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This chapter gives us an account of the flight of David from place to
place, from Gath to the cave of Adullam, where his relations came to
him; from thence to Mizpeh in Moab, where he got leave of the king of
Moab for his father and mother to dwell there; and from thence, by the
advice of Gad the prophet, departed into the land of Judah, and came to
the forest of Hareth, \\#1Sa 21:1-5\\; and of the complaint of Saul to his
servants of their unfaithfulness to him, and indolence and unconcern at
the behaviour of Jonathan and David to him, \\#1Sa 22:6-8\\; when Doeg the
Edomite informed him of David being seen by him at Nob, and of his
receiving food and a sword from Ahimelech the priest, who inquired of
the Lord for him, \\#1Sa 22:9,10\\; upon which Saul sent for Ahimelech and
all the priests at Nob, and charged them with a conspiracy against him;
and notwithstanding the defence the priest made, Saul ordered him and
the rest of the priests to be slain by his guards; which they refusing,
Doeg became the executioner of them, and of all the inhabitants of the
city of Nob, and the cattle in it, \\#1Sa 22:11-19\\; only Abiathar a son
of Ahimelech escaped and fled to David with the sorrowful news; which
greatly affected David, looking upon himself to be the occasion of this
sad disaster, and he took Abiathar under his protection, and promised
him safety, \\#1Sa 22:20-23\\.