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Nehemiah 6:7

Nehemiah 6:7

And thou hast also appointed prophets to preach of thee at
This he said to cover what he and Tobiah had been doing, tampering with, corrupting, and hiring the prophets to discourage him, and put him upon methods, whereby the work would cease:

saying, there is a king in Judah;
besides Artaxerxes, whose yoke they were casting off, having got a king of their own, and among them:

and now shall it be reported to the king, according to these words;
such a report as this, and in those very words, will soon reach the ears of the king of Persia:

come now, therefore, and let us take counsel together;
contrive the best method to put a stop to this report, if a false one, and to wipe off the reproach that is upon thee, and may affect us; and thus partly terrifying him, and partly pretending friendship to him, hoped to get him into his hands.