Revelation 15:3

The song of Moses (thn widhn tou Mwusew). Exodus 14:31 ; Exodus 15:1-19 . A song of victory like that of Moses after crossing the Red Sea. And the song of the Lamb (thn widhn tou arniou). A separate note of victory like that of Moses, though one song, not two. Charles finds it impossible to reconcile the two expressions, if genuine, but it is a needless objection. The words come from the O.T.: "great" (megala) from Psalms 111:2 , "wonderful" (qaumasta) from Psalms 139:14 , "O Lord God the Almighty" (Kurie o qeo o pantokratwr) from Amos 4:13 ( Revelation 4:8 ), "righteous and true" (dikaiai kai alhqinai) from Deuteronomy 32:4 , "Thou King of the ages" (o basileu twn aiwnwn) like Jeremiah 10:10 ; 1 Timothy 1:17 . Some MSS. have "the king of the saints" and some "the king of the nations," like Jeremiah 10:7 . John thus combines in Hebraic tone the expressions of the old and the new in the song to the Glorified Messiah.