Revelation 15:4

Who shall not fear? (ti ou mh pobhqh;). Rhetorical question with ou mh (double negative) and first aorist passive subjunctive of pobeomai future passive in Jeremiah 10:7 ). And glorify (kai doxasei). Change here to the future indicative instead of the aorist subjunctive, as often. Cf. Psalms 86:9 . Thou only art holy (mono osio). Both predicate adjectives, "Thou art alone holy." God alone is perfectly holy ( Psalms 16:5 ). Shall come (hxousin). Future active of hkw. And worship (kai proskunhsousin). Future active of proskunew. Both from Psalms 86:9 . Have been made manifest (epanerwqhsan). Prophetic first aorist passive indicative of panerow. This martyr's song has the ring of great poetry.