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Numbers 7:5

Numbers 7:5

Take [it] of them
The present of the wagons and oxen, by which it appears that this freewill offering of the princes was according to his mind and will, and what they were influenced and guided to by his Spirit, and was well pleasing in his sight, and acceptable to him:

that they may be to do the service of the tabernacle of the
be made use of, and employed in carrying the tabernacle, and the things of it, from place to place, when the Israelites journeyed:

and thou shalt give them to the Levites;
to ease them, whose business it was to bear and carry the several parts of the tabernacle, and the vessels of it:

to every man according to his service;
whether lighter or heavier, for such difference there was in the three divisions of the Levites; and according as their work was, they had more or fewer wagons and oxen given them, as it follows, ( Numbers 7:7 Numbers 7:8 ) .

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