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Judges 19:24

Judges 19:24

Behold, here is my daughter, a maiden, and his concubine
His own daughter, a virgin, and the concubine of the Levite his guest:

them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what
seemeth good unto you;
those he proposed to bring out, and deliver to them, to lie with, to do with as they pleased to gratify their raging lust, which to do was more than he ought, or had power to do: he had no right to prostitute his own daughter, and much less the concubine or wife of another man, though perhaps it might be with the consent of the Levite; but all this he said in a hurry and surprise, in a fright and terror, and of two evils choosing the least, and perhaps in imitation of Lot, whose case might come to remembrance:

but unto this man do not so vile a thing;
as he apprehended that to be which they were desirous of, whether to kill him, as he himself says, ( Judges 20:5 ) or to commit the unnatural sin, and which, rather than comply with, he should have chosen to have been slain.

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