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Isaiah 38:15

Isaiah 38:15

What shall I say?
&c.] In a way of praise and thankfulness, for the mercies promised and received; I know not what to say; I want words to express the gratitude of my heart for the kindness bestowed. What shall I render to God for all his benefits? So the Targum,

``what praise shall I utter, and I will say it before him?''
for here begins the account of his recovery, and his thanksgiving for it: he hath both spoken unto me, and himself hath done it;
the Lord had sent him a message by the prophet, and assured him that he should recover, and on the third day go up to the temple; and now he had performed what he had promised, he was restored, and was come to the house of God with his thank offering; whatever the Lord says, he does; what he promises, he brings to pass: I shall go softly all my years in the bitterness of my soul;
before he did not reckon of a day to live, now he speaks of his years, having fifteen added to his days, during which time he should "go softly", in a thoughtful "meditating" frame of mind F18; frequently calling to remembrance, and revolving in his mind, his bitter affliction, and recovery out of it, acknowledging the goodness and kindness of God unto him: or leisurely, step by step,
without fear of any enemies, dangers, or death, having a promise of such a length of time to live: or go pleasantly and cheerfully, after the bitterness of my soul
F19, as it may be rendered; that is, after it is over, or because of deliverance from it. So the Targum,
``with what shall I serve him, and render to him for all the years he hath added to my life, and hath delivered me from the bitterness of my soul?''


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F19 (rm le) "post amaritudinem", Piscator.