Hebrews 10:23

Let us hold fast (katecwmen). Present (keep on holding fast) active volitive subjunctive of katecw as in Titus 3:6 Titus 3:14 . That it waver not (aklinh). Common compound adjective (alpha privative and klinw, unwavering, not leaning, here only in N.T. It is a confession of hope, not of despair. That promised (o epaggeilameno). First aorist middle articular participle of epaggellw. This is the argument remaining to be discussed ( Titus 10:26-12:3 ) and already alluded to ( Titus 6:13 ; Titus 8:6 ). The ministry of Jesus rests upon "better promises." How better? God is "faithful," but he made the other promises also. We shall see.