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3.2.20. Saints

At the time of the end, the saints consist of Jewish believers who are hidden in the wilderness (see commentary on Revelation 12:6), the 144,000 sealed from the Jewish tribes (see commentary on Revelation 7:4 and Revelation 12:17), and other Jews and Gentiles who come to faith after the rapture of the church . These saints will live in the midst of a time of intense persecution. Many will be martyred (Rev. Rev. 6:9-10+; Rev. 7:14+; Rev. 12:11+; Rev. 13:7+; Rev. 20:4+). They will be persecuted by the little horn [#25-#20] (Dan. Dan. 7:21, Dan. 7:25), the Harlot [#21-#20] (Rev. Rev. 17:6+; Rev. 19:2+), the Beast [#16-#20] (Rev. Rev. 13:7+), and the image of the Beast [#19-#20] (Rev. Rev. 13:15+). The church will not be among these saints. See commentary on Revelation 3:10. See Rapture. See Symbols of Kingdoms.