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Luke 11:50

Luke 11:50

That the blood of all the prophets
The same with "all the righteous blood", or the blood of all the righteous men, in ( Matthew 23:35 ) ,

which was shed from the foundation of the world:
for there were prophets from the beginning, which prophesied of Christ, ( Luke 1:70 ) and whose blood was shed very early; for Abel, the son of the first man, and who was the first whose blood was shed, was not only a righteous man, but a prophet; for by the sacrifice which he offered up, he gave a prophetical hint of the sacrifice of Christ, in that he spoke beforehand of it, as being dead he yet speaks: and now the Lord was about to send apostolical prophets, whom the Jews would slay, and he would suffer them to slay, that so the blood of all the former ones,

may be required of this generation;
and they be punished for it: just as in Babylon will be found, when God makes inquisition for blood, as he sooner or later always does, the blood of the prophets and saints, and of all that are slain upon earth, ever since Rome papal has been in power, ( Revelation 18:24 ) .

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