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Old Testament History of Redemption

Franz Delitzsch

First Period

From the Creation to the Flood. The Period of the Protevangelium or of the Dawning of the Light in the Darkness

Second Period

From the Election of Abram Until the Emigration of the Family of Jacob into Egypt. The Period of the Age of the Patriarchs, or of the Separation Among the Nations

Third Period

From the Sojourn in Egypt Until the Arrival in Shiloh. The Period of the Development of Israel, and the Spring-time in the Land of Promise.

Fifth Period

From Rehoboah and Jeroboam I Until the End of the Divided Kingdom. The Period of Israel's Conflicts with the World-Empires, and of Prophecy, Which Hovers Over Both States Until Their Final Catastrophe.

Sixth Period, First Half

From the Exile Until the Appearance of Jesus Christ. The First Half of This Period Is Characterized by the Dawning Recognition of the Mediator and Logos.

Sixth Period, Second Half

From the Exile Until the Appearance of Christ. Second Half: Incarnation of the Logos, and His Life of Reconciliation

Seventh Period

From Jesus' Entombment Until His Resurrection. The Concluding Sabbath of the Old Testament History.