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Psalms 102:5

Psalms 102:5

By reason of the voice of my groaning
Under the burden of sin, and pressure of afflictions:

my bones cleave to my skin;
was quite emaciated, reduced to a skeleton, became nothing but skin and bone F5; which sometimes is occasioned, as by outward afflictions, so by soul troubles: or "to my flesh" F6; flesh is put for skin; see ( Job 19:20 ) ( 4:8 ) .


F5 "Ossa atque pellis sum", Plauti Capteivei, Act. 1. Sc. 2. v. 26. Asinaria 3. 6. v. 28.
F6 (yrvbl) "carni meae", V. L. Pagninus, Montanus
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