Psalm 115:15



Verse 15. Ye are blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth. This is another form of the blessing of Melchizedek: "Blessed be Abram of the Most High God, possessor of heaven and earth"; and upon us through our great Melchizedek this same benediction rests. It is an omnipotent blessing, conveying to us all that an Almighty God can do, whether in heaven or on earth. This fulness is infinite, and the consolation which it brings is unfailing: he that made heaven and earth can give us all things while we dwell below, and bring us safely to his palace above. Happy are the people upon whom such a blessing rests; their portion is infinitely above that of those whose only hope lies in a piece of gilded wood, or an image of sculptured stone.



Verse 15. Blessed are ye, etc. Ye are the people blessed of old in the person of your father Abraham, by Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God, "Creator of heaven and earth," Genesis 14:19 . "Of Jehovah," literally, to Jehovah, as an object of benediction to him. Or the Hebrew proposition, as in many other cases, may be simply equivalent to our by. The creative character of God is mentioned, as ensuring his ability, no less than his willingness, to bless his people. Joseph Addison Alexander.



Verse 15. A blessing.

  1. Belonging to a peculiar people -- "ye."
  2. Coming from a peculiar quarter -- "of the Lord," etc.
  3. Bearing a peculiar date -- "are."
  4. Stamped with peculiar certainty -- "Ye are blessed."
  5. Involving a peculiar duty -- "Bless the Lord now and evermore."

Verse 15. The Creator's blessing -- its greatness, fulness, variety, etc.