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Romans 11:32

Hath shut up (sunekleisen). First aorist active indicative of sunkleiw, to shut together like a net ( Luke 5:6 ). See Galatians 3:22 for this word with upo amartian (under sin). This is a resultant (effective) aorist because of the disbelief and disobedience of both Gentile ( Galatians 1:17-32 ) and Jew ( Galatians 2:1-3:20 ). All (tou panta). "The all" (both Gentiles and Jews). That he might have mercy (ina--elehsh). Purpose with ina and aorist active subjunctive. No merit in anyone, but all of grace. "The all" again, who receive God's mercy, not that "all" men are saved.

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