Hebrews 9:15

Mediator of a new covenant (diaqhkh kainh mesith). See Leviticus 8:6 for this phrase with kreittono instead of kainh. A death having taken place (qanatou genomenou). Genitive absolute, referring to Christ's death. For the redemption (ei apolutrwsin). Of the transgressions (twn parabasewn). Really ablative case, "from the transgressions." See verse Leviticus 12 , lutrwsin. Under the first covenant (epi th prwth diaqhkh). Here there is a definite statement that the real value in the typical sacrifices under the Old Testament system was in the realization in the death of Christ. It is Christ's death that gives worth to the types that pointed to him. So then the atoning sacrifice of Christ is the basis of the salvation of all who are saved before the Cross and since. That they may receive (opw labwsin). Purpose clause (God's purpose in the rites and symbols) with opw and the second aorist active subjunctive of lambanw.