Revelation 14:14

A white cloud (nepelh leukh). Like the "bright cloud" of Matthew 17:5 (Transfiguration), a familiar object in the Mediterranean lands. See Daniel 7:13 ; Matthew 24:30 ; Matthew 26:64 ; Acts 1:9 Acts 1:11 for the picture of Christ's return. I saw one sitting (kaqhmenon). No eidon here, but the accusative follows the eidon at the beginning, as nepelh is nominative after idou, as in Acts 4:1 Acts 4:4 . Like unto a son of man (omoion uion anqrwpou). Accusative here after omoion as in Acts 1:13 , instead of the usual associative instrumental ( Acts 13:4 ). Having (ecwn). Nominative again after the idou construction, just before, not after, eidon. A golden crown (stepanon crusoun). Here a golden wreath, not the diadems of Acts 19:12 . A sharp sickle (drepanon oxu). Old form drepanh (from drepw, to pluck), pruning-hook, in N.T. only in this chapter and Mark 4:29 . Christ is come for reaping this time ( Hebrews 9:28 ) for the harvesting of earth (verses Revelation 14:15-17 ). The priesthood of Christ is the chief idea in Revelation 1:12-20 and "as the true Imperator" (Swete) in chapter Revelation 19:1 ff..