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2 Chronicles 29:6

2 Chronicles 29:6

For our fathers have transgressed, and done that which was evil
in the eyes of the Lord our God
Meaning their more immediate ancestors, his father and theirs, who had committed idolatry; which is a great trespass, and than which there is not a greater evil in the sight of God, nor more provoking to him:

and have forsaken him;
his word, worship, and ordinances:

and have turned away their faces from the habitation of the Lord;
the temple, by neglecting that, and the service of it, and attending the high places: and turned their backs; upon it; though some think this refers to a rite or custom, introduced by Ahaz before he shut up the temple, that instead of looking to the west, when they worshipped, where was the ark of the Lord, he ordered them to turn their faces to the east, where his altar stood.

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