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By Rev. Prof. S. I. CURTISS, Ph.d.

With Introduction by Professor DELITZSOH.

'This is a small volume charged with weighty matter. . . . Dr. Delitzsch's preface, and the learned appendices, add much value to this timely contribution to the criticism of the Pentateuch.'—Evangelical Magazine.

'This is a book of considerable interest on a subject of great and increasing importance. The author is already known as a competent Hebrew scholar, and his work will be read with considerable interest. . . . There is much in the volume worthy of the highest praise.'—Daily Review.

'Dr. Curtiss has, in this small volume, made a contribution of a very genuine and valuable kind to the criticism of the Pentateuch; and has set an admirable example of how to meet a certain class of opponents to the Christian faiih. . . . We earnestly commend the work to the notice of our readers.' —Cmirant.

'Dr. Curtiss carries on his investigation with competent scholarship, with natural frankness and candour, and with courtesy.'—Weekly Review.

'We can thoroughly recommend Dr. Curtiss' book as a real contribution to the criticism of the Pentateuch, and a storehouse of arguments against that neological school which expends its confessedly great powers in splitting hairs and weaving sophistries, and which tries by arrogant assertion to compensate for weakness of proof.'—Literary Churchman.

'This little book we very earnestly recommend to the attention of our scholarly readers.'—United Presbyterian Magazine.

'In this volume there is much minute and interesting criticism and comment. '— Watchman.


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Translated from the Manuscript

'We should have said, even without opening this volume, that few men could do this work so well as Delitzsch; we say it still more emphatically with the book open before us. We find in it that same inner-sightedness which gives all his work its special value, and we discover traces of that Hebraic cast of mind which makes him so peculiarly helpful in Old Testament studies.'—British and Foreign Evangelical Review.

'These lectures are of very high value; . . . cannot be too highly commended.'—Scotsman.

'They are a most attractive epitome of the subject with which they deal; and not the least attraction in them, to one who "naturally careth for these things," will be that they are rather a guide to study than a substitute for it, and that while they display the rich fruit of the realm of prophecy, they leave its territory to be explored.'—London Quarterly Review.

'This book ought to be hailed as a boon by theological students.'—Sword and Trowel.

'The lectures are full of wise and powerful suggestiveness. To ministers and students of the Hebrew Scriptures they will prove invaluable.'—Ba/ tut Magazine.

'This little work is certainly one of the best outlines of this great subject which we have ever seen.'—Daily Review.

'The student will find here a most admirable summary of the results attained by ancient and modern research, an invaluable help to memory when he wishes to recall what the prophets have said of the Messias, and how others have interpreted the prophets. We have seen no other book in German or in English which can at all compete with the little work before us.'—Dublin Review,


THE following manual of Old Testament History is one of Professor Delitzsch's four courses of University lectures on Biblical Theology. As such it has never been published in Germany. It is essentially an accurate reproduction of the paragraphs delivered to the theological students in Leipzig during the summer of 1880.

Although I was primarily moved to undertake this translation for the use of my students, yet I have found these lectures so stimulating and helpful in my own study of the Old Testament, that I venture to offer my rendering of them to the public, especially after the generous reception accorded to the Messianic Prophecies by the friends of Dr. Delitzsch in Great Britain one year ago.

SAMUEL IVES CUETISS. Leipzig, July 28, 1881.