1 Chronicles 21:1-8 CSB

David's Military Census

1 Satana stood up against Israel and incited David to count [the people of] Israel.

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    • a 21:1 - Or An adversary; Jb 1:6; Zch 3:1-2
      2 So David said to Joab and the commanders of the troops, "Go and count Israel from Beer-sheba to Dan and bring [a report] to me so I can know their number."
      3 Joab replied, "May the Lord multiply the number of His people a hundred times over! My lord the king, aren't they all my lord's servants? Why does my lord want to do this? Why should he bring guilt on Israel?"
      4 Yet the king's order prevailed over Joab. So Joab left and traveled throughout Israel and then returned to Jerusalem.
      5 Joab gave David the total of the registration of the troops. In all Israel there were 1,100,000 swordsmen and in Judah itself 470,000 swordsmen.
      6 But he did not include Levi and Benjamin in the count because the king's command was detestable to him.
      7 This command was also evil in God's sight, so He afflicted Israel.
      8 David said to God, "I have sinned greatly because I have done this thing. Now, because I've been very foolish, please take away Your servant's guilt."b

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        • b 21:8 - 2 Sm 24:1-10