how far certain compacts
deserve the name, 279,80. its abuse,
not the sin of marri age, but of persons,
280. Sacramental, 282,291,295. the
lesser of two goods, 283, 302,320. of

the just, better than the virginity of
the impious, 234. not evil, but good,
283, 84, 298. in what sense it is
"better" not to marry, 285, 292.
was once a duty, ib. no longer a
duty, ib. S. Paul's view of, 286. not
sinful, 286, 295. to be not sinful
must be without excess, 287- holy,
though the partner is unholy, 288.
that looks only to pleasing God, rare,
289. how piously contracted by the
old Fathers, 290, 293, 294,296, 30 j.
cannot be dissolved, except by death,
282, 201, 304. of many wives, al-
lowable once, 292. compared to the
taking of food, 292, 93. was once
contracted with spiritual desire, 294,
306. hard, to use it like Abraham,
301. compared to ordination, 304.
goods of, three, 305. of the old Fa-
thers, holier than virginity now, 306.
summary of S. Aug.'s book on, 308.
how that of the old Fathers must be
regarded, ib. not sinful, but full of
trouble, 318, 319, 320. not even in-
directly condemned by S. Paul, 318,
320, 322. its fruits thirty fold only,
344. of (professed) widows wrong but
valid, 353. ends with the life of either
party, 355. good of, shewn, in that
the bodies of married Christians are
members of Christ, 355. due of, not
to he withheld for fear of temptation,
356. chastity in God's gift, 356,372.
evil of excess in,not of marriage, but
venial through it, 356. ends of, ib.
Sacrament of, ib, second, allowable,
356, 366. second attacked by Mon-
tanists, &c. 357. Body as well as
Spirit, holy in, 357, 8. more desirable
in old Covenant, 359. of Patriarchs,
was for offspring, 360, and so for
Christ's coming, ib. provides against
temptation, 361. not needed when
we may have spiritual children, 361,
380. better than unstable purpose of
widowhood, 361, 2. still good under
the Gospel, 362. desire of, wrong
after vows, ib. not itself then con-
demned, but the breach of vow, 363.
this marked in that 'wishing,' not
'marrying,'is mentioned, ib. in such
case is not adultery, ib. though worse,
364. argument from 'marriage to
Christ' refuted, 363. dissolution of
culpable, leads to real adultery,
364. third or fourth, lawful, though
less worthy, 365. seventh allowed
by our Lord to be marriage, ib. and
not damnable, ib. often repeated,
naturally matter of shame, 366. hard
questions about, 369. ranks below
continence, ib. book 'on the good of,'

ib. of Patriarchs attacked by Fanstus,
ib. holiness of, inferior by reason
of cares, 374. less needful since
the world is perishing, 376. many
in it have to keep continence, ib.
fools should consult the wise about,
607. many have learned to despise,

Married, faithful women are mothers
of Christ, 312. persons in one respect
cannot follow the Lamb, 329. may
be fitter than virgins for Martyrdom,
314. fruitfulness may not vie with
virgin chastity, 312, 315 persons
may follow the Lamb, 329, 349.

Martha and Mary, 284.

Martyr, supposed terms put to a, 397.
no place for, if doctrine may be
denied, 428. makes real gain, 460.

Martyrs, said to die though their souls
die not, 178. their blood nourished
the early Church, 233. not prayed
for at the Altar, 444, memorials of,
523, 539, 542. (see Saints.) care
for others, the living, 523, 528, &c.
prayers to, 523. ashes dispersed, ib.
of Gaul, ib. bodies of, 523, 528.
overcame natural regard for the fate
of their bodies, 527,8. removedfrom
knowledge of earthly things, 538. tor-
menting demons, 540. patience of, in
scorn and pa:n, 548. true, do not kill
themselves, 550. who suffer out of the
Church, 559. effect of their sufferings
on mankind, 616.

Martyrdom, higher than virginity, 346.
often a hidden gift, ib. a thought to
humble virgins, ib. common among
Christians, 615.

Mary, (see Virgin.) the B. Virgin, of
Jewish race, 5. Virgin after Christ's
birth, 6. truly Mother of Christ, 22.
acknowledged by Him as Man on the
Cross, 23. the Blessed Virgin, con-
ceived by Faith, 108. like the
Church, an ever Virgin Mother, ib.
saluted as ' full of grace,' 109. her
question to the Angel, 110. suspected,
ib. conceived Christ in chastitj,
364. holy virgins become like, 370.
Christ born of, 567. Virgin after
His birth, ib. ever Virgin, 487.

Mary, (sister of Lazarus,) 210. and
Martha, 284, 306, 321.

Master, one, to many slaves, 294.
power of over slaves, 446. opposed to
'schoolmaster,' 586. of grammar,

Masters, and servants, 237.

Matrimony, (see Marriage.)

Matter, created, 17. before it received
form, 18. analogies of, hold not in
Godhead, 32.

Matthew, St. gives the Lord's Prayer
in 7 petitions, 155.

Mean, necessity of keeping, 41.

Meats, some held some unclean, 41.

Mechanics, became Monks, 498.

Mediator, a, needed for man, 107,140.
what He must be, 150.

Medicine, what, for all our ills, 170.
taking, implies hope of recovery,

Meditation, in the Law of God, 378.
consistent with work, 493.

Members of sin, how mortified, 270,
271. all members, though differing
in honour, 359.

Memorials of Martyrs, 518,523. prayers
offered there, obtain special bless-
ings, 517, 18,23. buried, 542.

Men, Christians truly so, 513. figure
the ruling principle of the mind,

Mercy, works of, 129, of God prevents
us, 133. of God, free, 144. how far
an excuse for wrong actions, 458,

Merits of man cannot procure salvation,
104. none before grace, 105, 6, and
note d. 555. not to be gloried in as
differing from others, 144. uoneever
without preventing grace, 149. none
to be acquired after this life, 151.

Metaphor, is no lie, 448.

Midwives, Hebrew, quoted for lying,
3S8, 458. were not prophesying,
389, 459. temporally rewarded, 389.
excused as beginners, 410, 458. be-
lieved, as to parents, 605.

Milan, St. Ambrose Bishop of, 597.

Mind, things in, perceived without
sight, 1. of others, not directly per-
ceived, 2, <fcc. begets not, but makes
words, 19. as it were reproduced in
speech, ib. rational spirit called, 22.
sovereign power of, disgraced by bo-
dy's sin, 440. parts of the, how figured,
515. patience a virtue of, 547. wounds
of, 548. incomprehensible to itself,
564. prepared for truth by believing,
602, 610. of the wise brought in con-
tact with God, 612.

Ministers may chance to be very un-

, learned, 202. how they are to be
borne with, ib. sit, in some Churches,

Miracle, spread of the Gospel a, 8.

Miracles and Dreams, admonitory,
197. meant to produce faith, 612.
what are, 614. better than reasons
to impress fools, 613. point out
authority, 614. some more gracious,
some more wonderful, ib. why less
frequent, 615, and note k. witness of
against heretics, 616.

Mistrust of self our security, 251.

Monachism, a holy purpose, 609. S. Aug,
desires its increase, ib.

Monasteries, introduction of, into Car-
thage, 470. good, practise manual la-
bour, 499. indifferent to which one's
property has been given, 605. time
divided for labour and devotion and
study, 510.

Monastery, some may labour others
instruct, 494. by turns, ib. owes a
maintenance to those who have sur-
rendered their property to it, 504.
division of works in, 505.

Monica, St. failed not to visit St. Aug.
every night, 534. would have come
in spirit if possible, 534, 5.

Monks not labouring for their own
support, 470. the work of, occasion
of writing, ib. some wore their
hair long, ib. labouring in spiritual
things, 47). instructing and con-
soling secular persons, ib. a holy
society, 487. had not preached the
Gospel to the heathen, ib. idle, cor-
rupt others, 490. cause scandals,
499. to avoid giving offence, to
labour, and be obedient, 493. eccle-
siastical occupations and teaching
of, 493, 496. life holy and praise-
worthy, 493. employed in prayers,
psalms, reading, and teaching, ib.
their necessities to be relieved by the
faithful, ib. to have leisure through
the gifts of the faithfnl for storing
the mind, ib. aiming at higher de-
grees of holiness, ib. duty of contri-
buting to support, ib. gave all their
time to ecclesiastical learning, 496.
who have been delicately brought up
to be borne with, 497. not Evan-
gelists nor Priests, ib. giving up
their private property, ib. to the use
of the Monastery, 504. persons ad-
mitted without signs of amendment,
498. from class of slaves, peasants,
mechanics, ib. not to admit them a
heavy sin, ib. have become great
and exemplars, ib. idle, condemn
those who work, 499. kept stores of
provisions, 500. might have dressed
provisions, ib. drawing water, ib.
close retirements for prayer, 601, 2.
who have been rich not compelled to
bodily labour, 505. none to be idle, ib.
light works to be found for, ib. chiefly
from the labouring classes, ib. disen-
tangled from secular affairs to please
God, 507, 8. trusting for support iu
labour if able, without, if unable,
ib. called servants of God, 608.
soldiers of Christ, ib. poor of Christ,
604. objects of the Bishop'acare, 508.

hypocritical ami vagrant, pretended
ones, 509. a device of Satan to dis-
credit that life by scandal, 608, 9.
accused of wishing to be maintained
in idleness, 509. to labour to coun-
teract reproach, ib. vagrant, hawking
pretended relics, ib. false stories,
ib. begging, ib. assuming outward
marks of sanctity in dress, ib.
wearing long hair, 512. life preferred
to Bishop's, 510. good ones accused
and unsettled by the idle, 511. idle
ones regarded as more holy, ib. wore
long hair, 513.

Monsters, will rise again with shape
corrected, 137. instance of one in
the East, ib.

Montanists, attacked second marriages,
357. not first, ib.

Mohfinina, Holy Ghost came not in,

Mm nl government of the world, 255.

Mortification of the members, what?
270, 271.

Motes, taught the Name of God, 21.
punished many, through he bore with
sinners, 38. the Law given by, 156.
veil of, 513. appeared after death,

Mothers of Christ, who? 311, 312.

Mouth of the heart as well as of the
body, 244, 245, 247. not to be always
literally taken in Scripture, 246. of
the heart, 412—14. confession with
the mouth required, 437.

Multitude, can shew whom to attend
to, 593, 611, 614. testimony of
followed in common life, 594. must
be led by steps to religion, 601. is
believed concerning Christ, 610.
gathered by Him in the way of
faith, 612. some good in their ac-
knowledging more than they prac-
tise, 615. led by faith to approve
many good things, 615, 16. witness
of, against heretics, 616.

Mumli. Mundani, 185.

Murder, a deadly sin, 70.

Mysteries, holy, words used in cele-
brating, 370.

Mystery in the manner of Jacob's birth,
192, 224. to be borne with, 541.
defence of, not popular, 681. (see


Nabal, David right in sparing, 446.

Naboth, charge against, 449.

Name of God, prayer that it be hal-

lowed, 154. eternal, promised to the
eunuchs, 326.

Nations, (see Multitudes,) blessed in
Christ, 6. come to God by believing,

Nativity, Eternal, of the Son, 668. of
Christ in time, 673.

Naturalists, of the Greeks, their error,

Nature, none contrary to God, 21.
divine and human, in Christ, 22.
every, either divine or created, 90, 1.
every, is good in itself, 91,2. cor-
ruption of, what, 92. of man, re-
ceived grace in Christ, 109. know-
ledge of, not needed for happiness,
90, 94. state of, before the Law,
156. all, is good, 267. lust is a
disease of, 258. wonders of, familiar,

Nazarites, long hair a figure of the
veil of the Law, 513.

Neighbour, who? 238. even an alien
is, 438.

Net, of the Gospel, takes bad and
good, 14, 68.

New Testament, (see Christians,
Scripture.) children in, not under
their fathers' sins, 114.

Novations, against second marriages,
367. dared not speak against first,

Novices, Faith briefly delivered to,

Nuns, holy, deceased, 344.

Nurses, believed as to parents, 606.

Obedience, implies Faith, 56. required
for eternal life, 56, 74. implied in
Faith, 79. of necessity, little good,
168. strengthens hope and nourishes
love, 171. above continence, 302.
implies chastity, 303. unmurmuring,
duty of Monks, 493. the Christian's
work, 569.

Objections, would be made were things
otherwise, 169. various, to our Lord's
doings and sufferings, ib.

Old persons, why they marry, 277.

Old Testament, (see Scripture.)

Olibrins, husband of Juliana, 376, and
note e.

ffpinatio, 604.

Opinion, different from belief, 383.
holds certain what is not so, 384.
distinguished from knowledge and

Pagans, why they hate Christianity,
171. idolatrous heathen so called,
483, 487. opinions of burial, 519.
philosophers, 520. soldiers, ib. poets,
ib. yet in their sins, 676.

Paint, not to be used by women,

Parables, are no lies, 466.

Paradise, happiness of, preparatory to
a higher state, 102,148. was a state
of grace, 149. Adam careless in, 649.
how man forfeited, 551. man deceived
in, 570. vision of, 533. baptism ne-
cessary for admission to, ib.

Parcm, qiwd non parcant, 448, 9.

Pardon, (see Sins,) granted, implies
sin, 286. to what granted by S.
Paul, 286.

Parents, known by testimony, 4. must
not hinder ministry, 23. known to
children by faith, 605, 6. yet love
due to, 606.

Parricide, Catiline, of his country,
545. why worst homicide, 550.

Passion, foretold by same writers as
things now seen fulfilled, 9. in
Jewish Scriptures, 11.

Passions, how attributed to God, 543.

Passover, mysteries implied in, 52.

Past, put for future, 180.

Patience, differs from endurance, 267.
a great gift of God, 543. attributed
to God, ib. in what sense, ib. of
man, 644. defined, ib. relieves from
evils, ib. of God, without passion,
643, 4. in man, what, 544. waits
for good, 544, 547. compared with
worldly endurance, 644, 552. for ill
ends is no patience, 545. truth of, is
in the cause, 546. not like science,
which is of all who know, ib. in mind
and body, 547. shewn,without bodily
pain, ib. of our Lord toward Judas,
548. greatest against Satan's as-

saults, 548, 9. is God's gift, 551, 2.
being from love of God, is from
grace, 563. likens to God, 664. her
words by St. Paul, ib. for Christ in
schismatics how far rewarded, 660.
is it God's gift ? ib. whose 'perishes
not,'661, 2. of Christ, 669. of Job,
670. is not to be for temporal hopes,
670, 1.

Patriarchs, had several wives for off-
spring, 360. marriages of, attacked
by Faustus, 369. fed cattle, 487.
ignorant of what befel the Jews,

Epistles of, 47. preached only Christ
crucified, 50. whom he baptized, ib.
not satisfied with faith without love,
57. his Epistles misunderstood, 58,
62. his preaching from Jerusalem to
Illyricum, 72. his Epistle to the
Romans, 77. never meant to allow
freedom to sin, 78. obtained mercy
from bis ignorance, 80. agrees with
St. James, 126. really gives reason
for not questioning GotPs judgments,
145. good men would not have him go
to Jerusalem, 146. God's will that he
should go and suffer, ib. his warfare,
162. overcame the world, 165. a
spiritual man, ib. Holy Ghost came
notin,181.St.Peter corrected by,184.
391, 2. his counsels and commands
concerning marriage and virginitv,
316,317-what be " spared," 318,320.
the Teacher, 354. 'vessel of elec-
tion,'354. chose the unmarried state
as higher good, 355. rightly allows
second marriage, 357. cared not for
men's praise, 379. yet kept good re-
pute with care, ib. acted no lie in
circumcising, 390. his answer to the
high priest, 410. his oaths, 411,
418, 425. right in not' living of the
Gospel,' 411. used sympathy, not
falsehood, 424. charged by some
with a lie, 425. which would be a
perjury, ib. not compelled by want
to preach, 482. not using his liberty,
476, &c. 484, 6. bearing with the
weak, 483, 4. condescending, not of
craft, ib. sympathising, 483, 4, 6.
becoming all things to all men, 483.
did not feign himself a Jew any
more than a Gentile, ib. is not under
the Law, ib. becoming weak, putting
himself in their place, 484. relieved
by distant Churches, 485. declined
gifts out of sympathy for the weak to
avoid suspicion of venal motives,
484, 5, 6. laboured in temporal as
well as spiritual works, 486, 7. did
not work in any dishonest employ-

moiits, 487. his manual labour, ib.
worked by day aud night, ib. avoid-
ing suspicion of dishonesty, 491. re-
joicing in the liberality of believers,
492. had special times for labour and
teaching, 494. at Troas, ib. at
Athens, 495. possibly did not work
there, ib. could work by night and
day, 496. strong in mind and body,
ib. not receiving support was to
avoid offence, 497, 499. because his
ministry iras among the Gentiles,
497. did not blame thos» who acted
otherwise, ib. did more than he was
obliged to, ib. not contrary to his
Lord, 502. used means for self-pre-
servation, 507. rapt into Paradise,
537. saw Ananias without his con-
sciousness, 540.

Paulinus, St. of Nola, enquiries about
burial, 517. his opinion, 518. dif-
ficulty about prayers for the dead,

Peace, in heaven and earth, 123. a
great' power of godliness,' 183. the
prize of continence, 257.

Peasants, became Monks, 498, 505.

Pelagianism, noted by S. Aug. in
his book on Widowhood, 353, 370
-372. dangerous approaches to, 372,

Pelagians, think patience man's at-
tainment,551. argument of, for free-
will, 552, 3.

Penance, humility of, needed to heal
deadly sin, 70, 81, 125. time for,
appointed, 125. often refused through
weakness, 136. refusal of, con-
demned, 416. done openly in Chnrch,
675. way of remission for the bap-
tized, 576.

Penitents, class of, in the Church, 81.
order of, 675.

Penny, in the parable, 327.

Pentecost, day of, 181.

Peoples and nations, (seeMultitudes,)
our witnesses to Christ, 610.

Perfect, are not even to wish to lie,

Perfecting, good and evil, 260.

Perfection, precepts of, 56, 63. all
should aim at, 130. counsels of,

Perjury, strangely justified by some,
464. none can be allowable, 465.
real though not of truth, 466. feared
even by the adulterous, 468.

Permission, not same as consent, 421.

Persecution, flight from, 507, 8.

Perseverance, need of grace for, 380,

Persian/able of Manichees, 618.

Person, (see Christ,) Divine, each seve-

rally God, 26, 28. distinctiono f41
unity of, in Christ, 111, 12, 19. God
and Man One in Christ, 175.

Peter, St. Epistle of, 47. preached
repentance as well as faith, 47, 60.
some words of, not mentioned, 48.
wrote to correct misunderstanding
of St. Paul, 58, 78. confession of, 69.
preached repentance, 72. erred not
from faith in thinking he saw a
vision, 100. how moved to repent-
ance, 136. called Satan when he
spoke against God's will, 146. his
walking on the water beyond nature,
178. his use of the sword, 182. as
penitent sustains the person of the
Catholic Church, 184. his falls, re-
storation, and martyrdom, ib. The
Rock to be seen in, 185. his example
cited, 300. his shadow raises a dead
man, 231. simulation of, corrected,
390, 452. his denial, 392. justifying
him makes St. Paul a liar, 425. de-
nied only with the mouth, yet sinned,

Pharisee and Publican, 332.

Pharisees, righteousness of, 81. not
saved by alms without faith, 131.
omitted justice while they gave alms,
132. tithed all herbs, i. e. all kinds,

Pharaoh, justly hardened, 144.

Philip, how he baptized, 48.

Philosophers, arguments of, 24.

Phineas, punished adultery, 38.

Physician, hates sickness, loves the
sick, 567. best judge for the sick,

Pity, how attributed to God, 543.

Plagee, 578.

Plato, hidden meanings of, in amorous
writing, 596.

Players, not received to Baptism, 69.

Pleasure, in holy labour, 378. in
worldly occupations, ib. of earthly
things a known motive to natural
will, 558. thought chief good by
Epicurus, 587.

Plural put for singular, 114.

Pontins Pilate, named to mark the
date, 567.

Poor, feeding, for man's praise not good,
440. of Christ, monks so called, 504.
patience of the, 552. long for the in-
heritance, 861, of Christ, to be made
rich, 562.

Possiditts, his life of St. Augustine, 96,
note h, 353.

Posture in prayer increases fervonr,

Pound, the, Csee Dictinius.)

Poverty, of Christ our ensample, 230.

Power of God, The Son called, 18, 19.

Powers, Angels called, 121.

Prayer, The Lord's, owns the Church
a daughter, 7. easy to commit to
memory, 88. lighter sins daily re-
mitted to, 128. teaches forgiveness,
130. is for help as well as pardon,
136. expresses our Hope, 164. ex-
position of, 154—7. number of
petitions in, 154. needed against
temptation, 371. does more than
exhortation, 373. called, 'The
Prayer,' 575. remission of lighter
sins by, ib. to the baptized, 576.

Prayer, sin of infirmity remitted
through, 81. for all sorts of men,
148. of humble perchance saves
the proud, ib. of Proba for her
daughter and granddaughter, 375,
381. spiritual delight in, 377. 8.
helped by alms, 378. of the obedient
heard, 493. interrupted for necessary
labours, ib. for manual labour, ib.
retirement for, 602. posture at, in-
creases fervency, 524. yet is not ne-
cessary to it, 524.

Prayers, to saints, (see Saints.) for the
dead, 344. an universal practice,
517. at the Altar, 519. authority for,
though not in Scripture, ib. in Mac-
cabees, ib. profit of, depends on past
life,518,19. not inconsistent with each
receiving after his deeds, ib. do not
profit all, ib. profitable to the dead,
518,523,542. for the dead to saints,
623, 542. a duty, 523, 6. not to be
pretermitted, ib. for all the faithful
departed, 524. a duty, 542. for our
departed friends especially, ib. that
we may be prayed for in turn, ib.

Preaching, Christ of contention, 39.
the Gospel, reward of, 482. without
necessity rewarded, ib. the Gospel
for support might offend the weak,
484,6. for the sake of a maintenance
wrong, 505.

Precepts, (see Obedience,) extreme in-
terpretations of, 41.

Predestination, 75. unto life, 123, 380.
of the number of saints in each class,

Prelates, preaching of, 436.

Pride, discountenanced by Christ's hu-
mility, 230. and envying, 331. to be
guarded against, ib. of Pelagians,
551. ground of false patience, 552.
Christ born in lowliness to heal,

Priesthood, of the Jews become vile,

Primicerins Notariorum, 85.

Principles, what taught in Baptism,

Priscilla, Holy Ghost came not in, 181.

Prisciltian, (see Priscitlianists,) artful
praise of, 431. himself detected with-
out lies, 436.

Priscitlianists, enquiries of Consentius
about, 382. thought it lawful to deny
doctrines, 426, 438, 451. counte-
nanced by the like practised against
them, 427, 431, 2, 451. examples
quoted by, 428. lies told to detect,
are of worst kind, 430. how a spy
would deal with, 431. some of their
notions,432,3. sin less than Catholics
in blaspheming, 433, 5. anathema-
tise Pi iscillian in pretence, 435. false
martyrdoms of, ib. heresy of, over-
thrown by Catholic Bishops, 435, 6.
God can detect without our sin, 436.
numbers of, ib. might as well be
sought out by lewdness as by lying,
439, 442. exposed by Consentius,

Proba Faltonia, mother-in-law of Ju-
liana, 368, note a. 381. grandmother
of Demetrias, a holy woman, 375.

Probare, 605.

Prcetextatus, reception of, by Donatists,

Profession, (see Vow*,) of continence,
not to be forsaken, 361, 2.

Promises of support do not exclude our
exertions, 507, 508.

Property, question of lying to save,
404, 424. giving up of, a pattern to
us, 503. management of, 607.

PropAfcy,evidence of, conclusive,6—8.
even ior Gospel records, 8 — 10.
of things we see proves things un-
seen, 11. notion of forgery refuted,
ib. Passion foretold in, ib.

Prophetic meaning of Patriarch's care
for burial, 522.

Prophets, many had been slain by the
Israelites, 73. in time of, women
served God by marriage, 360. God's
ancient people a prophet, ib. mar-
riages of, attacked by Faustus, 369.
knew only what God thought fit, 537-
effect of their teaching on multi-
tudes, 616. disobedient, (1 Kings xii.)
punished temporally only, 626, 7.
soul saved, ib. body cared for,

Proud, like birds lifted up, 498.

Providence, not excludingour exertions,
607, 508.

Provision, for the morrow how for-
bidden, 411. to be made for the
future, 502. promised to the able in
working, to the unable without,
507, 8.

Psalmody, a spiritual delight, 377, 8.
no hindrance to work, 493.

Psalms, to be learnt by heart, 493.

Publican and Pharisee, 332.

Punishment, eternal, 11. (see Judg-
ment, Fire, Sin.) supposed tempo-
rary, 76. this not to be promised to
evil livers, 79. of ungodly believed,
not looked for, 88. special, of man,
death, 102. some would have not
eternal, 152. as surely eternal as
reward, 163. may perhaps be merci-
fully mitigated, ib. for sin inevitable,
265. no sin to avoid, 406. not escaped
by assigning a motive, 442. of sin
called ' sin,' 457. future, of suicide,
£50, 51. le*K for schismatics who
suffer for Christ, 560.

Punishments, temporal, given some-
times without eternal, 125. maybe
acts of mercy, 129. degrees of, as of
sin, 140. of reprobate men and angels,
eternal, ib. threatened to correct the
foolish, 585.

Purgatory, (see Fire,) note on St. Au-
gustine's doubtful opinion of, 84.
ignis purgatorius, 128, note 1. St.
Augustine's doubtful opinion of, 152,
and note a.

Purification, (see Legal,) why ordered
under the Law, 297.

Purity, false notions of, 23. need of,
for seeing divine mysteries, 32, 33,
36. pretenders to, really worldly,


Queen, The Church a, 7-
Quick and Dead, who meant by,

Rahab, not approved for lying, 458.
how she might have avoided it, 460.

Reading, false, making Christ to have
'wrought siu,' 113. spiritual delight
in, 377, 8. pursued to the neglect of
doing what is read, 494. profits
through doing what is read, ib. more
time than is good may be given to,
ib. three kinds of error in, 587.

Reality of Christ's flesh, 264.

Reason, office of, in religion, 86, 87.
use of, makes responsible, 124. given
by St. Paul when he seems only to
rebuke, 146. souls possessed of, how
placed, 167. natural, teaches how to
deal with things below us, ib. dis-

tinguishes man from brute, 174.
Manichees would prove all by, 678,
592. pretenders to, should not de-
scend to commonplace arts, 680. not
enough to keep men from sin, 585.
why not to be followed before faith,
698. good if to be had, but not to be
had for all, 601. why those capable
of, should believe first, ib. we owe to
it what we understand, 604. least of
all able to master religion, 606. what
is rightly done proceeds from, 607-
right, is virtue, ib. faith prepares
for, 609.

Red Sea, a figure of Baptism, 51. no
creed giveu before, ib. implies re-
pentance, if passover implies faith,

Refuge, is one seeking, to be saved by
a lie? 388, 393, 405.

Regeneration, by the Holy Spirit, 31.
laver of, some would give before
change of life, 37. appointed, because
our generation was corrupted, 115.
Christ alone needed not, ib. not con-
ferred in John's baptism, 116. none
free from condemnation without, 117.
remission of sin in, 124. is in order
to pleasing God, 131. in Baptism,
258. had we no other birth we should
not sin, 467. prayer for, for Cate-
chumens, 576.

Relics of martyrs (or pretended ones)
hawked about, 609.

Religion, search after true, implies care
for the soul, 592. supposed case of
ignorance of, ib. use of testimony of
many in, 593. free and popular,
though few perfect in, 696. autho-
rity needful in, 598. wrong to deliver,
to the unworthy, 600. yet we tr jst
those who come to learn, 600, 602.
most men need steps to, 601. two
classes of men praised in—those who
have, and who seek the truth, 602, 3.
three blamed, 603. faith specially
needed for, and why, 606. search
for true, presupposes belief in God,

Remission of sins, 33. not for the un-
forgiving, ib. of sin, likeness of
Christ's Death, 117. of sins, our
faith concerning, 124. granted in
the Church alone, 126. not without
amendment, 128. of lighter sins by
prayer, ib. requires forgiveness on
our part, 129. of all sins in the
Church, 184.

Repentance, required an well as faith,
47. some make of unbelief only, ib.
a first principle, 52. required for
John's baptism, 55. remedy for sin
after Baptism, 114. sin after Baptism

healed by, ib. measured by sorrow
rather than by iime, 125. necessary
to salvation, 128. measures of, ib.
in God, 543. of God without error,
Report, good, duty of keeping, 379.
evil, if not incurred by fault, no loss,
Restoration, o{ branches cut off, 183, 4-
Resurrection, of Christ, prophesied, 9.
of the dead, part of same prophecy
with things we see, 11. asserted by
Apostles, 12. of the body, real, 15,
34. an article of faith, 24. man
changed in, 25. preached by St. Paul,
50. of judgment means damnation,
75, 76, 119. Saints to be made equal
to Angels in, 104. of Christ, imitated
in Baptism, 113,118. of Christ, fore-
shews ours, 130. of the body, our faith
concerning, 136, &c. is of all men,

136. question of abortions, 136, 7.
what is wanting may be supplied in,

137. of monstrous births, ib. diffi-
culties raised about it, 138. question
of stature, 139. of the wicked to pu-
nishment, 140. questions about, ib.
Kingdom of God comes in, 154. how
not of' flesh and blood,' 159, 60. of
Christ, a remedy for fear, 170. of
Christ, in the same body that was
buried, l-f8. of the flesh, 185. a not
incredible mystery, 234, 240. of the
body, 515. without death, our prize,
569, 70. of Christ, gives hope, 669,
576. Lazarus died after, 570, 576.
of the flesh, 576.

Retreat of monks, for prayer, 501, 2.
Revelations, by visions, 532, 633. to

Prophets partial, 637.
Revenge, forbidden to Christians, 129.
Reward, of Christian soldier, 379. of

evangelizing, 482.
Rhadamanthus, fable of, 587.
Rhetoric, learned from the few whom

the many acknowledge, 593, 4.
Rhone, ashes of martyrs thrown into

the, 523.
Rltyming terminations, 643.
Rich, the, humbled before the Church,

7. healed of pride in becoming poor,

503. men, became monks, 604, 6.
Riches, loved, though well used, a loss,

64. desire of, condemned in widows,

377, 8. what men will suffer to gain,

644. of God, 552.
Right ear, cut off, what it means,

182, 3.
Righteousness, actual, of Christians to

exceed Pharisees', 81. man may

live in, here by faith, 156.
Right Hand of God, what meant by,


Sabbath, St. Paul discoursed in the
Synagogue on the, 495. not for Chris-
tians, 586.

Sabellianism, 20, 41. guarded against,

Sacrament of marriage, 282, 291, 295,
304. of ordination, 304.

Sacramento, 453.

Sacraments, not marred by presence
of the bad, 42. not to be trusted
in without obedience, 83. good and
evil partook of, 79. benefit of, regards
the life to come, 126. applied for
by Catechumens, 199,202,210, 225,
237. note (where add to the references
Bingham Antio. X. II. §. 16.) of
New Law, supersede the old, 391.
Truth intimated in, 422

Sacrifice, needed for man, 107. under
the Law a shadow of that of Christ,
107, 123. of Christ redeemed man,
122, 3. reconciled him to holy
Angels, 123. of Christ for sin, 112.
sacrifice called sin, ib. of the Medi-
ator offered in the Church, 161. of
the Altar profits not the wicked after
death, ib. (some perchance to lesser
punishment, 152.) for sin, called sin,

Sacrifices, legal, not for Christians,

Saddncees, our Lord's answer to, 365.

Saints, Church daily renewed in, 7. to
rise equal to Angels, 104. do not
desire to be worshipped, 120. live
without crime, 124. Bodies of, to
be raised perfect, 139. mercy and
judgment cleave to, hereafter, 141.
the Church made up of, 176. not so

assumed as Christ, ib. to be at God's
right hand, 179. why their example
is proposed to us, 199. ancient, were
saved by a prospective faith, 219,
223. were members of the Christian
Church, '.24. understood the Types,
225, 229. in heaven cannot sin, 256,
260. differ in merits, 327. in glory,
327. and joy, 328. number of to be
completed, 380. of Old Testament
acted prophecy, 389, 451, 2. of New
Testament do not lie, 390, 423, 452,
3. not to be imitated in faults, 392.
of New Testament surest examples,
410, 452. prayers to, 538. prayers to
profitable, 518,523, &c. patrons, 523.
memorial chapels of, 518, 523. to be
remembered, 523. merits aid the
souls of the departed, 524, 539.
intercession of, 538. may be general,
ib. for those who pray to them, ib.
interposition of extraordinary, ib.
how they aid us mysterious, ib.
through God's sending Angels, ib.
memorials of, the special places for
obtaining their aid, 539. patience of
is as their love, 553. of Old Testa-
ment saved by grace through faith,
556, 7. general effect of their ex-
amples, 616.
Sallusi, referred to, 645.
Salt, given to Catechumens, 237, note.

(see Sacrament.)
Salvation, through fire, (see Fire.)
faith and love needful for, 57, 58.
error of promising to baptism without
obedience, 83. of a soul, supposed
case of lying for, 466, 7.
Samuel, apparition to Saul, opinions on,

537. prophesying when dead, ib.
Sanctimoniales, 352.
Sanctity, how in sense connected with
'sanction,' 31. treated of, 352. higher,
sought in separation from the world,
Sarah, her example cited, 301. an ex-
ample to wives, 358. denied her
laughing,38^. truly called Abraham's
sister, 448.
Satan, some delivered to, 39. trans-
formed as an Angel of light, 122.
brought low after his pride, 511.
tempts through or without instru-
ments, 548, 9. hurt not Job but by
God's power, 549. tempted Job, as
Adam, by woman, 549, 570. fell by
his own will, 558. exorcised from
children, as the original of sin,
564. (see Exorcism.)
Saul, blasphemed in ignorance, 466.
Saul (King,) those who buried him

praised, 528. seeing Samuel, 537.
Scales of charity, 351.

Scandals to be avoided, 515, 16.
Scars of Christ, 351.
Schism, of Donatus, 41. some abide in,
through shame, ib. may arise from
attempts at purity, 82. a breach of
charity, 559.
Schismatics, claim the name of
Churches, 33. are not of the Church,
as wanting charity, ib. are slaves,
and have their right ear cut off, 182.
School, tempting discussions in, 579.
Schoolmaster, the Law a, 586.
Scipio Africanus, 504. his daughter

portioned by the state, ib.
Scripture, Holy, (see Texts.) sometimes
names inseparable things separately,
56. misinterpreted, 68. plain truths of,
not to yield to uncertain expo-itions,
60,62. testifies frequently against sin
with knowledge, 80. question what
may be learned from, about hereditary
punishment, 115. agrees not with
those who think all the baptized are
saved, 126. may teach more on en-
quiry, 128. teaches man not to glory
in himself, 144. passages of, put for-
ward by Manichees, 163, 4. our only
evidence for some things, 176. uses
past for future, 180. clear, misun-
derstood by Manichees, 181. how to
be discoursed on, 191. the two
Testaments compared, 195. frame
of mind of those who read aright, ib.
(see Jacob:) a better guide than
signs, 197. its interpretation, 202,
238. use of its dark sayings, 202. its
letter and spirit like soul and body,
202. statements all true, 319, 321.
forbids being over wise, 354. wrested,
481. to be learnt by heart, 493.
practice of the whole Church of
authority for what is not written in,
519. cannot deceive, 559. creed
scattered about in, 563.
Scriptures, copies of, in hands of Jews,
11. use of, to strengthen believers,
16. not self-contradictory about cre-
ation, 18. heathen know not, 24.
mistaken by heretics. 28. precepts in,
both of peace and of severity, 42.
silence of, not always conclusive, 72.
must be believed in things beyond
experience, 87. justly called divine,
ib. men soften, not daring to oppose,
152. of the Old Testament often
figurative, 389. records of, ordered by
the Spirit, 389. why contain exam-
ples as well as precepts, 409, 10.
forbid every lie, 423. not to be
tampered with, 425. knowledge of
praised, 427. true interpretation of, to
be urged, 451. three methods to be
used with, 451, 2. (see Testament.)

of Old Testament attacked by Mani-
chees, 580. why hard to defend, 681.
four fold sense of, 682. thought by
Manichees to be interpolated, 683.
partial use of, 586. how to deal with,
686, 591. three suppositions about,

688, 689. which really in question,

689. Church's belief about, 690.
interpretation of, not to be sought
from enemies, ib. falsely charged
with absurdity, 694. testimony of
mankind to, ib. believed on the
Church's testimony, 611. folly of con-
demning uninterpreted, 616.

Seasons, a standing miracle, 615.
Secular judgments imposed on Bishops

by Apostolical injunction, 510.
Sedes, dwellings called, 573.
Senators, became Monks, 506.
Senses, source of some knowledge, 87.

sometimes deceived, 99. one stopped

supplied by another, 377. some would

receive nothing but from, 578. things

known by, known without having,

608. Now known by multitudes not

to perceive God, 615.
Septivira, 363.
Sertnon on the mount, 331.
Serpent, who are the food of, 161.
Servants of God, Monks so called,

Session, of Christ at God's right hand,

25. (see Christ.)
Seventh age, will he an age of rest,

Sexes, both honoured in the Incarnation,

22. both honoured by Christ, 177.

how undistinguished in Christians,

Shame, natural, is against often-repeat-
ed marriage, 366.
Side by side, the walk of the married,

276. .
Sick, may they be deceived for their

health ? 388. object of love and hatred

to physician, 557.
Sickness of the soul, what. 258.
Sight, arrived at by living well, 87.

absence of, common to Faith and

Hope, 89.
Signacula, 422.
Signs, not known without the thing,

607, 8.
Singularity, of things that stand chief,

Silence, may involve betrayal, 407,

Similes, easy weapons to find, 580.
Simon, bis example cited, 342.
Sin, (see Baptism, Faith, Remission,)

all have, in this life, but not all

alike, 33. remission of, ib. reigns

by habit, not nature,34. all, cornea of

love of the world, 51. against the
Holy Ghost, 66. none should think
he has not, in this life,8l. differences
of, ib. some remitted through daily
prayer, ib. must be forsaken by those
who would be saved, 60. three sins
ailowed deadly, 70. others thought
to be atoned by alms, ib. doubtful
even, to be avoided, 71. past, remitted
in Baptism, not future, permitted, 72.
persevered in, parts from God, 74.
God willing to pardon, on repentance,
ib. wilful, worse than unbelief, 76.
abiding in, after Baptism is like re-
turning to, 80. worse with knowledge
than without, ib. worse to do than to
suffer, 96. this life not past without
some, 101. original, in all naturally
propagated, 102. original, why not
in angels, 103. free-will lost by, 105.
slavery to, ib. guilt of original, taken
away by regeneration, 108. man jus-
tified from, by same grace whereby
Christwas without sin, 109. original,
Christ far from, 112. Christ sacrificed
to wash away, ib. Himself hence
called ' sin," ib. Christ falsely said to
have 'wrought,' 113. of Adam in-
cluded many sins, 1S4, 15. several
specified, 114. after Baptism healed
by repentance, ib. original not barred
by wedlock, 116. taken away through
Christ only, ib. came by one, taken
away by One, 116. least punishment
where none but original, 140. degrees
of, ib. all remitted in Baptism, 124.
not every, a crime, ib. great, may be
pardoned on repentance, 125. pu-
nished in this life, though remitted
for the future, ib. persisted in ex-
cludes from the kingdom, 126. alms
help remission of, 128. Christ took
away more than Adam brought in,
116. original, of itself condemns,
106, 144. Christians dead to, 117. of
infirmity remitted to daily prayer,
128. against the Holy Ghost, 136.
not pardoned while loved, 132. shared
by permission, 135. is of ignorance
or of weakness, ib. not overcome
without God's help, ib. to be weighed
by God's judgment, 133. some venial,
ib. somebeavier than we might think,
134. come to be thought little of by
habit, ib. knowledge of, through the
law, 155, 6. sole cause of our weak-
ness, 168. how man shoul feel con-
cerning, 218. remitted to the faithful
in Baptism, 268. spiritual men not
exempt from, 266. is lusting against
Christ, ib. venial and deadly, 281,
285. from which we are spared, is
forgiven, 341, 350. none are free

from, 347. creeps on a man, 348.
not justified by comparison, 389. not
to be committed to save life, 393, &c.
not to be screened by falsehood, 404.
all, is spoken by the heart, 414. con-
fession of required, 416. wrongly es-
timated by carnal men, 419. some
less violent as bad as murder, 420.
slight, is no sin if to avoid something
wrong to allow, 421. of others not to
be prevented by onr own, 423, 444.
not to be done to detect sin, 427.
against conscience, 434. not justified
by motive, 441. yet made less, 442,
458. venial not allowed, 443. alterna-
tives of, 443, 447. of ignorance or
infirmity, 447,4"59,485. none can be
'just,' 457. sacrifice called, 457.
forgiven for subsequent good works,
458. remitted through alms, ib. comes
of our earthly birtb, 467. is the sting
of death, 468. impossible to God, 564.
original in children, ib. law made to
restrain fools from, 585. every action
not rightly done is, 607.

Singing at work, 493.

Singular, put for plural, 113.

Sinner, to protect a, is not to aid sin, 405.
not to be despaired of, 405. unknown
as it were to Christ, 454.

Sinners, are earth, the devil's food, 161.
pnnished though good come of their
deeds, 167. many compared with the
number of the good, 221. learn hu-
mility of Christ, 336.

Sins, put for sin in infants, 113, 14. of
parents visited on children in the old
covenant, 114. question how far this
law extends, 115. we commit, here,
and here ask remission of, 154. con-
fession of, 350. forgiveness of, in
Baptism, 575. none to be despaired
of, ib. those we cannot live withont
are venial, ib. lighter, remitted by
daily prayers, ib. warning against
such, as cut off, ib. penance done for
greater, ib. remitted three ways in
Church, ib. all imply Baptism, ib.
Catechumens still under, 576.

Sister, a near kinswoman truly called,

Sitting in Churches, 210. at the right
hand of God, what, 513.

Six ages, to precede an age of rest, 219.
defined by S. Augustine. 228, 29.

Sixty-fold-frniti of widowed life,

Slaves, many, but one master, 294. freed
to become Monks, 498. trusted by
masters, 602.

Sleep, abstinence from, 545.

Smoke, Manichean notion about, 618.

Society, founded on faitb, 5.

Sodom, type of the state of sin, SO.
justified in comparison of Israei,
389. Lot's conduct in, 395, 443, 5.
men of, smitten with blindness, 461.

Soldiers of Christ, Mouks so called,
508. mark of, not repeated after de-
sertion, 576.

Solomon, commanded to build God a
temple, 57*. built of earthly materials,

Son, The, (see Word, tf-c.) anointed by
The Father, 6. God made all things
by, 18. Only-begotten, called the
Word, ib. not made, 19. nor begot-
ten in time, 20. nor unequal, ib.
Light of Light, 21. is God, 26.
Image of the Father, 28. hath Being
of the Father, ib. thought unequal
by heretics mistaking Scripture, ib.
owes to The Father the being equal
to Him, 29. meaning of the term
illustrated by examples, 111, of
God uncreate, 173. no creature
though He suffered in the flesh,

177, 8. only assumed the creature,

178. said to suffer because His hu-
manity suffered, ib. of God is God,
565. of man is man, ib. of God is
Almighty, ib. why Only Son, ib.
has one wili with the Father, ib.
doth what He will, 666. One God
with the Father, ib. doth all the
Father doth, 567. of God suffered
and died, 567, 8. begotten before all
times, 568.

Song of the Three Holy Children,

Sons, (see Mankind.) sons by adoption
as well as nature, 112. sons of hell
and the kingdom, ib.

Soul, (see Spirit,) how defiled by the
body, 23. definition of, 34. part of,
resists the spirit, 34. should obey
the spirit, ib. death and corruption
of, 35. intermediate state of, 151.
intercession for, ib. sacrifice and alms
for, ib. sickness of, hinders taste if
God's sweetness, 168. a, assumed by
the Eternal Truth, 174. acts in the
head especially, 175. may be defiled
though the tongue is not moved, 244.
meaning of, in Scripture, 252. pnrity
of, more than that of the body, 394,
422,3. Friscillianists in error about,
432,3. is what we keep by patience,
546,7. Lucretins says the, isof atoms,
687. good of, sought in religion,
592. liable to error, 592. seems made
to know truth, 697. filthy, cannot
use reason, 614.

Souls, infant, what food for, 680. pure,
God dwells in, 590. of the faithful
departed, at rest, 622, 525, 6. bene-

fitted by prayers, 518, 523. obtain
the resurrection of the body, 523.
rest of, not affected by the condition
of the body, 620—26. nor by the
events of the world, 635, 36. (see
Dead.) some, free from all suffering,
536. some souls suffering, ib.

'Spare you,' meaning of the phrase,
318, 320, 322, 23.

Specimen of how S. Augustine cate-
chized, 215-237. another, 238-242.

Spectacles of a brutal tind, denounced,

Speech, true, produces an image of the
mind, 19. inward, heard by God, 413.

Spirit, Holy, the Apostles filled with,
12. Son of God born by, 22. not in-
ferior, 26. His peculiar property not
yet fully discussed, 29. called The
Gift, ib. not begotten of The Father,
ib. nor the Son's Son, ib. hath the
Being of the Father, 30. double pro-
cession of, 30, n. why called 'Sane-
tus,' 31. faith and good-will first-
fruits of, 34. perfection of, to follow
God, ib. Christ the Head of, ib.
of love, won by earnest faith, 73.
asked and received, 74. sheds
abroad love, ib. grace of, sets us free
from condemnation, 77. refusal of,
after Baptism lets in Satan, 80. The,
called Holiness, 172, 3. is no crea-
ture, nor inferior to The Son, 173.
union of Father and Son in The, ib.
His appearance in the form of a
dove, 176. why not born of a
dove, 177. all things made known to
Apostles by, 180. came not in St.
Paul, Montanus, or Manichaeus,
131. coming of, clearly marked in
Scripture, ib. foretaste of God by,
168. inebriation by, ib, givesliberty,
182. called the 'Finger of God,'
225. continence the gift of God's, 253.
signified by men's actions what they
knew not, 389. heareth all things,
413. the fire of Divine Love, 654.
hence the source of patience, 554,
557. cousubstantial and coequal,
573, 4. called ' Love,' 674. God, as
dwelling in Temple, ib. said to have
come in Manichipus, 584.

Spirit, God is a, 31. rational, dis-
tinguishes men from brutes, 22.
assumed by The Son, ib. body sub-
ject to, spiritual, 24, spirit and soul
named in one, 33. is rational part
of soul, ib. brutes have not, ib.
and flesh, their union, 263. their
opposition, 266, 7. of man, not to
be elated or indiscriminating, 359.
unclean, makes an evil will frantic,

Spiritual, preferable to human kindred,
309. and carnal things mutually
supplied, 492.

Spiritual desire of the old Fathers,
293, 296, 306.

Spy, supposed practice of, 431, 2.

Spies, (see Rahab.)

Standing in Church, 210.

Stars, devils are not in region of,

Statue, recast, like the body rising,

Stephanas, household of, baptized by
St. Paul, 60.

Steward of the Church must have one
wife, 295.

Stewards, trusted though slaves, 602.

Stoics, wrong in making all sins equal,

Stone tables of the Law represent the
Jewish heart, 225.

Studiousness, matter of praise, 598, 99.

Substance, Divine, not to be thought
of as material, 27. numerical unity
of, 28, n. unity of, 28, 41. whether
Godhead is, 32. Holy Spirit is, ib.
every thing in God is, ib. not to be
judged of as if bodily, 172. unity of,
in God, 133. none but what God
begot or created, 618.

Succession, Apostolic, 616.

Suffering, for good faith and humanity,
praiseworthy, 408.

Sufferings, endured for worldly objects,
644. (see Patience.)

Suicide, threat of, may not move us to
sin, 393, &c. Job's example against,
650. of Donatists,ib. not even Job's
wife suggested, ib. worse than par-
ricide, ib. false claim of martyrdom
by, 551.

Sun, adored as a god, 23. rays of, not
defiled by what they touch, ib. devils
are not in region of, 162. rays of,
pure, though shining through filth,
174. surpasses, not chides, the stars,
359. weak eyes cannot gaze on, 467.
creation of the, 664. temple not
to be built to, 574. worshipped by
Manichees, 590.

Supererogavit, 457.

Supererogation, 330.

Superstition, in observing times sinful,

Surgeons, men hear pain from, for
good, 546.

Susanna and Anna, 284, 306, 320,321.

Suscipere, 607.

Suspiciousness, what is, 598, 99.

Swearing, instances of, in New Testa-
ment, 411. all' cometh of evil,' 418.
rash, of David, 445. false, excused
by some, 464.

Sword, spiritual, takes the place of
visible, 38. put for evil tongue,

Symbol, (see Creed.) form of, delivered
in Baptism, 71.

Table, of the Lord, preparation for,

Talentt, parable of, 68.

Talking, lust of, leads to lying, 402, 3.

Tamar, falsehood of, not to be imitated,

Tares, in God's field, 41,2. such as
contemn correction, 45. sowing of,
to baptize the unreformed, 66. mixed
with wheat in the Church, 81, 2.
borne with till harvest, 548.

Teacher, The, St. Paul called, 364.
worth travelling to find, 694.

Teaching, all implies some faith, 593.
multitude mav shew where to find,
694,611. Catholic, origin of, 598.
ordinary way of, uses belief, 606.
all requires a master, 616.

Temple, (see Church,) human image
of God not to be placed in, 25.
Christian heart a, ib. for God only.
674. Holy Ghost hath, ib.

Temptation, (see Prayer,) counsel
against, from the aged, 375. hope of
gratification a, 377-

Tempting God by not avoiding danger,

Terentianus Maurus, not to be read
without expositors, 694.

Tertullian, unwisely attacks second
marriage, 357- dared not condemn
first, ib.

Testaments, two, signified by Abra-
ham's sons, 410. Old, food for infant
souls, 580. agrees with New, 582,
586. passages that seem to condemn
it, 585. veil of, removed, 586. what
the charge against, 589. St. Au-
gustine's belief about, 590. St. Am-
brose's exposition of, 597. charges
brought against, 617.

Testimony,(see Belief, Faith,') parents
known by, 4. trusted in human af-
fairs, ib. of the multitude how use-
ful, 693, 4.

Texts, a hard one in Genesis i.,
276. in the Colossians illustrated,
270. quoted by the Manichees met
by others, 262. quoted against the
Manichees, 264.

Thabenna, Honoratus Bishop of, 577.

Thagasta, Firmcs, Bishop of, 406, 7.

Theatre, applause of, courted by poets,

Theatres, (see Spectacles,) by whom
frequented, 236.

Thecla, mentioned, 344.

Theft, not lawful because useful, 101.
from rich not lawful, 403. though to
feed the poor, 441. is 'from the
mouth' of the heart, 414. some think
too much of, as compared with sins
of luxury, 420. is less sin than lewd-
ness, 442, 3. one worse than another,
442, 3.

Thigh, signification of putting the hand
under, 297.

Thirty-fold fruit of marriage, 344,5.

Thought, sins of, 244,246. goes before
works, 246, 47. sin of thought, 244,
46. of intention, 246. cannot go un-
punished, 255. a mystery, 255, 56.
why man is free to, 256. though not
practiced remains to be mortified,
271. beautiful picture of purity in,

Thought and language contrasted, or
remarked upon, IS9, 203, 205.

Three Holy Children, the, 352. their
song, ib.

Time, shifting course of, 376. to be set
apart for labour, 493. for learning
Scripture by heart, ib. Christ is
before all, 568.

Times, specially assigned to different
employments, 494, 5. change of,

Timothy, St.his example cited,298. cir-
cumcised by St. Paul, 390, 91. to
keep strength for bodily work, 488.

Tithes, paid by the Pharisees, 132.

Titus, St. not circumcised, and why, 391.

Tobias, commended for burying the

Tongue, the, a member, and its words
acts, 440. not to be yielded to sin,

Torture, to obtain testimony, 406, 645.
question of lying to escape, 407. to
be borne with love, 410.

Trades, honest, practised by St. Paul,
487. honestly practised, good, ib.
manual, suitable to preachers, 488.

Tradition, explains some things implied
in Scripture, 49.

Trance, vision in, 632. for several
days, ib.

Transfiguration, beyond nature of
body, as what Christ did when risen,

Travel, in search of instruction, 694, 5.
to Holy Land, 695.

Tribulation, attends marriage, 318,

Tribute, why paid by Christ, 227.
Trinity, The Holy, One God,26,32,


41. signified by 'of,'

'through,' 26, 32. not Three Gods,
27, 32. illustrated by Fountain,
Kiver, and Draught, and by Root,
Trunk, and Boughs, ib, faith in,
required in Baptism, 72. doctrine of
The, 90. works of, ascribed to the
Holy Ghost, 111. doctrine of The,
172. silent contemplation of the mys-
tery, one of the joys of heaven, 235.
doctrine of The, 573, 4.

Tritheitm, 172.

Troas, breaking bread at, the Eu-
charist, 494,6.

Troubles, (see Tribulation.)

Truth, The Son called The, 18. Holy
Ghost leads to, 31. beauty of, 96.
spoken with lying intent is a lie, 97.
not to be despaired of, 99. none can
know ,whileliving wickedly, 172. The,
may not be thought to have lied,
178. knowledge of, to be increased
as we grow in love, 186. of every
statement in Scripture, 319. excess
in loving, safer, 383. may be spoken
in order to deceive, 385. comprises
every eternal good, 395. eternal,
distinguished from ordinary, 403,
419, 421. notion of keeping ' in the
heart,' 412, 13, 438. love of, allows
not false witness, 417. must be in
the mouth for man, 417, 428. in
doctrine injured by a lie, 421. union
with the Eternal, ib. intimated in
words and Sacraments, 422. may be
preferred to every thing external,
422, 463. not to be wronged in de-
fending it, 427. every lie contrary to,
429. to be kept with those without,
438. some to be concealed from
aliens,439. nothing against it 'just,'
457. children of the Church, chil-
dren of, 460. provoked by systema-
tised falsehood, 464. supremacy of,
involuntarily acknowledged, ib. can-
not teach lying, 465. defended by
examples of chastity, 466, 7. as the
sun, gives chastity her light, 467.
weak eyes see not beauty of, ib. what
He says of Himself, 567. St. Aug.'s
early love of, 578. not measured by
senses, ib. easy to claim, hard to
find, ib. belief prepares for behold-
ing, 678,581,610. search after, 592,
&c. suppose claimed by some, 593. if
with few, hard to find them, 593, 4.
itself believed by the blessed, 605.
lovers of, believe authority, ib. op-
posed by attacking science or faith,
ib. why made hard to discover, 608.

God is, 612. state of mind needful
for seeking, 618.

Tullius, (see Cicero.)

Tumult, speech of the heart called,

Twins, often taken for each other, 99.

Type, the ark a type of the Cross, 222,
239. the " sacrament of the flood,"
ib. the flood exhibits the final judg-
ment: the ark, the Church: Noah
and his family the setting free of the
saints, 222. Jacob, a type in the
manner of his birth, 192, 224. the
Jewish people clearly prefigured the
future Church of Christ, 223. the
flood, and the crossing the Red sea,
a type of baptism, 224. Moses' rod
a type of the cross, 224. the passover
typical of Christ's passion, 224, 225.
the Jewish Law all typical, 225.
understood by the ancient saints, ib.
the land of promise full of typical
teaching, 226. Babylon typical,
226, 227. the 70 years' captivity
typical, 227. the old Law and Pente-
cost, a type of the new, 231. appli-
cation of the Three Holy Children,
352. woman, of what, 575.

Typical, meaning of many wives, 296.
one wife, ib. view of impurity, 297.

Unbelief, not the only sin of the Jews,
73. leaves men without an advocate,
76. may be spared if impenitence
may, 76.

UncAastity, a deadly sin, 70. manifest,
if continued in, a bar to baptism, ib.

Uncircumcision not to be feigned, 483.

Unclean, who are, 131.

Understanding, quick, God's gift, 566.
faith goes before, 666. distinguished
from belief and opinion, 603. is by
reason, 694. now known by multi-
tudes to be the way of knowing God,

Unions, three spoken of by the Apostle,

to illustrate, 28, n. of the Church,
broken by some in hasty zeal, 41.
'power of godliness' lies much in,
183. in Godhead illustrated by that
of souls united, 565. but imperfectly,
since they are still many, 666.

Unity of communion, how severed, 201.

Unmarried, may mean widows, 354,
persons,'think of things of the Lord.'

357' should give Christ what they
reserve from a consort, 3"4. exhorted
to forbear marriage, 380.
Unwilling continence estimated, 334.


to conjugal faith, 355. goodness of,
makes not marriage evil, 356. of
children, a compensation to parents,
361, 368. forsaking, after profession
is sinful, 361, 2. of the Church, 364.
hard questious about, 369. rank of,
ib. St. Aug.'s book on, 369, 381.
vow of recommended, 375, 4. of
St. Mary ever enduring, 287.

Virgins brought to Christ every where,
7. all holy ones are Mothers of
Christ, 311. rich, how they may give
birth to members of Christ, 313.
distinguished from sacred Virgins,
314, no " command1' concerning,
316. have peculiar joys in heaven,
327,328. follow the Lamb, 328,329.
need humility, 331. unfeigned, 344.
their grounds for loving God, 340,341.
may be less fit than married women
for martyrdom, 344. humbled by the
thought of martyrdom, 346. en-
couragement to, 350. cautions to,
ib. should love the fairness of Christ,
351. must spend their love on Christ,
ib. ought to love greatly, 362. dis-
tinguished from the * unmarried,'
354. included under the term, 365.
before widows in the kingdom, 374.
special song of, 375.

Virtue, what patience is a, 544. in-
struments of, not to be yielded to
vice, 646.

Virtues of the soul may exist unseen
in habit, 298, 299.

Visible and invisible creation, 564.

Visions, sometimes mistaken for reali-
ties, 99. caused by Angels, 121. of
the waking, 632. (see Apparitions.)
in trances, ib. (see Apparitions.) of
the unseen world, 533.

Volusianus, letter of S. Aug. to, 188.

Vow, freely made, makes what was
lawful unlawful, 357. wrong to desire
to revoke, 362. marriage after, is not
adultery, 363, 4. but yet is worse,
364. of continence recommended,
373. a protection, 377. marriage to
Christ by, 363. more laudable be-
cause not required, 364.

Vows of continence, 330.

Valentinian, St. Ambrose on death of,
141, note p.

Veil of Scripture, 195. of Moses, of the
Nazarite, 513. done away in Christ,

Veil*, men not to wear, 514. why, 516.

Vengeance, less kingly than forbear-
ance, 647, 8.

Venial, (see Sm.)

Ventilare, 685.

Vice can use the instruments of virtue,

Vine, Christ compared to, 575.

Violence, not consented to, corrupts not,
394, 446. lying to escape, wrong,
394. not to be evaded by sin, 397.
one suffering, should refuse pleasure,

Virgil, quoted, 89, 91, 94, 99, 113.
619, 587, 595. a better poet than
Lucan, 89. grammarians expected
to find good sense in, 591. Alexis in
Bucolics of, some expound allego-
rically, 695.

Virgin, (see Mary.) God most fitly
born of a, 6. birth of a, not Christ's
only distinction, 185, how we know
Christ was born of a,175,6. blessed,her
perpetual virginity, 229. the blessed,
384. the blessed, a type and pattern,

309. what was her highest blessed-
ness, 309, 311. had vowed virginity,

310. was born of Christ, 311. how
both a Mother and a Virgin, 311.

Virginal chastity above marriage, 320.

Virginity, some placed on a level with
marriage, 41. preferred to marriage,
275,302, 320. (see Continence.) is
angelic, 283, 315. of the impious
inferior to the marriage of the just,
284. the greater of two goods, 302.
to be guarded by humility, 306. that
of the blessed Virgin, 310. should be
free, ib. a good, for the sake of the
future life, 315, 316, 320, 323. a
higher state than marriage, 320. is
the surmounting the good of mar-
riage, 322. its joys in heaven, 327,
328. the gift of God, 341. its fruits
hundred-fold, 344. inferior to mar-
tyrdom, 346. preferred by St. Paul

Wages, paid forstrvice, not given, 150-
Want of necessaries does not break the

spirit of the good, 522.
Warfare of the Christian life, 250,260,


Washing, once for all in Baptism,
daily, in prayer, 575.

Watching; use of, 378.

Water, river, fountain, and draught,
one, 27. one in three cups, 28. (see
Birth.) changed into wine, 612.

Weakness of man, taken on Him by
the Son of God, 169.

Wedlock, (see Marriage.)

Wells, those called, who know Christ,

Whirling about by false doctrine, 514.

Wicked, (see Sinners, Sin,) to be se-
parated from in spirit, 14. men, left
to punish themselves, 165. enume-
ration of, 236. their lives prolonged,

Wickedness, part of God in grave of,
according to Manichees, 163. is in
action, what error is in knowledge,
172. excludes knowledge of the truth,

Wicked persons, must be endured in
the Church, 199, 241. (see Church.)

Widowed chastity, above marriage,

Widowed continence, its rank, 345.

Widowhood, forsaking, after profession
is a sin, 361,2. this not adultery, but
worse, 363, 4. long and early, greater
test of continence, 366, 7. prayer
and fasting make better, 367. hard
questions about, 369. rank of, ib.
Widows, marrying again not adulterous,
185. their continence, 345. Fourth
Council of Carthage forbade (pro-
fessed widows) to marry again, 353.
may be called * unmarried,' 354.
better among the members of Christ
than married women, 355. may marry
again, as Kuth, 356. more blessed if
not, as Anna, 356, 366, 373. not
therefore better than Kuth herself,

369. do better in not marrying now
Christ is come, 360. having family,
have no good reason to marry, 361.
what they should do according to
their ability, 362. desiring to marry,
why blamed by St. Paul, ib. merits
of, in different cases compared, 366,7.
luxurious living of, condemned, 367,
377- humility an ornament to, 367,

370. alms help their prayers, 378.
to draw others to like profession,

Wife, (see Husband,) may be a tempter
to sin, 64. why the Apostle sets be-
fore her no pattern, 263. (see Mar-
riage.) why created out of husband,
275. many allowed once, why, 294,
296. only one belongs to a steward
of the Church, 295. and woman,
Greek word ambiguous, 476.

Will, (see Mind, Freewill,) an evil,
cannot produce good works, 94.
makes lying worse than most errors,
96. to deceive, essential to a lie,

101. of mutable beings cause of evil,

102. free, man gifted with, ib. will
required for faith, hope, and charity,
106. insufficient without mercy of
God.ib. good, precedes not the grace
that gives it, ib. of man, can be
changed by God, 143. of God, loved
Jacob freely, hated Esau justly, 143,
4. of the creature, made to fulfil the
Creator's, 145, 6. good or evil may
concur, or not with God's good, 146.
man created with free, 148. will be
free when it cannot turn to ill, 149.
of God, done in Heaven and Earth,
154. there must be, to do wrong,
167- of man, the cause of sin, 168.
of man, created free, ib. of man, ad-
monished and healed by grace, 371.
free, made too much of, by some,
372, 3. if man works on, much more
does God, 373. God not lost but by,
549. free, of man, gets not patience
by itself, 551. why it produces hard-
ness, yet not true patience, 552, 3.
evil, made frantic by devilish incite-
ment, 558. the devil became devil
by his own, ib. pleasure in creature
a known motive to, ib. has not love
of God, but by His gift, 559. of God,
always done, 564. true submission of,
to God, 571.

Wills, forgery of, 441.
Wisdom, God The Son called, 18. or-
deretb all things, 19. assumed rea-
sonable soul as well as body, 22.
unchangeable, 29. our Lord calUd,
86. Christ is, not merely partaker of,
175. of God, took Man's nature, 613.
Book of, misinterpreted, 74. Chris-
tian, 85. all, is from God, 86. is piety,
ib. none in refusing assent to what
is certain, 100. is God's gift, 343,
372. patience handmaid of, 546. true
and false, true from God, 552. to be
found in true religion, 592. implies
knowledge concerning God and man,
606. he who has not, koows not, 608.
prayer to God for, 612.
Wise, who are, 606. fools must follow
them, 607. how are fools to find
them, 607, 8. are brought near to
God, 612.
Witchcraft, not to be detected by

witchcraft 469.
Witness, false, forbidden, 388, 404,
407. question if lawful to save life,
397. about God or Christ, 397, 404.
definition of, 404, 5. incompatible
with love of truth, 417. implies one

who has a right to hear, ib. false,
might seem expedient at times, 441.

Wolves, in sheep's clothing, 436. sheep
not to wear theirs, 437. to be known
by their fruits, ib.

Woman, honoured in the Blessed Vir-
gin, 22. glorified in Christ's birth,
170, 177. how we know Christ was
born of a, 176. insult offered to the
pun by a, 590.

Women, row, compared to the holy
women of old, 293,303. accompanied
and supported the Apostles, t76. and
our Lord, 476, 477- figure the con-
cupiscential part ol the mind, 575.

Wood, root, trunk, and branch, one, 27-

Word, The, all things created by, 18.
Son so called, as making kuown the
Father, 19. of God begotten, not
like ours made, ib. assumed entire
Man, 22. assumed body by means of
Soul and Spiiit, 23. thus more se-
parate from frailty, ib. The, equal
with the Father, 108. He who duly
'receives,' loves truth, 418.

Words, meant to convey knowledge,
101. (see Life, Mouth.) are the be-
ginning of works, 244, 246. are
deeds, 440. use of Greek, 582.

Work, (see Action,) evil, not made
good by motive, 441. to refuse, as
wrong an error, 496.

Working, understood of lubou'ing in
spiritual things enjoined by the Apo-
stlr-, 471.

Works, good, some severed from faith,
37. dead, condemned, 48, 65. good,
follow justification, 57. of man, not
able to restore men, 104. good, of

believers, 105. future, not excluded
from the ground of God's love to His
Saints, 143. eternal life the reward
of, 150. not rightly done unless done
through love, 157. are preceded by
thoughts, 246, 247. and Faith, 271.
good, a better portion than children,
375,6. precede not election, 555,57-

World, pollution of, to be shunned, 79.
renounced in words by all at Bap-
tism, 83. put for mankind, 102. the,
not called Son of God, 111. how
formed according to Manichees, 162.
love of, is wickedness, 172. neither
desire nor fear of, consistent with
'perfect love,' 186. spirit of this,
puffs up, 371. cares of, lower married
holiness, 374. passing away, a reason
against marrying, 376. waits for the
number of Saints, 380. trials of, re-
quire patience, 547. love of, produces
worldly endurance, 553, 565, 557.
lust comes of, but also of man's will,
555. name of, includes man, ib.
Apostles were once of, ib.

Wounds of Christ, 351.

Wrath, in God no passion, 543.

Writers, three ways to err in using,
587- sense of, often hard to see
clearly, 589.

Zacchcrus and Goliath compared, 302,


ver. 65.


ver. 22.

234, 321

ver. 41. 226

x. 10.


xi. 5,





xii. 1.






xiii. 1.



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1, 2,3.







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ver. 12.





Page 17. line IS. fur these read there 35, note,/or Eccles. read Ecclus. 185. line 31. mar. add 1 Cor. 15, 52. ib. 34. mar. add 1 Cor. 15, 50. 283. 8 from end, for vanity (twice) read charity

360. 10 and 12. for sensual read sexual

422. 6 from end, for thus read this