Revelation 14:15

Send forth (pempson). First aorist (urgency) active imperative of pempw. "Thrust in thy sickle now," this angel urges Christ. And reap (kai qerison). First aorist (urgency) active imperative of qerizw, old verb (from qero, summer), as in Matthew 6:26 . See verse Revelation 14:7 for "the hour is come." Terisai (to reap) is epexegetical infinitive (first aorist active of qerizw). The harvest (o qerismo). Old, but rare word (from qerizw, to harvest), as in Matthew 13:30 ; John 4:35 , here only in Revelation. Is over-ripe (exhranqh). First aorist (prophetic as in 10:17; John 15:1 ) passive of xhrainw (cf. James 1:11 ), to wither, to dry up. Perhaps just "ripe," not "over-ripe." Cf. Joel 1:17 .