Revelation 13:6

For blasphemies (ei blasphmia). "For the purpose of blasphemies." Against God (pro ton qeon). "Face to face with God" in sheer defiance, like Milton's picture of Satan in Paradise Lost. See Daniel 7:25 ; Daniel 8:10 . The aorist hnoixen is probably constative, for he repeated the blasphemies, though the phrase (anoigw to stoma, to open the mouth) is normally ingressive of the beginning of an utterance ( Matthew 5:2 ; Acts 8:35 ). This verse explains verse Revelation 13:5 . The Roman emperors blasphemously assumed divine names in public documents. They directed their blasphemy against heaven itself ("his tabernacle," thn skhnhn autou, Revelation 7:15 ; Revelation 12:12 ; Revelation 21:3 ) and against "them that dwell in the heaven" (tou en twi ouranwi skhnounta), the same phrase of Revelation 12:12 (either angels or the redeemed or both).