2 Peter 3:12

Looking for (prosdokwnta). Present active participle of prosdokaw ( Matthew 11:3 ) agreeing in case (accusative plural) with uma. Earnestly desiring (speudonta). Present active participle, accusative also, of speudw, old verb, to hasten (like our speed) as in Luke 2:16 , but it is sometimes transitive as here either (preferably so) to "hasten on the parousia" by holy living (cf. 1 Peter 2:12 ), with which idea compare Matthew 6:10 ; Acts 3:19 f., or to desire earnestly ( Isaiah 16:5 ). Being on fire (puroumenoi). Present passive participle of purow, old verb (from pur), same idea as in verse Isaiah 10 . Shall melt (thketai). Futuristic present passive indicative of thkw, old verb, to make liquid, here only in N.T. Hort suggests thxetai (future middle), though Isaiah 34:4 has takhsontai (second future passive). The repetitions here make "an effective refrain" (Mayor).