Revelation 22:8

And I John (Kagw Iwannh). Here John the Seer is the speaker. He had already given his name ( 2 Peter 1:1 2 Peter 1:4 2 Peter 1:9 ). Here he claims to be the "one who hears and sees these things" (o akouwn kai blepwn tauta). I fell down to worship (epesa proskunhsai). Second aorist active indicative of piptw (with -a form) and the first aorist active infinitive of purpose of proskunew. It was a natural, though a wrong, thing to do, especially after Christ's own voice followed that of the angel "which shewed me these things" (tou deiknuonto tauta). Genitive singular of the articular present active participle of deiknuw. Cf. 2 Peter 1:1 ; 2 Peter 4:1 ; 2 Peter 17:1 ; 2 Peter 21:9 ; 2 Peter 22:1 2 Peter 22:6 .