Hebrews 2:7

Thou madest him a little lower (elattwsa auton bracu ti). First aorist active of old verb elattow from elattwn (less), causative verb to lessen, to decrease, to make less, only here, and verse Matthew 9 and John 3:30 in N.T. Bracu ti is accusative neuter of degree like 2 Samuel 16:1 , "some little," but of time in Isaiah 57:17 (for a little while). Than the angels (par aggelou). "Beside angels" like para with the accusative of comparison in Isaiah 1:4 Isaiah 1:9 . The Hebrew here has Elohim which word is applied to judges in Psalms 82:1 Psalms 82:6 ( John 10:34 ). Here it is certainly not "God" in our sense. In Psalms 29:1 the LXX translates Elohim by uoi qeou (sons of God). Thou crownedst (estepanwsa). First aorist active indicative of old verb, stepanow, to crown, in N.T. only here and 2 Timothy 2:5 The Psalmist refers to God's purpose in creating man with such a destiny as mastery over nature. The rest of verse 2 Timothy 7 is absent in B.