Judges 3:8

Overview - Judges 3
The nations which were left to prove Israel.
By communion with them they commit idolatry.
Othniel delivered them from Chushan-rishathaim;
12 Ehud from Eglon;
31 and Shamgar from the Philistines.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Judges 3:8  (King James Version)
Therefore the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he sold them into the hand of Chushanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia: and the children of Israel served Chushanrishathaim eight years.

M. 2591. B.C. 1413. An. Ex. Is. 78. was hot.
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he sold
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Habakkuk 3:7

Hebrew Aram-naharaim.
{Aram-naharayim,} "Syria of the two rivers," or Mesopotamia,
"between the rivers," is a famous province situated between the Tigris and Euphrates. It is called by Arabian geographers, {Maverannaher,} "the country beyond the river;" and is now called Diarbek.