Revelation 22:7

And behold, I come quickly (kai idou ercomai tacu). Christ is the speaker, either through this angel or more probably directly from Christ without introduction as in verses Rev 12 16 . About Christ coming quickly see Rev 2:5 Rev 2:16 ; Revelation 3:11 ; Revelation 16:15 , and already in Revelation 1:2 . Once more we must recall that tacu and en tacei are according to God's time, not ours ( 2 Peter 3:8 ). Blessed (makario). This beatitude is like in substance the first ( 2 Peter 1:3 ) and is in Christ's own words like the one in 2 Peter 16:15 . This book is here called a "prophecy" (prophteia) as in verses 2 Peter 22:10 2 Peter 22:18 2 Peter 22:19 . It is Christ's revelation from God, a direct message from God. Part of it is prediction of doom on Christ's enemies, but most of it is a comforting picture of final triumph and bliss for the faithful in a time of great distress and persecution.