Hebrews 2:6

But one somewhere (de pou ti). See 1 Corinthians 4:4 for a like indefinite quotation. Philo uses this "literary mannerism" (Moffatt). He quotes Psalms 8:5-7 and extends here to Hebrews 2:8 . Hath testified (diemarturato). First aorist middle indicative of diamarturomai, old verb to testify vigorously ( Acts 2:40 ). What (Ti). Neuter, not masculine ti (who). The insignificance of man is implied. The son of man (uio anqrwpou). Not o uio tou anqrwpou which Jesus used so often about himself, but literally here "son of man" like the same words so often in Ezekiel, without Messianic meaning here. Visited (episkepth). Second person singular present indicative middle of episkeptomai, old verb to look upon, to look after, to go to see ( Matthew 25:36 ), from which verb episcopo, overseer, bishop, comes.