Revelation 18:11

The merchants (oi emporoi). As in Revelation 18:3 Revelation 18:15 Revelation 18:23 . The dirge of the merchants follows the wail of the kings. Weep and mourn (klaiousin kai penqousin). Present active indicatives of klaiw and penqew as in verses Revelation 9 (for klaiw), Revelation 15 19 . For no man buyeth their merchandise any more (oti ton gomon autwn oudei agorazei ouketi). Reason enough for their sorrow over Rome's fall. Gomo is old word (from gemw to be full) for a ship's cargo ( Acts 21:3 ) and then any merchandise ( Revelation 18:11 ). Galen, Pliny, Aristides tell of the vastness of the commerce and luxury of Rome, the world's chief market. Many of the items here are like those in the picture of the destruction of Tyre in Ezekiel 26 ; Ezekiel 27 . There are twenty-nine items singled out in verses Rev 18:12 Rev 18:13 of this merchandise or cargo (gomon), imports into the port of Rome. Only a few need any comment.