1 Kings 7:27-37 CSB

The Bronze Water Carts

27 Then he made 10 bronze water carts.a Each water cart was six feetb long, six feetc wide, and four and a half feetd high.

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    • … 7:27 - Lit bronze stands
    • † 7:27 - Lit four cubits
    • ‡ 7:27 - Lit four cubits
    • ˆ 7:27 - Lit three cubits
      28 This was the design of the carts: They had frames; the frames were between the cross-pieces,
      29 and on the frames between the cross-pieces were lions, oxen, and cherubim. On the cross-pieces there was a pedestal above, and below the lions and oxen were wreaths of hanginge work.

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        • ‰ 7:29 - Or hammered-down
          30 Each cart had four bronze wheels with bronze axles. Underneath the four corners of the basin were cast supports, each next to a wreath.
          31 And the water cart's opening inside the crown on top was 18 inchesf wide. The opening was round, made as a pedestal 27 inchesg wide. On it were carvings, but their frames were square, not round.

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            • Š 7:31 - Lit a cubit
            • ‹ 7:31 - Lit one and a half cubits
              32 There were four wheels under the frames, and the wheel axles were part of the water cart; each wheel was 27 inchesh tall.

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                • Œ 7:32 - Lit was one and a half cubits
                  33 The wheels' design was similar to that of chariot wheels: their axles, rims, spokes, and hubs were all of cast metal.
                  34 Four supports were at the four corners of each water cart; each support was one piece with the water cart.
                  35 At the top of the cart was a band nine inchesi high encircling it; also, at the top of the cart, its braces and its frames were one piece with it.

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                    •  7:35 - Lit half a cubit
                      36 He engraved cherubim, lions, and palm trees on the plates of its braces and on its frames, wherever each had space, with encircling wreaths.
                      37 In this way he made the 10 water carts using the same casting, dimensions, and shape for all of them.