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Acts 9:34

Acts 9:34

And Peter said unto him, Aeneas
He called him by his name, which he might without divine revelation know, though he was a stranger to him, by the people of the house, where he was:

Jesus Christ maketh thee whole;
Peter knew, by some secret impulse upon his mind, that Christ would cure this man by him as an instrument at this time, and therefore said these words; not as a prayer, as some render them, "may Jesus Christ heal thee", though was it so, it was a prayer of faith; but as a promise that he would, or rather as a declaration of the then present exertion of his power to heal him; which he ascribes not to himself, but to Christ, in whose name, and by whose power the apostles wrought all their miracles; ( Acts 3:12 Acts 3:14 ) ( Acts 4:9 Acts 4:10 ) "arise, and make thy bed"; which would be a full demonstration that he was perfectly whole:

and he arose immediately;
and also, no doubt, made his bed, as the man at Bethesda's pool was bid by Christ, to take up his bed and carry it, as a proof of his soundness.

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