Nehemiah 6:6

Nehemiah 6:6

Wherein was written, it is reported among, the Heathen
Among the several neighbouring nations; it was an affair that was not whispered about among a few only; it was common talk, it was in every body's mouth in divers nations:

and Gashmu saith it;
the same with Geshem the Arabian; he affirms it, and will abide by his assertion, and engages to make good what he says; he mentions him by name, who he knew would not be offended with him for making use of it, and who doubtless agreed that he should; that Nehemiah might not think this was the talk of some of the lower rank of the people, but even was averred by no less than the king's governor in Arabia:

that thou and the Jews think to rebel;
that they had formed a scheme, and were taking measures to raise a rebellion against the king of Persia, and revolt from him:

for which cause thou buildest the wall;
the wall of Jerusalem, for their security against any force that might be sent to quell them:

that thou mayest be their king, according to these words;
written in this epistle, and reported among the Heathens.