Revelation 18:12

Of fine linen (bussinou). Genitive case after gomon, as are all the items to kokkinou. Old adjective from busso (linen, Luke 16:19 ), here a garment of linen, in N.T. only Revelation 18:12 Revelation 18:16 ; Revelation 19:8 Revelation 19:14 . Purple (porpura). Fabric colored with purple dye (porpureo, Revelation 17:4 ; Revelation 18:16 ), as in Mark 15:17 Mark 15:20 ; Luke 16:19 . Silk (sirikou). So the uncials here. To shrikon (the silken fabric) occurs in Plutarch, Strabo, Arrian, Lucian, only here in N.T. Probably from the name of the Indian or Chinese people (oi Shre) from whom the fabric came after Alexander invaded India. Silk was a costly article among the Romans, and for women as a rule. Scarlet (kokkinou). See Luke 17:4 ; Luke 18:16 . All thyine wood (pan xulon quinon). Now accusative again without gomon dependence. An odoriferous North African citrus tree, prized for the colouring of the wood for dining-tables, like a peacock's tail or the stripes of a tiger or panther. Here only in N.T. Of ivory (elepantinon). Old adjective (from elepa elephant) agreeing with skeuo (vessel), here only in N.T. Cf. Ahab's ivory palace ( 1 Kings 22:39 ). Of marble (marmarou). Old word (from marmairw, to glisten), genitive after skeuo (vessel), here only in N.T.