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Psalms 89:14

Psalms 89:14

Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne
The seat and throne on which he sits; all the administrations of his kingly power in the government of the world, in the salvation of his people, and in the punishment of his enemies, being according to the strict rules of justice and judgment: or "the preparation of thy throne" F4; all that the Lord does according to the counsel of his will; and these counsels were of old, and were formed in strict justice and judgment, and were a preparation for his future government in providence and grace: or "the establishment of thy throne" F5; the throne of an earthly king is established by righteousness; and so the throne of God, and of Christ, is ordered and established with justice and judgment in the exercise of righteousness for evermore, ( Proverbs 16:12 ) ( Isaiah 9:7 )

mercy and truth shall go before thy face;
be and appear wherever he is; all his ways are mercy and truth, ( Psalms 25:10 ) , "mercy" in pardoning and saving sinners that come unto him by Christ; and "truth" in performing all his purposes and promises; and these make the joyful sound next mentioned.


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