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Genesis 50:25

Genesis 50:25

And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel
Not of his brethren only, but of their posterity, as many of them as were now grown up, that so it might be communicated from one to another, and become well known to that generation which should depart out of Egypt:

saying, God will surely visit you;
which he repeats for the certainty of it, and that it might be observed:

and ye shall carry up my bones from hence;
when they should go from thence to Canaan's land; he did not desire them to carry him thither when he should die, which he knew would give umbrage to the Egyptians, and they would not be so able to obtain leave to do it as he had for his father. This was accordingly done; when Israel went out of Egypt, Moses took the bones of Joseph with him, and they were buried in Shechem; see ( Exodus 13:19 ) ( Joshua 24:32 ) .

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