Romans 11:33

O the depth (O baqo). Exclamation with omega and the nominative case of baqo (see on 2 Corinthians 8:2 ; Romans 8:39 ). Paul's argument concerning God's elective grace and goodness has carried him to the heights and now he pauses on the edge of the precipice as he contemplates God's wisdom and knowledge, fully conscious of his inability to sound the bottom with the plummet of human reason and words. Unsearchable (anexeraunhta). Double compound (a privative and ex) verbal adjective of ereunaw (old spelling -eu-), late and rare word (LXX, Dio Cassius, Heraclitus), only here in N.T. Some of God's wisdom can be known ( Romans 1:20 ), but not all. Past tracing out (anexicniastoi). Another verbal adjective from a privative and exicniazw, to trace out by tracks (icno Romans 4:12 ). Late word in Job ( Job 5:9 ; Job 9:10 ; Job 34:24 ) from which use Paul obtained it here and Ephesians 3:8 (only N.T. examples). Also in ecclesiastical writers. Some of God's tracks he has left plain to us, but others are beyond us.