Revelation 13:5

There was given to him (edoqh autwi). First aorist passive indicative of didwmi, to give, as in next line and verse Psalms 7 . Perhaps a reference to edwken (he gave) in verse Psalms 4 , where the dragon (Satan) gave the beast his power. The ultimate source of power is God, but the reference seems to be Satan here. Speaking great things and blasphemies (laloun megala kai blasphmia). Present active participle of lalew, agreeing with stoma (nominative neuter singular and subject of edoqh). The words are like Daniel's description of the Little Horn (7:8,20,25) and like the description of Antiochus Epiphanes (I Macc. 1:24). Cf. 2 Peter 2:11 . To continue (poihsai). First aorist active infinitive (epexegetic use) of poiew, either in the sense of working (signs), as in Daniel 8:12-14 , with the accusative of duration of time (mhna months), or more likely in the sense of doing time, with mhna as the direct object as in Matthew 20:12 ; Acts 20:3 ; James 4:13 .