2 Chronicles 25:17-24 CSB

Amaziah's War With Israel's King Joash

17 King Amaziah of Judah took counsel and sent [word] to Jehoasha son of Jehoahaz, son of Jehu, king of Israel, saying, "Come, let us meet face to face."

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      18 King Jehoash of Israel sent [word] to King Amaziah of Judah, saying, "The thistle that was in Lebanon sent [a message] to the cedar that was in Lebanon, saying, 'Give your daughter to my son as a wife.' Then a wild animal that was in Lebanon passed by and trampled the thistle.b

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          19 You have said, 'Look, Ic have defeated Edom,' and you have become overconfident that you will get glory. Now stay at home. Why stir up such trouble so that you fall and Judah with you?"

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            • l 25:19 - Some LXX mss, Old Lat, Tg, Vg; MT reads you
              20 But Amaziah would not listen, for this [turn of events] was from God in order to hand them over to [their enemies] because they went after the gods of Edom.
              21 So King Jehoash of Israel advanced. He and King Amaziah of Judah faced off at Beth-shemesh in Judah.
              22 Judah was routed before Israel, and each fled to his own tent.
              23 King Jehoash of Israel captured Judah's King Amaziah son of Joash, son of Jehoahaz,d at Beth-shemesh. Then Jehoash took him to Jerusalem and broke down 200 yardse of Jerusalem's wall from the Ephraim Gate to the Corner Gate.f

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                • m 25:23 - Ahaziah
                • n 25:23 - Lit 400 cubits
                • o 25:23 - Some Hb mss; other Hb mss read to Happoneh; 2 Kg 14:13
                  24 He took all the gold, silver, all the utensils that were found with Obed-edomg in God's temple, the treasures of the king's palace, and the hostages. Then he returned to Samaria.h

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