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1 Kings 7:49

1 Kings 7:49

And the candlesticks of pure gold, five on the right side,
and five on the left, before the oracle
These stood in the holy place, where the shewbread tables did, right before the holy of holies; there were ten of these as of them, which were placed, as the same Jewish writers say, not on the right and left of the temple, but on the right and left of Moses's candlestick, which stood on the south side, ( Exodus 40:24 ) , these may denote the greater degree of spiritual light in the church of Christ under the Gospel dispensation than under the law:

with the flowers;
the figures of flowers, such as were wrought on the candlestick of Moses:

and the lamps;
which were seven to each candlestick, and so must be in all seventy; which may put us in mind of the seventy disciples of Christ, some of the first lights of the Gospel church:

and the tongues of gold;
which were used to take the wicks out of the oil, and put into the lamps.